Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 30, 2010


It is an extremely exciting time in the other dimensions right now because there is a tremendous amount of activity going on that is focused on our planet. There are angelic entities from all over the galaxies who are at this time residing on what can be called The New Earth, which is a place where they are preparing themselves to take body on Earth for the first time. Recently I saw a movie, Emmanuelle, in which there were beings from outer space who had taken on human form and chose to explore the mating habits of those of us on Earth. They chose Emmanuelle to be their teacher and they while most of them remained on their space ship, they felt into the energy when she and a few of them transported to Earth and had sex. 

This movie reminded me so much of what is happening on the New Earth. There are multitudes of angels who are observing and feeling into the energy on our planet right now, learning about it because they intend to come here. Of course, these angels are not limiting themselves to feeling into the energy of sexuality, although that is certainly a draw. But they are feeling into everything we experience. They want to experience what it feels like to drive a car, to go to the bathroom, to be sick, to take a shower, to change clothes, to sleep, to talk or run. Whatever it is we do, these angelic beings are fascinated with studying it. 

Having felt into the energy beforehand will help them considerably when they actually take body for the first time. This is similar to the Apollo astronauts preparing themselves to walk on the moon for the first time. Like all of us, when they come through the birth canal they won’t have any conscious memories of anything about their studies, but they will have a feeling level memory recorded within their DNA, which they will be able to tap into when it is appropriate and this will greatly enhance their Earth experience. 

Since it will be their first time here, they will not have any karma to deal with and that will allow them to quickly grow and expand. So these angels are extremely appreciative to those of us who are pioneering the True Love Consciousness (see my blog about this: TLC) because they are able to feel into the energetic vibration of true love as we choose it and again, this will give them a sort of heads up to this vibration when they come here. Do you realize the potential they will have to choose peace? The next generation of children is going to excel in bringing about a peace on this planet and the New Earth is a contributing factor, as are those of us who are choosing love and compassion over complaint and suffering.


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