Posted by: justbewhoyouare | September 27, 2010


I am learning the value of appreciating everything that is happening in my life regardless of what it looks like. I’m seeing how important it is to refrain from uttering even one word about what doesn’t appear to be working in my life because I know that appearances can be deceiving, for nothing is as it seems.

So I invite you to make what you’ve got in your life as your reason to feel good rather than using what you think is not working as your motivation for wanting to feel good. In other words, identify with love, compassion, and appreciation as much as possible. This is the key to creating the life that you truly seek.

You—the real you, which is Source energy, is the only thing that is missing in your attempt to create what you want. We humans are doers and we tend to do this and do that and in the process, we love to notice what we don’t like and even revel in pointing this out to others and then we take action to change that which we don’t like. I know this very well. This is simply a habit but it does not serve you if you truly desire to see things occurring in your life that feel good. Thousands of years of historical doing has never removed from our world those things that we don’t like. Therefore, it is time for an alternative perspective.

Far more important than doing anything is taking time to develop a relationship with love and compassion—admiration even, for yourself and what is occurring in your world. This requires observing life from the vantage point of a witness. Observe yourself and how you interact with the world and find compassion for all aspects of yourself that you see, regardless of how these aspects act. Some may be obnoxious, some calculating and manipulating. It doesn’t matter. These are all jus engrained habits and don’t mean anything about you. Have compassion for these aspects of you. After all, you created them so you are an amazing creator. Now you can learn how to uncreate them.

As you continue this process, very soon you will be doing from a place of being who you are—love and compassion. While in this inner place there will come forth inspiration to act. This is the time to indeed act. Any other action that is not inspired from this feel good inner place is not going to serve you accept to end up creating more of what you don’t want.

You say, “But there’s so much about my life that I don’t like!” So what? Notice what you do like and get into the habit of pointing those things out to others (that will surely surprise them!). Milk such good feelings for everything you can. If you have to wait for your outside world to change before you can be happy it’s never going to work. If you shift your perspective in your inner world to seeing life different—through the eyes of compassion instead of complaint—the world will then have something new to reflect back to you because your outer world is always showing you what your inner world is identifying with.

I encourage you to ease up on the actions of trying to make things in your life happen according to what you think you want and instead focus more on just allowing life to happen while you observe it and appreciate it, even the contrast (the stuff you don’t like). Appreciate those things too because the truth is that you have called such experiences forth into your world so that you might learn to love on a deeper level than you have ever loved before. And make no mistake about it, this is what you soul really wants.

You see, the divine (which is the real you) is melding with the human (who you think you are) because it wants to have a body in which it can express its true nature to the world through. It is you and that body happens to be your body. If your identification is always on what you don’t like, you’re not feeling compassion or love and thus, the divine has no ability to express through you (since complaint and negativity are not natures the divine has). The divine adores you and everything you choose to experience—even the aspects of you that prefer to complain. The divine understands these aspects. When you identify with the divine, you too feel compassion for these parts of you, which softens their need to act out (complain).

The logical conclusion here then is that the divine wants and needs you to identify with its true nature of compassion and love. And it knows that when you make a conscious choice to do so, that you will meld with those good feelings that come with being compassionate. And, since you are the divine—you truly are—then you have to place all your identification on you—the real you, and forget about all that stuff out there that you don’t like. You—the loving compassionate you—are more important than anything else in your world because you are the center of your universe.

What is strange is that we have all trained ourselves into believing that the exact opposite is true, that it’s narcissistic to be into yourself, that you should think of others first. And from this belief system stems all our doing, with the intent to change what we see in the outer world, hoping that the change will be for the better. Living life from this vantage point no longer works. It is now time to go within and identify with the love that you truly are and then act from that place. Forget about the outside, it will shift towards more of what you want as you be what you are. No other means to create a peaceful world will work.


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