Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 21, 2010


For those of us who grew up in the sixties, with its free love and psychedelics, that was a very special time indeed in our history because it awakened so many of us to who we are and what we could become. The fact that we sort of drifted on into the seventies and seemed to give up our ideals in order to create a more comfortable lifestyle is irrelevant because the seed was planted and it has been growing, unbeknownst to most of us. That seed is the true love that lives within the heart of every human being. If you lived in those days, I know you experienced the oneness of it all at least once, and couldn’t help but feel that we really could change the world. As our dear friends John, Paul, George, and Ringo said, “All you need is love”. 

Even though there was some heartbreak and pain and sometimes emptiness and loneliness that we experienced at times since then, it was not for naught. There was purpose to it all because the seeds that were planted in the sixties needed time to germinate. The good news is, they are actually just now beginning to sprout. The knowingness that we felt back then wants now to be resurrected. It wants to be felt again and more. It wants to be experienced in a very real way. It wants us to know that love is real and that we can live joyfully and with abandon, if we choose. The universe, the very Source energy that caused the experiences of the sixties, lies deep within you and me and this Source energy wants now to bust out of the box we’ve been keeping it in, so convinced we’ve been that we needed to control our life that we gave up the idea of free love and free expression. We lost any belief that the politicians would or even could make a difference and we surrendered to the mind which always prefers safety and comfort over risk and adventure. In essence, we gave up our ideals in favor of material. And that’s OK because it’s what we chose to do. It was all perfect. 

But the time has now come for us to take another risk by adventuring into the unknown—or what we think is unknown. Actually, within our soul true love is well known. What is not known is our soul. We literally do not know who we are. We have no real solid 24/7 relationship with who we really are. Instead, we live in the world of illusion and game playing, avoiding our heart as much as possible. But now we’re very tired of it all and there is a part of our soul that is screaming for expression, if only we would take a few moments to listen to it. 

Now is the time to do this and yes, it can be done. It takes some courage of course, and it takes trust, but there’s really no other choice because the alternative is to go on living the way life has always been and, well, as time goes on, that is going to get less and less appealing. In fact, with all the Earth changes happening, and with the state of the economy, and everything else, it’s simply no longer possible to go back to what once was. But we can enter the now, where we will discover the truth of who we are.

So I invite those of you who lived through the sixties, and even those who didn’t, to go inside and ask your soul who you are and what is it that you really want. Ask what your purpose is and what really brings you joy. Be open to what your soul wants to teach you about you. Once you trust that inner voice and begin to follow its guidance, you will never be the same again—in a good way. The potential for life, for what is possible, will be revealed to you and that will resurrect the long forgotten hope of creating a better world—a peaceful world. It can be done and now is the time to take the first step by going inside to re-connect to your soul.


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