My name is Paul Reinig, and the purpose of this blog is to share some of the many wonderful experiences I’ve had, and the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my life, which I consider to be my adventure in mastering the art of true love.

By no means do I claim to have all the answers to mastering true love, but I’ve definitely had plenty of opportunities to develop this particular art. You might ask just exactly what do I mean by true love, and simply put, the answer to that would be the love of Self. So consider this to be a blog on the topic, mastering the art of loving yourself, because if you can accomplish that, you have indeed mastered true love.

In order to follow my train of thought in this blog, there are a few things you will probably want to know: 1) While it is not necessary to agree with me, it is necessary to know my position on the answer to the question, “Who am I?”, because it is that answer that guides and inspires all my writing without exception. And that answer would be that I am God also, which means you are too. When I refer to God, or Source energy, I am referring to an unconditional loving, compassionate, purely positive energy that is responsible for the creation of all that is.

2) Of course, the human personality I call Paul is not THEE divine any more than your personality is, and yet who we all really are is this divine, what I call the soul. We are the infinite, eternal, unconditionally loving soul that dwells within us. Such love, or energy, resides deep inside all humans. We are born with a soul and the purpose of our very existence is to discover it, or better put, remember that we are the soul, and once remembered, to allow it to meld with us so that our love can expand on into infinity. Achieving this is mastering the art of true love.

3) Since this love is within us, this is precisely where we need to look to find it, for even though we all have the ability to experience true love, it is only within us where compassion without agenda and an acceptance of all experiences without judgment can be cultivated. It is something we alone are being called to achieve.

4) Often in this blog I will use the term, “emotional aspects” or just “aspects” and by this I mean emotional expressions of ourselves which we created at a time when we were having an experience which proved to be too much to digest and accept. In other words, because at the time we had yet to remember who we are, we were incapable of giving ourselves the necessary compassion and acceptance that would have enabled us to digest the experience, and therefore maintain our peace and joy. Instead, our peace was interrupted, our sense of security was threatened, and in order to maintain a feeling a being safe, we pushed the unwanted emotions away. Rather than disappearing however, they went into hiding within our psyche where they became stuck, becoming an “aspect.” For a more detailed explanation, please read Aspects.

5) In order to master the art of true love, we need to allow all aspects bar none to find their way back home to our heart where we can nurture and heal them. This means learning the art of acceptance of all aspects of ourselves, especially the ones we simply cannot stand. This is what true love is all about.

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Enjoy my blog and I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Reinig



  1. Paul, Your words are wise. I believe that self love comes when we wake up and become conscious that something needs to change. Self love, like self worth is a healing process that is fundamentally learned. Release and letting go of old limiting beliefs and conditioning’s that no longer serve us enables personal growth and conscious evolution of the spirit.

    Emotional healing through conscious self awareness is a step to self love. Human being’s have for too long now allowed their heads to rule their world. The time has come to allow yourself to feel from the heart and heal…..

    • Hi Sarah, Thank you for your wise comments. This is why I knew that you would be a great guest to come onto my show. Three and a half years ago I began a process of taking time to nurture myself, which includes the mind and all it’s activities. It’s been quite a ride but since then my life has changed in oh so many ways simply because I now know who I am. That makes all the difference in the world. so now, when the mind wants to rant and rave, creating emotions of god knows what, I know that this is not who I am and I can go back to the compassion and embrace all of that. It actually allows for integration of these “aspects”. So thank you for your commnets…

      • Wise words Paul, We are so much more than our behaviours!

  2. In my bad English but good heart:
    I read with excitement your articles that Maribel translates to Spanish. They showed me your great consciousness and high compassion
    Thanks for existing.

    • Dear Sonia,

      Thank you for your kind words and beautiful heart. I too very much appreciate Maribel for her translating of my articles into Spanish because I know there are many people like yourself who enjoy them but who do not speak English. And I appreciate you for sharing with me that they have meaning for you. Your words fill me with appreciation and love that what I write inspires others. That is wonderful. So thank you so much Sonia.

      For you benefit, I had these words translated into spanish so you can fully appreciate them. Much Love and Blessings, Paul:

      Querida Sonia,

      Gracias por sus amables palabras y hermoso corazón. Yo también aprecio mucho a Maribel por su traducción de mis artículos en español porque sé que hay muchas personas como usted, que los disfruten, pero que no hablan Inglés. Y les agradezco por compartir conmigo que han significado para usted. Tus palabras me llenan de agradecimiento y de amor que lo que escribo inspira a otros. Eso es maravilloso. Así que muchas gracias Sonia.

      Para que los beneficios, que tenía estas palabras traducidas al español para que usted pueda apreciarlos. Mucho amor y bendiciones, Pablo

  3. dear Paul

    i came to your sites

    seems we are the same “generation”
    and live directly at the “other” side of earth
    my place here is on a beautiful lake mear munich, bavaria ….

    dancing is an art
    to feel the body
    to feel the all that is
    wihtin and without

    so i made dancing my daily “workout”
    besides yoga :))

    the music changing with the ” mood”

    while dancing
    there is a kind of dissipating of
    and then the putting together in a regenerated form

    the same happens when swimming in the lake
    when i am the water
    and then come back …

    enjoy your moments
    each and every one
    as the unfold
    i bless the nine directions in you and me
    waving from the rainbow
    the bridge
    between here and there and everywhere

    • Dear veroniKA, Thank you for your beautiful words and the poetic flow of them. Indeed dancing is a wonderful way to get into the body, taming the wild river of the mind. And you mentioned swimming–same thing. I often swim in the Gulf of Mexico which is only 5 minutes from where I live here in Florida, USA, and sometimes sing to myself while floating as well. So thank you for bringing the grace of your spirit and energy into my day. Blessings always!

      • singing the song
        our heart wants to be sung
        it will be heard


        the innermost truth

        as the birds
        to share the joy of live
        lived alert
        lived alive

        nesting in the heart

        thanks for your answer :))

        and sharing
        your blog

        one love all ways

      • Thank you again for your poetry and beauty. Yes, we sing our life’s song for only one reason, because we want to. Indeed, one love always!

  4. hi http://canwelove.weebly.com/#/ please share follow my site its also called love handbook

  5. Hello Paul, I really enjoyed reading your blog! So much wisdom!
    Where is the photo on your website from? Looks like the south coast of England? Just curious!

    • Thank you Madeleine. Actually, I found that picture on the WordPress site when I was designing the look for my blog. I’m glad you found some of my words inspiring. To be able to recognize wisdom when you hear it tells me that you too are just as wise. All the best. 🙂

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