Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 14, 2010


In September 2007 we entered into what many are calling “The New Energy”. This energy is expansional, which simply means that the way energy works is no longer based on the push/pull model that has thus far been used to create (known as the vibrational model). Rather, to create in the New Energy requires first and foremost allowance and acceptance of what is. In this energetic shift the force of energy compelling us towards remembering who we really are has accelerated, radically speeding up the process that will inevitably reach a culmination in which we will all collectively choose to take a leap of consciousness. Some are predicting this leap of consciousness will occur in 2012. None of us really know the future but if they’re right, what this means is that the years from now until 2012 are going to challenge us at our very core. Our identity; that is, who we think we are, is going to be called into question, begging for us to become authentic. Such soul searching is necessary because we aren’t who we think we are. Our identity has been off a bit which is why we haven’t been able to be very authentic. The New Energy will see the emergence of an entirely different way of existence, one that is no longer governed by the intellect created illusion of power but rather, by the compassion driven heart, which is the only thing that is real. True love will take center stage and we’ll see the continual expansion of our hearts, on into eternity. 

In essence, what is now happening is that the divine is beginning to meld with the human. This is the time we have chosen to stop pretending to be unworthy humans by acknowledging and accepting our true identity as Source. Everything that has occurred up until now has been preparing us for this day. We’ve always been divine. It’s just that for centuries we’ve been so caught up into identifying with being suffering victims that we have never been willing to entertain the possibility we could be divine. But now it’s time. Humans are waking up at an incredibly fast pace. It’s just a matter of remembering who you really are. The question isn’t will you choose to remember, it’s when will you choose to remember. From now, as the days and months go by, it’s going to get increasingly more difficult to maintain identification with being a victim because victim energy is suffering energy and the New Energy no longer supports this type of belief system. In other words, in the New Energy the things we have used to avoid being our true selves will no longer be supported. Try as we might to get the same results as in the past, it simply will no longer work. Authenticity alone will be allowed to flourish.

Oh, certainly the events that will be occurring on planet Earth in the days ahead will bring up the greatest of this victim energy that is within us. However, unlike in the past when we always seemed to find a way to escape from who we really are, whether through drugs, sports, sex, TV, being intellectual, or any number of hundreds of other ways, now these methods of escape will no longer work. Over the centuries we have conditioned ourselves to use whatever means necessary to cover up the pain that occurs when we’re not being real. Today, these things that we do may continue to numb us to an extent, but they will no longer cover up the historic and personal pain we carry from not being authentic. Consequently, we will no longer be able to avoid suffering. This is going to cause a massive cry for understanding among humanity. When your drug of choice doesn’t seem to get you very high any more, what are you going to do? This is the question facing humanity now. It is also causing a tremendous amount of intense asking from deep within. The question being asked is, “who am I?” 

As humans we really only have one choice, to begin seeking alternative ways to deal with this illusory victim energy. This in fact is already beginning. I am describing the very process that we have begun to undertake. It is a process of going inside. It is there that who we really are will be discovered. Sooner or later, we will choose to remember simply because deep inside all of us, if we are completely honest with ourselves, we would far prefer peace over suffering. That’s why we seek things that will numb us to the pain—we don’t really want it. And yet at the same time we’ve been addicted to it so that even though we find ways to get high so as to forget about our suffering, we always choose to return to it. The victim energy has an appeal because it allows us to energetically feed off of each other. To reach a new level of honesty with ourselves requires we first admit to our love affair with the suffering and the need to feed off of others. Then we need to find the compassion inside us that fully accepts this, honoring ourselves for having chosen to love suffering. In other words, we need to identify with being Source energy, which is the source of all compassion. With such compassion comes the ability to resolve all our illusions so that we return to being the creator that we are, free from all prior restrictions that we placed on our love. This is a return to innocence and it is an awakening to the inner peace that we are. This is why you and I were born. I call this the melding of the divine with the human. In essence, this is choosing to remember who you are.


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