Posted by: justbewhoyouare | July 19, 2010


My concept of true love is quite simply–loving yourself totally. Historically this has been referred to as several things, the one I identify with is the term “enlightenment”, meaning that one becomes enlightened as to all of who they are so that there is no more illusions that they can choose, illusions that convince them, even if for just a few moments, that they are something other than what they really are, which is the experience we all tend to have.

For example, I know that I am total love and have the potential to choose to give that love out 24/7 without any need for anything in return (for all comes back when given out–that’s the universal law, just as e=mc2 is a law, and thus I would simply be a channel for unconditional love). However, life’s conditioning seems to have convinced me that I am not that and, in fact, that other people are capable of hurting me rather than love me. So, when I respond to someone with this mindset, I have temporarily identified with an illusion, literally become that illusion (i.e. one who is in pain) and thus, who I really am is nowhere to be found. Until I remember, and then I can return my consciousness back to the love.

When one takes the time to consciously become aware of who they really are and begins to identify with that love as often as possible, then when they observe themselves temporarily being pulled back into an illusion (being triggered by someone), they begin to develop compassion, first for themselves (the part that thinks it’s been hurt, or is angry, or whatever the case may be), and this gets extended slowly to the one who triggered you (you begin to have compassion for them, that is, you realize that they too are total love and, like you, have temporarily been seduced into an illusion that they’re not). Since you know well this kind of aspect of your own self, you feel a great deal of love for that person and thus, they no longer trigger you.

This is how compassion expands within this individual. All that’s really happening is that they are slowly becoming more aware of who they really are–total love–so that they consciously choose to identify with that real person that they are, and this process has an inevitable conclusion–they reach total self-awareness. There’s no possible chance for them to be seduced into the illusion ever again that they are something other than love, because they KNOW who they are. This is what has happened to the enlightened masters of old, Jesus being one of these individuals.

Humanity has become extremely tired of being unauthentic, that is, of us humans continuing to lie to ourselves, being convinced that were not capable of loving unconditionally when we all know deep down that we are. After all that’s what an illusion is–it’s a lie that we started ions ago and through enough repetition, it became our truth. But it’s still an illusion. Today there are tons of people who want to remember that they are true love and are deeply asking Source energy what the hell is life about and where is such love. And the universe is responding through circumstances that cause us (force us) to find compassion. And we expand in the process.

The time is coming when that expansion will take a quantum leap so that the entire consciousness of humanity will no longer support the energy of being unauthentic. It’s what I call “the New Energy” and it is in infancy at this very moment. After Dec. 2012 there will be an even further leap of consciousness so that those who resist the New Energy will have the potential to literally be driven crazy by the energy itself because the energy demands that we be true to ourselves and yet, when one is trapped in the illusion (or better put, in an identity that is not who they really are), they have no idea about any other way to be and the energy has the potential to cause mental and/or emotional problems like we’ve never seen before.

That’s why I feel it is important to educate people as to who they really are because to not know could mean possible insanity. On the other hand, to know means the potential of choosing love over hatred (or revenge) and thus, peace over war. This is where we are going, and it’s not that far off. The energy is already shifting and people can feel it. That’s why there’s a bit of uneasiness in the air, and it’s no fun. But when one takes the time to connect with the true love that’s within, they find peace and can more easily choose that when chaos occurs.

Lastly, what is also true is that what I just shared is only a lot of BS until one has actually experienced it, which takes it from the “I think” or “I believe” level into the “I know” realm of inner experience. That is why the earth changes are occurring. They force us to make a choice, to either bitch and complain about being a victim of life’s circumstances, and thus suffer, in which case, life brings to this person more things to complain about; or to choose true love, by digging deep down within and finding appreciation for the challenges of life, in which case life brings back more things for this person to appreciate. After all, true love has no agenda, and since the universe exudes true love in all that exists (small example, the sun gives off light, never asking for anything in return. Likewise, every cell in our body works in selfless service for the whole to maintain a perfect standard of health and this only breaks down by our choice to ignore the miracle that it is and abuse it), then it is actually true love to give to someone more of what they focus on because that is what the individual seems to enjoy and love. If it’s complaint, well, here’s more things to complain about. If it’s love, well, here’s more things to be loving about. This is true love at work.


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