Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 20, 2010


When Source chose to split into an infinite number of pieces, and some of us chose to take a body and become human, we, as Source, chose to forget who we were so we could have the experience of playing in a 3D world, which was so incredibly different than the world of spirit where we had grown accustomed to living. While at play here, we also wanted to figure out a way to remember who we were. 

The one gift that we all agreed upon to be part of this overall scheme of submerging ourselves fully into this 3D experience was that, since Source is true love, true love would hold the power over, or respond to, the entire experience. That is to say, true love would surrender 100% of the time to the human, meaning that, as the creator of our own experience, true love would support whatever choices we make, without question or judgment. 

Practically speaking, this means that Source has always given us exactly what we have chosen—but only based on the vibration we emanate at any given time. It is important to realize this, since we are vibrational beings. Our world is always showing us exactly what kind of vibration we are emanating. You see, since Source is a vibration, and we are Source, we are vibrational beings. Source’s vibration is, by its very nature, always without fail, 100% pure positive, loving energy. This positive loving nature is agenda-free and thus, judgment-free. 

So, when we chose to have the experience of creating for ourselves whatever kind of world we wanted, this agenda-free Source chose to support our choices 100% of the time without any expectation or concern for what kind of choices they were. That’s the nature of true love. It gives and gives without question or need. 

Now, as a human, we forgot we are Source, so our vibration has often not been in alignment with that of Source’s. In fact, most of the time we have no idea what kind of vibration we are emanating, and this is why we so easily feel we are victims of something outside of ourselves that we have no control over. However, this is not the case at all, although such a belief will always appear to be real, but only because true love is granting you exactly what you believe, and if you want to be a victim, you can indeed create that for yourself—and do create it! But it doesn’t have to be the case.   

What I’m suggesting is that if you would shift your belief to that of being the creator of your experience, you will begin to see your entire experience from a whole new vantage point. You begin to see why you manifested what you did—it was always just reflecting what’s really going on inside you. And if you choose, gradually you will become aware of deeper levels of vibration that you didn’t realize you had while believing you were a victim. When this happens it is fantastic because now you also begin to realize, all you have to do is shift your vibration—to being compassionate and loving, which is more in alignment with who you really are as Source. 

How quickly you’ll be able to shift your vibration from being a victim (and therefore complaining about your life and blaming others or even God for your unwanted reality) to being that of compassionate and loving will be determined by just how addicted you are to the vibrations you’ve been emanating—the ones that are contrary to who you really are and therefore, causing a whole lot of things to manifest in your world that are not much fun. They show up because your vibration, in essence, asked for them. This may not be so easy to grasp at first, but once you do, your entire life will change. 

So again, true love has always surrendered to the human, since the human is the master or creator of his experience, always has been, always will be. We are free to create exactly what we want to create. The question is—what kind of vibration do you want to live in on a consistent basis?


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