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From what I’ve learned, the true meaning of compassion is a complete and total letting go of all agenda. This means releasing all our preconceived ideas that we have built up in our minds, what I call “mental boxes.” Having total compassion for anyone requires the willingness to allow everyone to be exactly who they are choosing to be at any given time. This means not trying to save them, to change them, not judging them in any way. 

There is a certain amount of fear that we all have that if everyone was allowed to be, do and have exactly what they want without our interference, that there would be chaos in the world due to the lack of any sense of law, order, and justice. Such fear is understandable based on the mental boxes (belief systems) we have subscribed to over the centuries. However, there are universal laws that apply to every single person without exception, laws that have not been very well known even though they’ve been around for a very long time. The reason they’ve not been known is because humans chose to interpret them in a way that fulfilled the needs of the few rather than the many. These laws are very simple. If we judge no one, we have no experience of anyone judging us. If we seek to change no one, we have the experience that no one will seek to change us. If we love all with total unconditional love (true compassion), our experience will be that of feeling loved unconditionally. In other words, if we have true compassion for all, without judging or desiring to change them in any way, we will find that our life will be a perfect reflection of this. 

There are those who fear the so-called “dark side.” While such energy does indeed exist, the good news is that when we are coming from a place of compassion, it’s impossible for any of the dark energies to attack, invade, influence, or in any way affect us at all. That’s part of the universal law, for we will only attract to us that which we are being on the inside. That’s because the world outside of us is nothing but the honest echo of our own inner world. If we are being compassionate, we are radiating a bright spiritual light. While light can eliminate darkness anywhere when it is turned on, the opposite is not true. If you’re in a lit room and you try to remove the light with darkness, it can’t be done. So, while darkness may always be seeking to influence whomever it can, if we are being light, there is simply no way darkness can touch us. The key is having total compassion by removing all mental box obstacles that would give darkness a means to be attracted to us. Then there is nothing to worry about or to be afraid of. We simply live our lives coming from a place of complete acceptance that everything is just as it should be, choosing to give love no matter what, and we will always be free to continue to do so without having to worry that there might be some darkness waiting to attack us just around the corner. It simply cannot happen. That doesn’t mean that you recognize adversarial forces at work around you at times. It just means you will not be affected by them.

Another crucial realization I’ve had is that having total compassion applies to me just as much as to anyone else. It means loving myself with the same unconditional love, for without that, it’s impossible to love anyone else with such love. I can try, as I did for years, but it never worked because as a divine being myself, unless I can love me (as Source), how can I love you (as Source). I learned that as I let go of judging others, I also had to learn to let go of judging myself. This has been the hardest thing for me to do. Removing my judgment for others was easy compared to eliminating judgment about myself. It only began happening when I could cut myself enough slack to see that I too am exactly where I choose to be at any given time. I realized that I can be ok with whatever it is I’m choosing to be, do or have in the here and now. Life will always be a grand and glorious opportunity to observe what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. That’s the only way I could come to understand just how these universal laws work. I had to apply them to myself by having total acceptance, or compassion, for everything that I am. I had to accept and be grateful for all aspects of my personality, even those that I thought I wanted to get rid of, such as my tendency to judge others, wanting to save them, or convert them over to my opinion about how life is supposed to work, before I could transcend it. 

This particular understanding was especially important for me. As long as I thought I had aspects of myself that were not “right” or that I didn’t like about myself, these very aspects would always hang around, causing me tremendous struggle. As long as I needed to be playing the game of saving others in order to fill an empty part of me, this part of me always obliged me. Thus, it was a constant companion, serving me unconditionally. When I decided that continuing to save others no longer worked for me I then tried to sweep my companion under the carpet and avoid him, even eliminate him. I didn’t care to be having this part of me hanging around any longer. But this part was an aspect of me and therefore it wasn’t just going to go away. It started squirming and always showed up at times when I most wished it would get lost. There I was, trying to save someone again, all the while inside cursing myself for doing it again. When I realized that all this aspect of me wanted was to be loved unconditionally, that’s when it hit me. I spoke to this aspect, that part of me that wanted to save others, and told it that I was extremely grateful for it because it had served me well all these years while I thought I needed it (I really felt grateful, it wasn’t just talk). For the first time this part of me felt acknowledged and accepted. At the same time, I told it that I was now going to choose to be compassionate towards others, without having to judge or save them, and this applied towards this aspect as well. I told it that I had no desire to change it either but that I was going to place my focus on being compassionate towards it and everyone else. The result was that it felt safe because it felt accepted and therefore it began to lose its need to act out. Suddenly I was no longer inclined to judge others. 

I discovered this method of having genuine compassion works for anything in my life I have determined I no longer prefer to have around. It is always a matter of accepting and feeling grateful for it, because if it’s there within me, there’s always a reason I created it in the first place. When I can come from a place where I understand that reason and yet recognize that the original purpose for having created it no longer exists, then I can feel grateful for it having served me while that reason did exist. Then, I am free to love it without needing it to be any different and this frees it up to be resolved.

This process I have been describing has been the method I have used to invite so many aspects of myself into balance. In the process, the true meaning of compassion has slowly revealed itself to me. Understanding that it means to come from a place of non-judgment, honoring all for the path all have chosen, could only happen when I had balanced myself enough emotionally so that judgment could no longer get in the way of having this realization. Before that, the meaning of compassion was only an intellectual concept that sounded good and I hoped that some day I’d be able to be like that. Thus, it was only when I had the willingness to go within to see what was there within me, that I could then begin to recognize the way things were working in my life, and I could begin to see the sides of me that I thought I needed but that I now realized I didn’t. It all started with the willingness to see. Before that, when I was inside the steel and concrete walls of my self-created mental boxes, all I could do was judge. That’s it. I wasn’t free in any way to even begin to grasp that there was more to understand about life waiting for me on the other side of those mental box walls. 

It comes down to this: To truly love Source we need to truly love ourselves and to do that, we need to stop judging and start honoring everything that is within and without of our world.


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