Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 30, 2010


Recently I saw two movies that both had a huge effect on me. The first one was Invictus, which focused primarily on the wisdom of Nelson Mandela to keep the South African Rugby team despite the fact that most blacks hated them because they represented the apartheid policy of the white government. I was deeply moved by the fact that when he was released after 27 years in prison, Mandela chose to forgive the oppressors that jailed him. During his long journey to freedom, Mandela embodied and thus created a consciousness of forgiveness that served to catapult him into becoming a legendary, larger-than-life figure for oppressed blacks in South Africa, and that compelled them to vote him into the presidency. 

I realized that while enjoying this well-acted and directed movie, I was tapping into his energy of forgiveness, which was absolutely perfect in the moment. So many things in my world appear to remain the same. My imaginings and dreams seem so large and the contrast between them and my physical reality seems so vast, even though on March 21, 2010 I chose to release the energy of suffering which I identified with so strongly for centuries in a formal ceremony with my Angelic Team who I was able to communicate with through the awesome channel, Jean Tinder. On that day I made a clear commitment to myself to be done with all that suffering. I felt it, they felt it, and truly something inside of me had shifted. 

They warned me that many of my habits would have a tendency to pop up again (as aspects) but that I was to see them as just old memories of a movie that I watched so many times that it had become ensconced within my psyche, but that nevertheless is still just an old memory of an old lifetime way back when, and to dismiss it, choosing instead to focus on the I am presence within me and to choose love and joy. And so I embarked on an entirely new adventure, literally beginning a new lifetime, and yet observed these old aspects popping up at times and also observed myself identifying with them again at times. 

For example, the tendency to criticize because I had made a choice, so why hasn’t my life changed, came over me at times. And that is why Mandela’s consciousness was perfect for me. Tapping into forgiveness allowed me to forgive myself for choosing all that suffering for so long. It was no doubt appropriate and I honor the choices I made because there are no wrong choices ever. And yet, I feel incredibly appreciative towards Mandela for making that forgiveness energy available so I could tap into when it was appropriate for me to do so, and therefore shift my vibration to that of forgiveness and appreciation. 

Thanks to him, I didn’t have to go through 27 years of prison, for example. That’s the glory of choosing to create a new and higher consciousness—it goes out into the ethers and becomes available for all who follow to tap into, if they choose. That is a tremendous love offering right there, and Mandela’s offering made a huge difference for me. So when I found myself still in a small trailer filled with cockroaches, I felt tremendously appreciative that I had a roof over my head, that I had appliances that work, that I had a bed to sleep in and kept me warm at night, that I had a shower, a computer, a car, a job, and so many other things that served me. I could even appreciate the cockroaches because they, like me, were just looking for a warm place to dwell, to be comfortable. They meant no harm and were actually quite amazing creatures when I took the time to observe them. 

So Mandela’s energy provided me the opportunity to choose to forgive myself for choosing to vibrate on frequencies other than what I claimed I really wanted. Now however, I’m realizing that I really do want to see my dreams come true and so I am making a conscious choice to make my experience that of joy and delightful expectation for all things to come that are indeed possible. I am choosing to embrace the terrorizing aspects that pop up on occasion with their suffering issues. I can appreciate how they served me while at the same time, choose to remain identified with joy and compassion.


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