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The work of all peace loving individuals up until now has been to build a consciousness that has allowed for us to move to the next level. We could not do this within the mass consciousness that we had all created over the centuries because we filled the mass consciousness with way too many hypnotic overlays. So we chose to invest our energy into all kinds of “metaphysical” and/or “peace” work for the past 60+ years to create a new consciousness. Well, we succeeded and upon this new consciousness has arrived the “New Energy”. With it comes the invitation to now go to the next level, which is to come home to the self. This is the greatest of challenges because it requires developing compassion for all aspects of self, as shown to us by the outer world. But bringing these aspects home to the heart is the meaning of enlightenment, which, after all, has been the “goal” all along for all peace loving individuals, whether we’ve been consciously aware of this or not. Achieving inner peace through healing all our aspects is the “missing link” to creating heaven on earth.

But what does heaven on earth actually mean? What is it that we want? I mean, really and truly want? Peace perhaps? Indeed. Thus far, in our heart of hearts, this is what humanity has collectively desired. It is to this end that we have all been working tirelessly for so long to create and now the time has come in which the potential for peace is greater than ever before. But there’s one step remaining to get there and that’s to again, come home to the self. All the energy work we have been doing up until now has paved the way for this. It is time now however, to shift our focus from attempting to change the external world to bringing peace to our internal world.

Don’t get me wrong. All our effort to “save the planet” has not been in vain. It’s just that it’s not about saving the planet. The planet is doing just fine. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to create a better environment, to find an alternative energy source to oil, to creating products that don’t pollute the planet. And there’s nothing wrong with creating all kinds of healing modalities to move energy and cause a shift to occur within our fellow human beings. There’s nothing wrong with anything we choose for there is no right or wrong. I’m not saying to stop these activities. They will indeed continue and we will indeed see an improved planet thanks to such efforts.

And yet, we have to be careful not to bring with us into the new energy the same hypnotic overlay that we created in the mass consciousness. Waking up to ourselves means remembering who we are–that we are Source energy at our core. When the veil of illusion that we are separate from Source is lifted, we realize that there was never any problem in the first place. Duality, which keeps us believing we are separate, is also responsible for causing us to conclude that there was a problem that needed fixing in the first place. And thus, all our energy up until now has been tied up into attempting to fix these so called problems. But in the new energy, duality is no longer necessary. We realize that Source cannot be defined and thus, neither can we. This is when we begin to let go of all the controls, for the greatest of all the hypnotic overlays that we created was our need to keep everything under control. In the new energy we will also let go of the need to limit ourselves because Source is limitless. The only way to become free of agenda and limitless is to release the hypnotic overlay of duality. Accomplishing this requires attaining enlightenment—or coming home to the self.

So now it is time to come to terms with ourselves. Bring peace within. The aspects we created along the way, which includes all that need to control and limit ourselves, was about the need to protect and defend, but in the new energy, these aspects are no longer needed. It is time to become sovereign. Oh, and yes, we are all one on the highest of levels but the intention of Source energy to split into an infinite number of entities was never so that we would all eventually dissolve back into one. Each of us was given the ability to be a sovereign creator unto ourselves, fully capable of creating whatever we want. In the new energy this idea of total oneness with the whole will also fall away. The oneness we desire is oneness with ourselves—billions of sovereign beings at one with themselves.

As I already mentioned, thus far we can say that we have all collectively wanted peace. So bring home all your aspects within you so that you have that peace, within. Then you will naturally become a “new energy standard” and wherever you go, all will feel this, just by you being the love that you are. What you will also discover however, is that what you really want will change. Upon enlightenment, all agenda ceases. All controls come off. There are no more limits. Life just becomes an experience you are having. And what kind of experience will you want to have? Well, that is entirely up to you to choose. But as long as you have even one aspect within that is at odds with the whole of you, keeping you split within yourself, you will have war going on within and naturally, this war will be reflected in your outside world. Thus, no true peace, and thus, no true freedom to do whatever you want.

Make no mistake about it, this kind of freedom is what we really want, even more than peace. Peace has been the rallying cry up until now, but beyond peace awaits true freedom. We planted within us the desire for peace in order to catapult ourselves into enlightenment—or making peace with ourselves, with our aspects. Once that is experienced, that’s when heaven will truly come to this planet. Heaven on earth means to be totally free to do whatever you want.

