Posted by: justbewhoyouare | November 9, 2010


It can be said that the vast majority of humans believe in some sort of God, or what I call Source energy. And it can also be said that those who believe in this being also accept that it, whatever it is, is separate from us, is all-powerful and almighty, and unconditionally loving. Yet, I would like to examine these beliefs a bit closer to see if we really believe this, or if we all just accept it when told to us because it sounds good but privately within our hearts question it or even consider it a lot of BS.

Let’s look at the idea that Source is all-powerful and almighty. This seems reasonable given that there is what appears to be an infinite universe out there when we look up at the stars and we certainly don’t have a clue how anything could have possibly created any of this physical world, regardless of how small something may be. It stumps even the most renowned scientist that anything could exist at all. We can dissect and categorize this world but we have no idea how to replicate it. And, we certainly appear to be at the mercy of the forces of nature with regards to weather patterns, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the like. Therefore we can conclude that this Source energy being must indeed be all-powerful and almighty. Those of us who believe in this being all agree on this.

Now, let’s examine the other description of Source energy that we were all told, that this being loves us unconditionally. First, what does it mean to be unconditional? To me, this means having no agendas. To place a condition on something means to create rules and to seek to govern it through the enforcement of these rules. In fact, the term itself, “conditional” implies some kind of scheming (creating rules, regardless of how much they may limit or not limit) and therefore manipulation and control (enforcement of those rules, regardless of how heavy or light that enforcement may be), otherwise there would be no conditions. For, if you abolish all the rules, then you could say you are now willing to allow it to exist without placing any rules on it, which includes of course, without the need to govern it through enforcement (manipulation and control). In this case, your relationship with whatever “it” is would be considered unconditional. “It” is free to exist without your need for it to look like, be or act in any particular way. No agenda.

Using this definition of unconditional, let’s take a look at the traditional accepted view of this Source energy being. Do we really believe Source is unconditional? No, not at all. In fact, the description of this being given by many religions has a feeling as though it is extremely needy. That is to say, we’ve been told that it expects us humans to live according to a set of rules that it has given us and if we cannot do that then we risk the possibility of being rejected by Source, and worse, of losing our souls altogether—and that means you know what—winding up in hell, not for a time out period, but forever. Now to me, that’s being extremely needy.

Think about it. Let’s say you as a parent decide you’re going to lay down some rules for your kids. You have a need for them to behave in a particular way so you tell them that this is what you expect of them. Then, to drive the point home, let’s say you explain to them that if they fail to live up to your expectations, you will see to it that they will suffer for the rest of their lives. If we were to compare this parent to what we were told about this Source energy being, we could say that if we lived physically forever, the parent’s punishment for the child’s disobedience would be to make sure their child suffers, not just for a few years, but forever—for as long as eternity is, however long that is, and that’s pretty long! That’s one hell of a punishment! Would we not consider such a parent to be extremely tyrannical? What kind of parent would feel it necessary to have their own child suffer forever because of some act of disobedience, even if that act was considered appalling? Such a parent would be considered extremely cold-hearted for if they really loved their child why would they choose to enforce such heavy-handed punishment?

And yet, this is the behavior we were taught and have believed—that to anyone who refuses to obey its rules, Source will punish them harshly. So the truth is, we do not feel Source is unconditional at all. Rather, we feel Source is ruthlessly conditional because we believe it chooses to use corporal punishment as a means of keeping us from disobeying its rules (which is a form of manipulation and control).

You may tell yourself that Source is unconditional but deep down you really don’t accept this because it is very difficult for us to believe that it could possibly be unconditional in its love for us when we see thousands of innocent people die or become homeless thanks to an act of nature, and when we experience the huge gap in the distribution of wealth that exists in parts of the world, and when we see the way we treat each other at times, especially when we become a victim to crime or worse, when someone we know or perhaps our own child or sibling is murdered senselessly. Preachers tell us that there must be a reason and we want desperately to accept this but it’s still extremely hard to reconcile how such a thing could happen to us. Even when we too seek to comfort others whom we see are hurting for whatever reason, all we can tell them is that “God is just so there must be a reason” or “Jesus loves you” but it is impossible for anyone including ourselves to rationally make sense out of what we see happening in the world. So again Source, to virtually all of us, is not unconditional.

Finally, let’s consider the idea that we are separate from Source. I say we aren’t separate, we just haven’t remembered this—yet, but it’s beginning to happen to some all over the world. If we are Source then we also must be all-powerful and almighty. Indeed, but this is not something our minds can grasp—how it is that we could create something so magnificent when we are so fragile. The mind will never get this but deep in your heart you can know without a doubt that you are Source and that you are free to exist without any need to look like, be or act in any particular way. There is no agenda.

