Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 14, 2010


I’ve often wondered what role karma, which is now a household word, plays in my life. In his book, Unfinished Business, James Van Praagh speaks about karma. He says, “…karma is not punishment but a way of managing our actions and reactions. Karma is also an educational tool to help us evolve spiritually and to balance out the results of all the actions we have generated that are out of harmony with the law of love.” 

After reading this I understood that it’s not that we’ve done something wrong in past lives and are now being asked to repent and get it right because there is no right or wrong, there’s only experience. Rather, it’s that duality is the perfect playground for the expansion of the human heart. We’ve all chosen to experiment with both light and dark energies at one time or another in our evolutionary process of expanding our heart. The particular experiences we chose allowed for that expansion. For example, those who played with the dark energy set up challenges for everyone else so both could learn to appreciate and love the experience despite being unwanted and painful—allowing for expansion. In another lifetime the roles are then reversed so that those who caused darker experiences are then given a chance to be in the shoes of those they imposed their will upon, giving them a chance to expand their heart as well. This is karma and this cycle is the way it’s always been on the planet. It has been this light/dark tension that has caused us all to expand our hearts to the level we are collectively at today. It’s as if we are actors choosing different roles to play in any given lifetime. Sometimes we play roles in the light, sometimes roles in the dark. Either way we are contributing to the expansion. 

This understanding sheds an entirely new light on the actions that people choose because it means there’s no heaven or hell after you die but rather, a re-evaluation as to the role you chose in your life, assessing the next best role that would be perfect for you to expand beyond the level you’re at when you arrive back there in the world of spirit. Of course, unconditional love is where we’re all going, so when we choose dark energy roles, while we absolutely contribute to the expansion of others, we are always aware on a soul level that we will inevitably have to choose the necessary roles needed to evolve spiritually beyond these out of harmony roles we are choosing. From this perspective, it could be said that the worst dictators in history were the most courageous and advanced souls because they knew they would have much to make up. Without a great deal of inner strength and fortitude, the average soul would not volunteer for such roles. And yet, their role elicited a tremendous out pouring of compassion, causing wide scale expansion of the human heart. 

Hitler and the suicide bombers in 9/11 are an example of this. Reading this may outrage you because you may think such despicable acts of violence these individuals were responsible for would surely have sent them straight to hell. But if Jesus is any example of how to love and forgive, then you have to admit these individuals are now giving you the opportunity to expand to his level of love, if you choose. Forgiveness and compassion for these individuals (as Jesus displayed by forgiving those who were nailing him to a cross) would expand your heart to the level of unconditional love. From this perspective, these individuals become wonderful gifts to humanity because their dark energy actions caused the literal expansion of a massive number of souls. In fact, thanks to the contrasting roles people have played, we have expanded spiritually to the point in which we now all collectively have the ability to choose such love, which has the potential to at long last create the world of peace we’ve been praying for, for centuries. Nature too has contributed greatly to our expansion, particularly with the earth changes that have occurred as of late (tsunamis, earthquakes, flash floods, etc.). We have all collectively allowed these experiences on a subconscious level so we could expand to a new level of compassion. 

With this understanding of karma, it became clear that the most important thing I could do while living on the planet is to expand my capacity to love. I realized early on in my life that I had a lot of anger issues and after being matched and married to a woman who seemed to trigger just about every button I had, I entered therapy hoping to get to the bottom of it, but I never really did—get to the bottom of the anger that is, and in the end, very little got resolved because I was looking outside myself for the solution. Meanwhile, like everyone else, I had desires to create abundance and to be in a relationship, yet both of these seemed to allude me no matter how spiritual I thought I was becoming. I couldn’t understand why so many others around me seemed to be creating all these things while I continually had aspects that terrorized me on a regular basis. It just didn’t seem fair. 

When I finally accepted that I probably have a lot of karma from past lives to work through, and that I am divine (and this is the crucial thing to accept), I then chose to take the time to cultivate a relationship with this divine part of me, which is the reason for the karma in the first place. This allowed my compassion to grow stronger every day. Each time an aspect popped up, I stayed with its feelings and dug deep inside for compassion so that I could reach out to the aspect with it, allowing for healing. This compassion for all my hurting aspects eventually became strong enough that I realized these issues my aspects have are a total illusion and that placing my attention on them at all was only maintaining the illusion. Once I understood this, then when an aspect would pop up, I began to shift my focus away from it, choosing instead to stay with in love with me—the real me. In this way, these aspects began to lose any power to continue to terrorize me.

Now I realize that this process of identifying with the real loving compassionate being that I am is actually literally bringing an end to karma because by making such a choice, I am balancing out the results of all the actions I historically had generated that were out of harmony with the law of love. So if, like me, you feel you have a lot of frustration that just doesn’t seem to go away, I invite you to begin cultivating a relationship with the compassion that lies deep inside you, and then share it with these frustrated aspects. I assure you the love is there but you have to want to find it. Once you do, you will eventually discover a strength that will allow you to stay in love despite any issues your aspects may have. Eventually, they just give up and that’s when you’re free of karma!


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