That’s when humans will be free to go to yet another level, one in which we cannot even imagine right now because we still have inner loving to do. But the evolution and expansion of Source energy has been occurring all along and it will continue to occur eternally, even after we create inner peace and find the true freedom we seek. There are many exciting experiences that lie ahead of us. To reach them, let us create the experience of inner peace in this now moment. Then watch and see what happens to our planet.



  1. I like your blog (and writing style) and see that thematically we write about some similar topics, but in a different way.

    I’d love your reaction to my blog and your readers may find it thought provoking as well. You can read it at:


    • Thank you Steve. I had a quick look at your blog, and offer it here for my readers. I know many are influenced by your wisdom. It is wonderful. to reiterate my perspective, it is that where we are going is where we remove all definitions, which also means agenda. In other words, in this inner place, there isn’t any acting out of self-interest. There’s just an action. You are just having an experience. There is no calculating that if I treat them this way then eventually I’ll be treated that same way. While this is certainly good practice on the road to enlightenment, and even Biblical, it is still playing the game of believing I am separate from Source energy. We’ve been living this way since the great teacher Jesus suggested this but still no inner peace. It is an aspect of self that wants to come home and be accepted. It’s tired of calculating. All it wants is your love, through and true. Give total compassion to the calculating self and it will eventually be resolved, giving way to the real you. You now will have true freedom because you no longer have any concerns or needs, because you know that all is well in your universe, and taken care of as well…Eventually all humans will experience this by remembering who they really are.

  2. Peace can come, but not as long as the multitude of warring human-established religionists worship the words of their biblical authors instead of the envisioned but unknown ALMIGHTY INFINITE/ABSOLUTE MENTAL POWER that originiated the primary world (including the first generation of our species:creative beings of mortal/human kind).

    Based on what you have written in your blog post, I think you would find my ebook: BEYOND THE WORD: An Awakening of interest. It is published in PDF format and may be downloaded at my small website:

    As yet, I do not have an email contact address on my website, but there is on given on my blog. It is:

    Hope you get to read my treatise. I would appreciate feedback.

    Thank you.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Elizabeth Hugate Hudgins

    • Hi Elizabeth. Thank you so much for expressing your feelings as they were such a wonderful gift for me to read. I’d like to respond to what you wrote:

      “Peace can come, but not as long as the multitude of warring human-established religionists worship the words of their biblical authors instead of the envisioned but unknown ALMIGHTY INFINITE/ABSOLUTE MENTAL POWER that originiated the primary world (including the first generation of our species:creative beings of mortal/human kind).”

      Take a deep breath with this because your words represent an aspect of you that needs a lot of your compassion and love. All those big bad religious people are a figment of your aspects. They don’t exist anywhere else but inside you. If you truly want them to go away so that you can feel peace within you, then you have to stop putting all that attention on them (AS IN THEY ARE THE PROBLEM). Instead, find the hurting part of you that has the feelings that are being expressed in what you wrote, and then wrap your heart, love and compassion around that hurting aspect and bring it home. Again, take a deep breath and be the love that you are. Practice with this will resolve those aspects and eventually you’ll find that seeing people who represent someone you described in your statement will be a source of deep laughter and joy. Then you’ll understand that there never was a problem except that you made it one. If you want peace, choose it inside and your external world will reflect it back to you. This is why the missing link to world peace truly is enlightenment because the master knows that all of life is in service to him/her. Again, thank you for the gift of your post…

  3. Thank you for your reply.

    Perhaps I did not make my positon clear, but my whole purpose for writing BEYOND THE WORD:An Awakening (posted at websiste: to share my spiritual experience with others. As noted in one or more parts of the book, mine is an autobiographical account of a transcendent spiritual experence rather than a biographical one (as the bibical one in Exodus is).

    I am at peace, and care about the welfare of all people. What I protest is the biblical authors and other persons’ anthropomorphic (humanizing) protrayals of the unknown Almighty Creative Mental Power envisoned to have created the primary cosmic world (and hence, the first generation of our species).

    My book is is not a business venture. It is free to download and read with Adobe Reader. If a person does not already have that program on his or her PC, it can be downloaded from Adobe.Com for free.

    I care about the needs and natural rights of all people, but it is against our common best interests to worship or revere any human being. he same holds true for a person’s speeches and or writings__past or present case.

    I ask you, when might our remarks about and/or literary portraits of the envisioned Almighty Creative Power be disrespectful or inappropriate?


    Elizabeth Hugate Hudgins

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