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We all have hundreds if not thousands of what I call “aspects”. At times when life was too much to deal with we created an aspect that allowed us to survive the circumstances we found ourselves in emotionally. In other words, staying in the heart in such moments was too painful so part of us got stuck in an area of our mind, somewhere within our psyche, that felt safe, creating an aspect. This means we actually became split within ourselves. Although only an illusion, the aspect became a real part of our existence. Each time we created another aspect we were in effect alienating ourselves from who we are a little bit more. As children, we intuitively knew who we were and felt the joy of existence but over time, as we created more and more aspects, we eventually became so separated from ourselves that we lost touch with Source. Therefore, we don’t feel the wonderful joy and love we did at some point in our childhood, perhaps not at all. But this separation is actually only an illusion that our minds have completely accepted and therefore the illusion appears to be real. We have all these aspects hanging around and at any given time any one or more of them can pop up and wreak havoc on our emotions. 

I realized I often had a battle going on within myself between several of my aspects. My tendency was to side with the aspects I could relate to and to push away the rest of them. But this only caused those pushed away to go back into hiding and sooner or later, they always popped up again and re-created the same battle. As you can imagine, this wreaked havoc on my emotions. Perhaps you can relate to this. 

One day I discovered that accepting and honoring each aspect within me rather than denying them was the beginning of becoming emotionally balanced. This allowed me to begin loving myself (and others) coming from a place of compassion (compassion by the way means, “come passion”). The more compassion I have, the more I am able to accept and honor even the most difficult to love of my aspects. Once fully loved and accepted, the energy that was hitherto locked inside the aspects now becomes available to serve me in a more productive way. In other words, my passion started to reveal itself. Thus, compassion opened the door to passion! 

For the divine to meld with the human fully, it is necessary for us to accept all aspects, bar none. This means experiencing the emotion that is caused when the aspect pops up without judgment and without pushing it away. Accepting it for what it is and embracing it with compassion allows the aspect to balance itself so that it has less of a need to act out (be controlling or dominating). What our lives are about is the creating a safe and sacred space within where compassion is birthed and then expands outward in every direction, eternally. It is a place of peace and joy. When an aspect pops up you go to your safe space and re-connect to the love that you are. From this place you then embrace the aspect, letting it know you love and honor it, that everything is going to be Ok.

To learn how to create a safe space within, go to Safe Space.



  1. I like the information on aspects. The aspects can be from this life experience or others. The key, like Paul says is to accept them and love them. Honor how they have served you and take their hand, so to speak, and bring them into the now.
    It is this soul integration that brings one to their own wholeness and able to express the “I Am”. Thank you, Paul.

    • Dear Colleen. Wow! What a breath of fresh air to read your comment. You obviously have taken time to get to know yourself with honor and compassion and for me, that makes you a gem because we both know that the more safe and comfortable with ourselves we become, the more authentic we are. And being real is something very special. Thank you dear Colleen and Blessings…

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