Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 10, 2010


To help you understand what the divine melding with the human means, I would like to share with you a short story: 

Once upon a time Source decided to play a game. Source chose to separate itself into trillions and trillions of entities, each being an autonomous Source in their own right, having the very same characteristics and attributes of Source (being an eternal spirit, having the capability of loving unconditionally, and being able to create). Among all of these entities, there were some who chose to inhabit planet Earth. How did this come to be? At the time of separation we all adventured out into many dimensions to explore our own ability to create. We had an enormous amount of experiences exploring the vast realms of Spirit. After what amounted to eons of earth time we decided we wanted to have some new and different kinds of experiences than anything we’d thus far had within the dimensions we existed in. Living with the freedom to travel about effortlessly within the world of spirit was fun, but we wanted to know what life would be like if the freedoms we had grown so accustomed to would be severely restricted. To achieve this, we decided to create a world that appeared so real we’d be convinced it was, even though it wasn’t. That was when we all collectively chose to create the physical universe, including this planet. And, we were especially excited about taking on human form without having any memory or awareness of who we really are. In other words, despite having incredible creative abilities, we voluntarily chose to condense our powerful, infinite selves into small finite bodies, just for the sake of having a new and different kind of experience. And we knew that the only way our experiment would really work was if we had no prior knowledge of who we really were. And, perhaps the thing that excited us the most was that we wondered what it would take for us to remember who we are, and we drooled over the possibilities that lay before us, the potentially different types of experiences we could have in the process of attempting to wake up to the real truth of who we really are. 

And so, we brought with us the illusion of separation from Source when we woke up in a body as a little baby. As you can imagine, it took us quite awhile to adjust to our new environment. We were delicate, fragile and vulnerable, and this meant being capable of experiencing pain. With such discomfort we naturally chose to mask our heart with beliefs that protected us from being hurt. From that point on we have had countless experiences playing within the energies of Earth, all the while harboring deep inside of us a desire to remember who we are.  

The idea to create space and time within a world of duality allowed for us to experience the illusion of birth and death over and over again. This is also what caused us to feel a separation from each other and especially from Source. This is what caused us to literally forget who we were, so much so that we could not fathom the possibility that we could actually be Source. As it’s turned out, the vast majority of us have not been capable of even thinking such a thought until very recent lifetimes. We actually set it up so that having such an idea alone was considered heresy and was cause to be put to death. That’s how strongly we wanted to play this game of blinding ourselves from the real truth. We wanted it to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. We loved making a haystack that set up massive detours and outright illusions, that is, beliefs systems (BS) that convinced us that we were the exact opposite of the truth. 

After having the various experiences of one lifetime, we knew we could then reevaluate what we learned and experienced, decide if we’d had enough of that or wanted more, and could then choose the type of experience we wanted to have during the next time around. Once we’d made up our minds, we set everything in motion by setting up circumstances on Earth ahead of time that were perfect for what we wanted to go through. In other words, we chose parents with the right kind of personalities, social status, economic class, religion, race, a family with the perfect number of siblings, our birth order within that family, and so forth, all so that we would have just the kind of upbringing we would need so we could play the type of game we wanted to play.  

While this may seem like just a story, there is a great deal of truth in it. In the past 50+ years many of us have been feeling that we’ve had enough with the game, so many in fact that we collectively made a choice to begin a process that would gradually lead to our remembering who we really are while still living within a body on Earth. This has been traditionally called ascension and it is the process of the divine melding with the human. Initially this waking up process was limited to a chosen few who quietly heard the call from within and chose to distance themselves from everyone else in order to discover their true identity. Today however, the number of people who are hearing this inner call has increased on a quantum level. And, it is no longer necessary to go to the mountains and live in an ashram. We are in fact, in the midst of another spiritual renaissance in which all of us are becoming more aware while living normal lives. This new awareness is the only solution to working together to solve the many challenges we face as a human race at this time.


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