Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 6, 2010


To create this inner space you have to take time to go inside yourself and discover the compassionate, unconditionally loving being that dwells in there. This requires a commitment to yourself, being willing to make discovering who you really are your top priority, more important than anything else. To get to this level of commitment takes time but the best thing you can do is start. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to falter in your commitment (trust me, it’s going to happen). Set aside some time each day to breathe and relax, which helps to calm the mind a bit. This also helps you to begin feeling your heart. While breathing, tell yourself how much you love you. Slowly, you will cultivate a compassion that will begin to grow and expand and will become a foundation inside you that no one could possibly take away from you. This foundation is your inner Source of security and comfort. The more you experience it, the less need you will have to look outside yourself for it. 

It is my passion to share with you that melding with the divine is absolutely possible. It just requires actively choosing to identify with the compassionate being that you are on a conscious level. Your entire life can change by making one simple choice—to begin loving and accepting everything about yourself at any given moment. True love is saying yes to everything without exception. This intent alone begins the process of the divine melding with the human and causes forces unseen by human eyes to begin helping you in this melding process.


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