Posted by: justbewhoyouare | June 30, 2010


There are many thought consciousnesses out there and depending on what level of thought you are entertaining, you attract more thoughts that are similar to yours. This is very similar to tuning the dial on your radio to 650 AM. You’re going to pick up the station that is transmitting on 650 AM. You will not be able to pick up any other frequency, although we all know there are thousands of other frequencies out there. On radio alone there is a shortwave band, an FM band, a weather band, an AM band; all kinds of frequencies you can tune into. Likewise, there are all kinds of thought frequencies. 

There is a consciousness that you are tapping into. Depending on the kinds of thoughts that you choose, you will attract more thoughts from that same frequency of vibration, because there is a whole frequency of those kinds of thoughts swirling around in the ethers, readily available for anyone to tap into. All you have to do is set your thoughts on a similar frequency and presto, these thoughts are attracted to you like a magnet. This is true for all levels of thought consciousness. Like radio frequencies, they are all readily available for anyone who would choose to tap into them. 

Now, thoughts are the forerunner to emotions. That is to say that you can’t have an emotion without first having a thought. And of course, the emotions you experience are going to be a match to the level of thought you have. Whether consciously chosen, or when thoughts just pop in from the subconscious, it doesn’t matter. Emotions will always reflect the most dominate thought that you have going at any given time. The varying level of emotions from despair to joy and all emotions in between are caused my thoughts that vibrate on the particular level of emotion you are experiencing. 

So for example, if your thoughts are on the frequency of, say, victimhood and suffering, then you will attract to your mind and begin picking up on the same kind of frequency of thought, so that you will find similar thoughts that support your mindset flowing into your mind all the time. At the same time, your external reality will reflect the vibration you are transmitting on as well. So, whatever vibration is dominant within your being, your external reality is going to appear to support it. You can be convinced that life always makes life difficult for you and you’ll attract thoughts that agree with this, which will cause emotions that agree, and this vibration will show up in your external reality. Things will appear to be intentionally making your life tough. 

You can also choose thoughts that have the vibration of appreciation for what you have in your life. If you choose to make a conscious choice to think such thoughts, then you have changed the frequency from which you are broadcasting and you will then begin attracting thoughts from this new thought consciousness. They will support your new way of thinking with thoughts that are similar. Your emotions will follow and amazingly, your external world will begin to appear to be intentionally giving you experiences that enhance your appreciation for life. There’s no mystery about what’s going on here. Your external reality is intentionally supporting you—based on your intent, which is found in the level of thought consciousness you choose to entertain. 

There is a “True Love Consciousness” (TLC) which is what I consider to be the highest vibrating thought consciousness you can tap into. It is the very consciousness of Source Energy. This consciousness has no agenda nor does it judge or place any definition on anything. It sees everything through the filter of compassion and love. When you are tapping into this level of thought consciousness, you attract the emotional experience of bliss and when you are vibrating in this frequency, if you walked into a situation where people consider themselves to be desolate and in despair, your experience would be one of love—seeing beauty and feeling compassion because you have no agenda. You do not see desolation for that is a definition based on judgment. You see people having the experience of despair and that is a beautiful thing to you, because it is what your fellow God-mates are choosing. 

At the same time, because you are living in joy, you are naturally creating for yourself a world that reflects your joy and therefore, enhances it. This is the best example you could possibly set for anyone else. As a joyful being, being who you are automatically adds to the TLC, making it that much easier for anyone else to tap into if they choose. 

Some who are growing in consciousness feel guilty for creating a much nicer environment for themselves when there are so many around them that are hurting. They feel obligated to reach back to those who are still struggling with victim consciousness in order to encourage them to shift their consciousness to a higher level. But this is a misunderstanding of TLC. Compassion is the total acceptance and honoring of what is, bar none. In other words, in TLC you simply are aware of the experience others are choosing to have, whether they are miserable or joyful, and you honor that individual for having made such choice. You know there are no victims so you also know that for whatever the reason—you don’t try to figure out why—each person is having the experience they are. You are perfectly OK with that. You don’t need it to be any different than it is. This is the consciousness of Source. 

Of course, if you feel from someone that they are tired of the experience they are having and are indicating they would like to understand how to have a different experience, then you may well be motivated to offer guidance. But there is no such obligation that goes along with TLC. In fact, in total compassion you choose to maintain your joy even when they are hurting—especially when others are hurting. There is no way you can be of any assistance to anyone if you join them at their level of consciousness. You could offer all kinds of assistance, whether financial or just encouragement, but unless a person wants to change, they will continue choosing the same thought consciousness they have been all along. Some lottery winners show how true this is. Without a change of thought consciousness, they go right back to having the experience of an external reality that reflects the consciousness they were choosing before they won the lottery. 

My parents recently transitioned back to the invisible world of Spirit within four months from each other, and today I was feeling a tremendous amount of love and appreciation for them. I especially appreciate that their love allowed me to come into this physical world, and that they provided for me, giving me not only the external things I needed, but the emotional level experiences that I specifically wanted. Knowing what I was coming into this world hoping to achieve—developing a TLC. Part of my desire to expand this TLC is to create a news network larger than CNN that will provide news from a New Energy perspective, as well as to teach humans what their true nature is. Another part of it is to provide music that will cause humans to tap into the TLC just by listening to it. 

I was feeling especially honored that I have the opportunity now to create all these things, as I will be paving the way for both my parents who are no doubt preparing to return again to this dimension. I feel honored because I am able to contribute to the TLC, along with many other enlightened souls, so that when they return, it will be there for them to tap into while in their infancy, if they choose. This will allow them to come in and grab the ball and run with it immediately, and how refreshing that will be for them, to not have to spend years in therapy just trying to get free from old conditioning before they can do much to contribute to raising the consciousness of the planet. 

This is how I feel like contributing to the planet and the very thought excites me to no end because I believe the greatest love a human can offer another is to first choose True Love Consciousness, and then to maintain it regardless of the external circumstances around them. In this way, they become a standard of true love, for all to tap into if they choose.


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