Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 14, 2010


The time we are now entering, called the “New Energy”, represents the end of a long term game we’ve been playing (one in which we have believed we are separate from the divine and from each other). At the same time, it represents the beginning of a new and entirely different game. In the New Energy, the divine wants to meld with the human, and then in that relationship expand to heights (of joy and peace) beyond our comprehension. For this to happen we have to begin identifying with the divine and to do this, we have to be willing to follow the path of least resistance. 

A key element in following this path is letting go of all definitions. Most of us have very specifically defined our world and have spent all our lives attempting to make our life look like the definition we gave it. In other words, we seek to control ourselves and the world around us and then end up experiencing the futility of this. We set goals and work hard to achieve them and yet, once achieved, it’s never really good enough so we just create new goals and go to work again. On some level within none of this makes any sense. The amazing thing is that despite the suffering this causes, we tend to repeat this pattern again and again, until the very end of our lives, creating an addiction to emotional pain in the process. But we’re all familiar with the definition of insanity which is, “repeating the same thing over and over again trying to get the same result”. The only way out of this, if that is what you choose, is to begin identifying with the divine rather than with whom you’ve always thought you were. The divine cannot be defined. It has no boundaries and since we are not separate from the divine, we have no boundaries. 

In this world of duality, we are used to experiencing energy working based on opposing forces, out of which something is then created. However, creation in the New Energy doesn’t look anything like this because this New Energy is expansional by nature. Expansion doesn’t need any opposing forces to occur. In the New Energy creation occurs easily based on passion, which can be defined as that which excites your entire being. Tapping into your passion requires taking time to discover who you are and to do this you have to come to terms with who you are not. 

At times while growing up our emotions were too much to handle so we pushed them away, causing splits within, called “aspects”. Because our aspects were not allowed to be fully expressed, they separated from us by going into hiding. Over time as we continued to push away other unwanted emotions, we accumulated many aspects, each one feeling alienated from us and from each other. Some began battling with each other, causing inner confusion and chaos. Meanwhile, each time this occurred we felt less whole and complete, like being disconnected or lost on some level, not completely together or capable of living up to our full potential. In the process, our alienation from who we really are increased to the point that to even entertain such an idea that we are divine became totally unacceptable; even heretical. You can read more about aspects in another blog entry: aspects 

Each of us has hundreds if not thousands of aspects and in the New Energy the time has come for all of them to come out of hiding. This means we are now beginning to transition from identifying with being only human to identifying with our true divine nature. Again, this is because the divine now wants to literally meld with the human—while we remain in the body. Traditionally this has been called ascension. During this time of transition it is important to remember that we are not our aspects, we are divine. As a divine being there is nothing about you that needs to be worked on, processed or fixed. Each aspect simply wants to be accepted and resolved. Our tendency is to push them away when they pop up but as long as we resist them they will continue to act out, strengthening our addiction to emotional pain. Instead of pushing them away, the key to resolution is total acceptance. 

The nature of the divine is total compassion, which means it accepts and allows all things to be just the way they are because there is no agenda. Choosing compassion is identifying with the divine and this means letting go of all other definitions. This requires creating a safe space within, which allows our alienated aspects to trust that if they show up we’ll accept them rather than push them away. Doing so allows them to be naturally resolved, which means they no longer have a need to act out. Gradually as each aspect is resolved, we come into emotional balance, opening the door to discovering who we really are. With less battling going on, the divine starts showing up more frequently (as joy and peace) and at the same time, our passion begins to reveal itself as well. This is the process of the divine melding with the human. 

Even when our passion does start showing up, because we are so used to identifying with being human, we may still try to define it as something specific. However, when something begins to excite your entire being it may be that you are just beginning to discover the tip of the ice burg of what it is you’re really made of. For the melding process to continue to expand we need to eventually let go of all definitions of who we thought we were. For example, some of us derive our identity from a relationship, others from a specific belief system, such as a certain religion or political affiliation. There are countless ways in which we have been choosing to define who we are. Letting go of all definition allows us to be truly free so that we can soar limitlessly to levels of joy and peace we never dreamed were possible simply because we are no longer allowing any kind of box define us—we are beyond definition! 

If we compare ourselves to a river, historically up until now we have identified with being rocks that are imbedded in the river bottom. As the current flows downstream the water smashes up against the rocks. This pounding molds and shapes the rocks so over time they change shape and this is how we have grown spiritually—through the trials and tribulations which life has thrown at us. However, in the New Energy instead of being the rocks, we are the water which flows downstream. Sometimes it flows calmly and sometimes with turbulence, but it always flows. It has no need to be anything different because it is OK just being water. It has no need to be defined as this or that. It just is what it is choosing to be at any given moment. Likewise, as the great adventure of our life unfolds there is no more need to have to go through suffering to become strong, nor is there any need to be any different than we already are. And like the river that becomes stale if it turns stagnant, we need to keep our energy flowing; always expanding. Expansion occurs through identifying with the divine by choosing compassion and total acceptance of who we are choosing to be over resistance. In this way letting go of all definitions becomes the means for inner peace and fulfillment.


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