Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 17, 2010


True Healing is when you no longer have a need to tell the story about what is making you hurt. In other words, when you reach a level of awareness in which you just know who you are—that you are Source—you also realize that all the pain and hurt, all the violations that occurred to you, in this life or another, your remembering of them is neither here nor there because that was then and this is now. And in the now moment, you can choose to be happy, to be in love—with yourself and with the world—if you want. 

To put it another way, what are you gaining from insisting someone understand your story? You can spend years in therapy and eventually get to the bottom of what happened but the only purpose for doing that was so you could let it go—to stop telling the story about it. So indeed, therapy can have some value to help you understand. But understanding isn’t as necessary as you may think. There is an alternative way, and that is to cultivate a relationship with who you really are, which is Source. This requires that you first accept this to be true, and then to begin identifying with the love and compassion that Source has, for everyone but especially for you. Source adores you and knows how much you are hurting. If you step into Source’s shoes, you can give this adoration and love to that hurting self. You may not believe you’re capable of doing this and that you need a therapist to help you get to the point where you can believe this and that’s fine. Or, you can just choose it and save yourself a lot of time, anguish, and money. 

All I’m saying is that you can heal yourself because this Source you are looking for is you—inside you. So go inside and find the love and compassion even when it seems impossible to find in any given moment. It can be experienced when the desire is strong enough—in other words, when you make the choice to love top priority—with your entire being. Of course, you have to let whoever or whatever violated you off the hook but by doing so, you actually let yourself off the hook because all the anger you feel towards them is felt by you—not them. In other words, you are punishing yourself for their crime. How much sense does that make? 

So you choose to just love yourself—to stop punishing yourself, and then you discover that you don’t need to tell the story any more because the only one that cared about it any way was you and you were telling it because it felt good to tell it, so convinced you were that the pain should not have happened (and that they should pay). And you may be right—maybe it shouldn’t have happened and maybe they should pay. Still, it did happen and making them pay, well, is that a wise investment of your time and energy? So what are you going to do? It happened and you responded the way you did because you didn’t know any better, but when you KNOW that you’re Source, you also know that you now do KNOW better. So you can begin to tell a different story—one that feels so much better. You can revisit the moment of violation and be the compassionate loving being that you wish you could’ve been then when it happened, and give that love to the hurting one, the one that insists on re-telling the story. That hurting child will feel tons of appreciation for your love. 

Now that feels much better—appreciation. After all, it doesn’t really feel all that good re-telling the hurt and pain all the time, does it? Unless there’s a payback for telling it, but is there really, or is that just an illusion—that you think you’re gaining something from telling it? Take a close look and you’ll discover that you gain nothing but you do manage to maintain the greatest cover up in human history—that you are Source but think, believe, and live as though you’re not. Now that’s a cover up! And holding onto this falsehood maintains the historic pain and suffering. That’s why we’ve never created peace, because we’ve not found it inside. But that’s where it is, because Source is peace. And the only way to get there is to choose it. 

I say all these things because I as much as anyone had a huge story to tell, and did tell it—for centuries, until doing so was just too painful to continue to do. When I finally decided that all that mattered to me was that I feel good, I made the choice to tell a better feeling story, and that has made all the difference in the world! 

So true healing is no longer needing to tell the same old story—choosing instead to tell a story that feels really good and thus, makes you feel in love with yourself, with life. Begin telling that kind of story and you are now being the Source that you are, for Source would tell no other story.


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