Posted by: justbewhoyouare | October 22, 2010


There’s a lot of discussion going on in the news regarding teenagers who take thier own life because of being gay. My take on this is that this would never happen if these kids had been taught who they really are. The biggest illusion we humans have bought into for centuries is that we are incapable of loving as God loves. Of course we are, because we are a divine being having a human experience. Deep inside each of our hearts is an unconditional love and compassion but we seldom allow ourselves to tap into it. Usually it takes a major disaster such as 9/11 for us to allow it to be expressed from within us. Instead, we prefer to tap into outdated beliefs that define others based on believing we are separate and therefore better. In our minds we think “I’m not like that”, or “I would never do that”, or worse, “God doesn’t like that”. Religion is notorious for this. And then we pass these beliefs and thus, attitudes on to the next generation. The culture literally reflects these beliefs due to mass acceptance of them.

Such misconceptions are created out of fear. Other humans actually mirror who we are and when they appear to be different in a way that is outside our defined box, our response is fear and to reject it. The truth is that such fear and rejection is a reflection of our fear of, and therefore rejection of, an aspect of ourselves that we have never been willing to accept. Most have no idea they even have such an aspect, which is why they think they are better than the one they judge. In the case of a fear and rejection of gays, this is a reflection of a persons own fear and rejection of an aspect of their own sexuality. They may not be gay, for example, but sexuality in general has always generated a certain amount of fear and thus, has the ability to cause shame and guilt because of again, our defined beliefs. But it is time for the human race to begin letting go of all these definitions, about gays, or anything else, that has kept us feeling separate and better. This is the only way we will ever manage to create world peace. Without this, and peace will continue to remain in the realm of fantasy.


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