Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 30, 2010


This feeling of appreciation has allowed me to tap into another consciousness, what I call a “knowing” and what some would call faith. For I have many big dreams and I now have a strong knowing that those dream already exist—they just happen to still be on the invisible level right now, but I know that they are real and that all I need to do is shift my vibration to a frequency that matches the frequency of my dreams and they will begin to manifest in this 3D reality, so that I can taste, touch, feel, see, and hear them. This I know for sure because I can feel it and I choose to revel in this feeling because by doing so, this is the way to shift the vibration to the level of my manifested dreams, you see. What would it feel like if I had all the things I dream about? It would feel appreciative and wonderful, and that’s precisely the feeling that I have when I am reveling in the knowing. So faith in the knowing that the things unseen are indeed possible is necessary if you are to see those things become manifest. 

Maintaining an energy of, “where is it, I can’t see it, I don’t have it” only causes the continuation of the very same because it is the vibration of lack and so, lack is what manifests. That’s because the vibration of lack does not match the good feeling vibration of reveling in a knowing that all is on its way. These two vibrational frequencies cannot co-exist. Since we are the transmitters of vibration, whatever vibration we are offering at any given time is going to be what we see manifesting in our world because that’s the way the universe works. We are the creators and all of creation revolves around our choices—not the choices we say we want, but rather the choice of vibration we are transmitting. 

The second movie I saw was The Blind Side, the true story of Leigh Anne Tuohy, a well-to-do white woman who took Michael Oher, a homeless black man, into her home and changed his life. This movie had a huge impact on me because like Mandela, Tuohy became the embodiment of, in her case that of compassion, and created her own consciousness of compassion. While watching this movie I tapped into it and felt wonderfully deep feelings of love and compassion that were elicited throughout the film because of the way the actors were displaying it as they told this compelling story of how Tuohy adopted Oher and through her compassion, he chose to make something of his life, becoming a blue-chip football star. 

Thanks to this movie, I now feel great compassion for others who may appear to be in less than fortunate circumstances, but especially compassion for me, for always doing the best that I could in all situations and under all circumstances throughout my life. I realize now that all my life, all I’ve ever wanted was to learn what true love really is. As a child I was persecuted a lot and felt alone and misunderstood. Inside I kept asking, more on a vibrational level than a conscious one, that there has to be a deeper love somewhere. My soul heard this asking and my life itself has seen opportunity after opportunity to learn about this deeper love that I was seeking. Always when I encountered relationships of any kind I felt there was an agenda involved, from them and from me, and this never sat well with me. I always knew there was something deeper about love and I wanted to find out what it was. It took me a long time to realize this, so often these opportunities turned into my reinforcing my identity with suffering. 

One day I made up my mind that I was going to master true love. Interestingly, after that decision, I found myself in situations and relationships which seemed impossible. I had to reach down deep inside myself and find compassion for myself, and appreciation for having created these situations. I never knew I had this compassion but in those moments I managed to find it. Slowly I realized I was teaching myself what true love really is. I understood that suffering isn’t the only option, love and compassion is an option as well. That’s when I chose to dig in and find the compassion. So I’m forever grateful to my own soul for giving me the things I needed, such as my parents whom I referenced earlier, to discover the true love which I was asking for, even at a very early age. Accepting what we have already, which is what is, even if it seems to not be enough, is a first step towards shifting our energy towards a higher level vibration of love and compassion, which is the same vibration that Source energy has. 

So developing forgiveness, then faith, and then compassion has contributed greatly towards the manifesting of that which I am consciously choosing.


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