Posted by: justbewhoyouare | September 15, 2010


Life is an adventure which (if you choose) has only one purpose: to Master True Love, which means to remember who you really are, because who you are is true love.

True love adores everything about you. It is compassionate, loving and accepting. It does not judge nor condemn. The secret to mastering true love is to accept everything about yourself bar none. The first step is to make a conscious choice to begin identifying with who you really are.

Meanwhile, your emotional reactions to both your internal and external world will always teach you what your relationship with true love is. Making a conscious choice to identify with love and compassion will soon cause you to become aware of what you’ve been identifying with thus far, which probably has little to do with true love and compassion. That is okay. Accept it. Who knew? Again, the real you adores all your choices.

As you continually identify with love and compassion, eventually the scales tip. Habits of choice that no longer serve you will fall away as love and compassion increases. The old judgmental and blaming self loses its emotional grip on you. The time will come when you will meld with the real you. When this happens, as a master, you will know that all of life is in service to you.

ps The potential for the divine to meld with the human is greater in this now moment than it ever has been throughout our entire existence on this planet. The divine wants to express itself (true love and compassion) in this world and you can choose to allow that to happen by allowing it to express itself through you. That is what choosing to identify with who you really are does. The divine begins moving in to stay. It’s scary because all those habits to respond to life with less than love and compassion felt safe. Judging and condemning both yourself and others seemed normal. Doesn’t everyone do this at some point? The divine understands this and is extremely patient.

If you want to truly experience the divine (and after all, don’t we all pray that God will love and forgive us?), take the first step. Make that conscious choice to begin identifying with who you really are. After that all you have to do is allow the process to unfold within you because once you’ve made the choice, the end result is inevitable. How quickly it happens will be determined by how willing you are to consciously choose to identify with love and compassion moment to moment.

This is how world peace will eventually come to our planet, which after all, is what we are praying for, isn’t it?


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