Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 4, 2010


A woman found my phone number on my web site and called me today. She was interested in a relationship. She is a musician and because I too am a musician, she had high hopes that I would be interested in entering into a relationship, and the agenda was that I could then play guitar while she played flute and we could record music. The initial idea was intriguing because I’ve been asking my soul for an opportunity to connect with other musicians to jamm with. The only problem is, nothing about our hour long conversation resonated with me, although I didn’t feel free enough to just come right out and say it. After we got off the phone I went to my journal and did some writing to connect to my soul in order to feel forward into what feels good to me verses what doesn’t. I expressed what had happened and how I felt about it and then let my soul speak to me through my handwriting. I received clearly that there was nothing in this potential for me because I did not have a good feeling about it. I sent her an e-mail and shared this with her and wished her all the best. That was that.

The purpose of life is to meld with the divine, another term for your soul. The divine is in the state of bliss all the time, and of course, we are not. But why is that? Because we do not spend much time cultivating a genuine relationship with the divine, or, with our soul. If we did, we could connect with that bliss—as often as we want in fact. 

Every potential that comes your way in your life is a gift. You see, life is a banquet filled with potentials and just like when you’re at a buffet restaurant, you get to pick and choose what to put on your plate. If something appears on your plate that you didn’t ask for and, most importantly, don’t feel good about, you acknowledge this, express deep appreciation to it for the contrast because you now have a greater sense of what you don’t want, which means you also now know more clearly what you do want. 

Once you’ve expressed your appreciation, you let that potential go and spend zero amount of time on it after that. You go back to your soul, express deep appreciation for bringing you that gift which taught you what you don’t want, and then you express more clearly what you really do want, since now you know thanks to that gift of contrast. And then you go about your day and do your best to choose only things that feel good. 

What is happening in this process is that you are developing a greater sense of trust in your soul each time you choose something that feels fantastic over something that doesn’t. Believe it or not, it is possible to live in such a way that you feel good all the time. But to get to that kind of bliss, you need to keep choosing only that which feels good. In order to do that, you need to develop a level of trust that if you choose a potential just because it feels good, that it’s going to be exactly what you need and want. This is a challenge if you don’t have a good enough logical reason to make the choice. But when you choose only fantastic feeling potentials, you get more fantastic feeling potentials to show up on your plate. Eventually, when you are choosing only what feels good all the time, you actually bond with your soul and at that moment, you enter a state of bliss known as enlightenment. This state never goes away. You have literally become one with God, or your soul. 

Enlightenment is absolutely available to all human beings at this time in history but you have to really want it. Really wanting it is proven by the choices you make. Only good feeling choices produce more good feeling choices, which eventually bonds you with your soul. 

Sadly, the vast majority of us choose a potential that doesn’t feel good and then, instead of recognizing, “oh, that’s not really me, that doesn’t really make me feel good” and then let it go, we focus on how it’s not what we want and amazingly, many of us can get stuck talking about what we don’t want for an entire lifetime. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the same principle applies when you choose bad feeling potentials as when you choose good feeling potentials. You get more bad feeling potentials to show up on your plate. Before you know it, you’re convinced you’re a victim of life and chances are, you’ll wind up blaming God or someone else for your dilemma when the solution was incredibly simple all along—choose again and only choose what feels good and then FORGET that which you’ve let go. Move on and continue to only choose what feels good. Again, this requires trust and again, this is the purpose of life—to develop so strong of a trust in your soul that eventually there’s nothing that life presents to you that doesn’t excite you. This is when you have mastered the art of true love, the love of yourself, of God, it’s the same thing. This is the only experience every single human wants without exception. The question is, are you willing to put yourself first before all potentials that don’t resonate with you? Can you love yourself that much that nothing is more important to you than that you act only when you feel fantastic about what you’re doing? This is the question your soul wants to know. 

If you have no idea what feels good to you, try writing to your soul. Do this for at least 10-15 minutes a day and don’t let a day go by that you don’t. Express all your emotions and desires and then let your soul speak back to you as you write. Within 30 days you will discover amazing results. This is developing a dialogue with your soul and it will help you tremendously to pinpoint specifically what your particular soul came to the planet to do. You’ll know, because whatever it is, it will feel fantastic.


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