Let’s examine this a bit closer. Deep within, humans have been historically harboring resentment towards God because of what we were taught about it. It’s nice to be told someone loves you but when you see how that person treats either you or someone else and what you see is not pretty, you have a real hard time believing a word of what they said about their love. You know the old saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Indeed, and this is why marriages end in divorce, because one or both of the couple has not been able to live their truth that they truly love the other unconditionally. This is why there are many today who no longer believe in true love. And it’s also why countless humans consider the idea that God loves them to be BS because to them, by the mere fact that Source stands by and allows all the horrible things that happen in this world to continue, it is clear that it is anything but loving and caring. And this resentment has attached to it deep feelings of unworthiness and guilt. We are told we must obey the commandments but we know we aren’t able to do that all the time so we feel we are at the mercy of a God that is capable of punishing us at any time. For this reason we try extra hard to do whatever we feel necessary to stay on its good side. But we can never really know for sure and that’s disconcerting.

In addition, when something happens to us personally, for example our stocks go south in the market, or we get involved in a car accident, or we fall and break our wrist, or we suddenly find out we have a life-threatening disease, or whatever—you fill in the blank—when anything happens that we consider “bad”, some part of our mind begins asking what we did wrong. The very fact that we would ask this question is an indication that part of us feels we must have deserved it—which means a part of us doesn’t feel worthy of having things be “better” or even to just not be going bad. Worse, for the most part we’ve lived a descent life. We’ve followed the rules and haven’t hurt anyone and yet things bad still happen to us. Part of our psyche concludes we just must not be good enough then. And our feeling of unworthiness deepens.

This belief in being unworthy stems from what we were told about Source—that Source has a need for us to obey its laws. And when you add to this belief the fact that we were also told Source loves us unconditionally, now you have the recipe for resentment because part of us feels that is BS. We see that God let’s bad things happen to us even when we try to be a good person and deep inside we resent this. Most of us, however, are not aware of this resentment. It remains buried and will only come to the surface if something really big happens.

All of this is happening because we were told a lie that we are separate from Source. Our historical resentment is a product of having been told this lie and, since we really are Source, somewhere inside we have a knowing about this but have been unable to put our finger on it, which is why we feel resentful. Somehow we just know we’re being lied to. Further, because we are Source, deep inside we know without a doubt that we are worthy of anything our heart desires and we also know we couldn’t possibly do anything wrong as well. But again, because we haven’t consciously known we are Source, we feel resentment for having been told lies about Source. This includes lies about Source needing us to look like, be, or act in certain ways (which causes us to feel unworthy), and lies about having done something wrong (which causes us to feel guilt). It is only because of our illusion of being separate that we came up with all these ideas about Source in the first place. And, only when humans are actually willing to accept this truth will we at long last be able to let go of our historical resentment.

We continue to hurt and destroy each other because we continue to deny that Source is who we really are, choosing instead to cater to a belief in an external God that has all kinds of needs and then, because of this belief, we hold ourselves accountable to live up to these needs and when we can’t we feel guilty and unworthy. Consequently, we then punish ourselves by attracting into our world suffering experiences that only serve to continue to reinforce our belief that we are unworthy. We look at it and say, “See, I told you so. I am unworthy.” And we add to that “I’m also a victim” because we couldn’t possibly accept that we had anything to do with what just happened to us, other than being unworthy, that is.

However, I’m inviting you to consider that the real truth is you have everything to do with what goes on in your world because you are the creator of it—all of it! There is no one else doing it to you, not a God out there, or a perpetrator who is taking advantage of you. “They” only exist because your beliefs create them—your beliefs about yourself as a victim and about Source as a being who needs you to act in a certain way. And you have resentment because these false beliefs are clashing with what the real you knows to be true about you—that you are limitless and that your natural state of being is to be abundant and healthy. It will only be when you choose to accept who you are and cultivate a relationship with the real you that you will actually experience the truth of what I am saying. You will then have a knowing that becomes a foundation of faith upon which all other choices are made—choices to live abundantly and healthy because you know you are worthy—more than worthy, that it is your birthright as a divine Source energy being.

To accept that we are the creator makes us responsible for the suffering in our lives, since we put it there. This also means we are the only ones who can end our suffering. But many of us believe in suffering—big time. We harbor a belief that we are unworthy and deserve to suffer. In fact, many feel they’d rather suffer now than to end up in hell later where they will then have to suffer forever. No, they’d rather suffer while here on earth. Others are quite addicted to being a victim. It attracts attention to them in a perverted way and keeps them from having to be responsible for their own happiness and abundance. And so they suffer, claim to be a victim, and obtain the sympathy of some which only keeps them addicted and stuck in their beliefs, and this is normal.

Now, as it turns out, Source is unconditional in its love for you after all, and this is the reason I wrote this article. The only reason we haven’t believed this is because it has not been our experience—yet. I invite you to spend some time every day breathing deeply and relaxing and allow yourself to develop a relationship with who you really are. You are going to discover a being right inside you, not out there somewhere, that loves you with absolute compassion and complete acceptance. Doing this is going to help you to understand that since you are Source, guess who you’ve been resenting? Yourself! You’ve resented yourself for buying into the lies about being separate from the Source of love and compassion when deep inside you knew all along that it was there and all you had to do was choose it! And yet, because you are Source, it will be your unconditional love and compassion that will heal all the resentful and hurting aspects of you. This is the potential we have within our grasp at this time. The question is, are you ready to let go of your suffering and to allow yourself to get familiar with the real loving you?


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