Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 16, 2010


The so-called oil crisis in the Gulf is not a crisis at all. Rather, it represents the consciousness of humanity that is asking desperately for a new source of energy to fuel our mode of transportation and other things. As dismal as it may appear to be, the fact that the environment (wildlife, beaches, the water, our lifestyle, etc.) is affected in unwanted ways, it has stimulated great discussion as far as where we want to go in the future, with oil drilling in general and with new sources of energy in particular. 

Like any so-called crisis or problem, what ultimately ends up happening is determined by the point of perception that the consciousness is choosing to see life from. For example, if we see things through the eyes of a victim, feeling we have been personally violated, then we cannot help but see only violators and violations. It is not possible to see any solutions because within the victim mentality, they don’t exist. First of all, we don’t want them to exist even if they did because if they showed up and solved our problem, what would that do to our victimhood? That’s precisely why within the victim mentality, nothing but violators and violations can possibly exist. As the creator of our world, this is the world the victim experiences throughout their entire life. There are no other possibilities that can be seen—not as long as their point of perception remains a victim. 

On the other hand, solutions can be seen by those who see things through the eyes of being the creator of their experience. This person knows, as the creator, that they created infinite potentials to choose from. They also know that from their limited 3D perspective they’re just not aware of all these potentials in the moment. First of all, as the creator they feel great compassion towards what is happening. Then they choose to put out into the consciousness a desire for a greater potential than what they currently have, one that would serve them so much better, and then they wait to see what happens. This person will be capable of seeing the potential when one day it shows up on their doorstep. 

If what’s happening with oil in the Gulf can be seen for the gift that it is, then instead of pointing fingers at the so called bad oil company, we recognize it as a creation of our own. Then we can choose to take responsibility for it by putting out into the consciousness, with great compassion rather than anger and fear, our intent to see something that would be more appropriate for us, more clean, efficient, and non-polluting for example. We may not have any idea what this new source of energy looks like but by investing our sincere compassionate energy into the consciousness for it to be discovered, someone out there who very much wants to find it may wake up one day with a new idea they never thought of before, an idea that if they choose to run with, could change our entire way of using energy on the planet. I believe such potentials do indeed exist; it’s just a matter of tapping into them. Playing the victim role by inputting negative, fearful energy into the consciousness is not the solution. In fact, maintaining this approach will only cause the so-called problem to get bigger because what we see before us in this world is always a mere reflection of our consciousness. 

Without infusing any particular agenda into it, we can also choose to send our love and compassion towards all those who are affected by this, from the BP employees to fisherman, land owners, beach goers, those working to clean up the mess, even to the fish and wildlife. Having no agenda allows the consciousness to naturally move towards the most appropriate solutions. Agendas only contribute to the creation of friction and battle amongst those who have opposing views. That is why compassion has no agenda. It just loves and honors and by doing so, it creates a space that allows for the perfect resolution to find its way. Therefore, as always, true love and compassion are the only solution to the oil crisis.


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