Posted by: justbewhoyouare | September 14, 2010


Life is quite a ride and God knows I’ve analyzed it all to death. It is humbling to then suddenly discover that the analyzing was guaranteeing more of the same because I am the creator and where I place my focus becomes solid. Now as much as I am aware I focus on being loving and compassionate, even when, and especially when, aspects of me pop up that are far less than compassionate. They just want my love. In fact, these aspects exist because I believed in them. I believed I was them. Now I know better. I am. The aspects leap with excitement when they feel the I am’s presence because they too want to be cuddled, loved, embraced. Giving that to them brings them home to the heart. They really have no need to act out after that. They’re still there, but they feel understood so they don’t rise up in rebellion, throwing me out of the I am, like I used to allow them to when I thought they were me. So, BE the love that you are and the world becomes love. Identification with anything else and that becomes your world. We have the choice every moment of our existence to experience whatever we want. This is the most powerful secret that few have known. The gift of human life is equivalent to the Genie in the Bottle. Your wish is life’s command, and our wish is always where we choose to place our focus. We are Source, nothing less!



  1. Absolutely beautifully expressed! I can relate so much to your sharing. I feel as I am now learnig the power of choice, it makes so much sense and it’s amazing how simple it is. Its taken time and letting go of the old as well as waking up to the fact that I am not the shadows but pure divine essence and now I am slowly falling in love with that. I AM that I AM. Thank you and blessiings~

    • Thank you Antonio…so good to know that you have the power! Blessings….:)

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