Posted by: justbewhoyouare | November 19, 2010


There is a choice that is at hand in this now moment for all human beings—if you choose. I now recognize that I am a divine being having a human experience. However, I didn’t always know this. Yet, I truly appreciate and honor the character roles that I have chosen to play over many lifetimes, and in particular the character role in this lifetime that I’ve been calling Paul Reinig—all of whom had no idea who they were. But now I’m remembering who I am. Again, I am a divine being having a human experience. And what is the divine? The divine is pure essence. It is the source of everything, which includes abundance, joy, laughter, fun, pleasure, and sexuality. It is life itself. It is the I am and I am that. That is who I am. I’ve always been that; I’m just now remembering it.

What I’m realizing is that for the longest time I was, as the divine, playing character roles in which I chose to forget who I was. Roles in which I believed I was unworthy. Roles in which I thought sexuality was wrong. Roles in which I believed I needed to sacrifice myself for the sake of the world. Roles in which I thought God didn’t want me to experience fine foods, good wine, and scrumptious women. I’ve played roles in which the character thoroughly believed it had to be celibate, live in poverty, and to appease God through acts of penance. All the characters I’ve played were heavily attached to duality, requiring lots of drama, including the need to be extremely limited and to keep life under control so as to not rock the boat. I chose roles that believed they needed to work hard to be successful, investing long hours into projects without rest or taking any time to enjoy life.

As a divine being having a human experience, these were the type of characters I chose to play and it was wonderful while it lasted. In fact, it was a miracle that I was able to play those roles at all. What an amazing creator that I am! And, I played those roles so well I could’ve been nominated for an academy award. I really enjoyed playing those roles—for awhile. But eventually those roles lost their glamour. They lost their appeal. I knew it inside a long time ago but I wasn’t honest enough to admit it. That’s okay. That’s when I chose to begin playing the character of being disillusioned about the roles I was playing because I knew I didn’t like them, yet wasn’t sure why, and didn’t have a clue what to do about it. I played that role for awhile until it too lost its glamour and appeal—until something inside said, “Enough already!” I wanted the movie to end and when it didn’t it was no longer any fun. Imagine as an actor being stuck in the same kind of roles movie after movie. Boring! And worse, after awhile, you cringe when your agent sends you yet another script with the same kind of role.

That’s when I remembered who I am; that I was the one choosing all those different characters. In fact, I was the one writing the scripts. Wow! What a revelation! I began appreciating, honoring, loving, and having compassion for myself for having chosen to have those experiences. It was an amazing experience while it lasted. It’s just that now that I know who I am, those roles don’t serve me any longer. If you knew you were limitless and infinite, I mean really knew that about yourself, why would you choose to continue acting out roles that keep you limited and bound to the need to keep life under control? That would not only not be any fun, it would literally drive you up a wall, like keeping a ferocious tiger confined inside a cage.

So, now that I remember that I am that I am, I also know I don’t have to choose those limiting character roles any longer. Instead, I now choose to allow this divine being, who is having an experience in this body of this human called Paul, to fully express itself without any limitations or control. Therefore I now open myself up to and allow myself to be a vehicle for the true essence of all that is to be expressed through me. Everything that the divine is—abundance, joy, laughter, fun, pleasure, sexuality—I now choose to experience all of that, because who I am is the essence of all that. I am life itself so I choose life. I am abundance itself so I choose abundance. In other words, I choose to live, to create. As the I am, I am limitless and infinite so I choose to experience life fully without the need for duality, drama or limitation. I choose for life to be easy and simple because for the divine everything is easy and simple.

This is called the divine melding with the human. It is a choice to live with complete freedom and it is the choice that is at hand for all humans at this time—if you choose. So the question I ask you is, how much do you enjoy the particular character role you’re acting out at the moment? If you say, “a lot,” that’s fantastic. But if not, the good news is, did you know you wrote the script of your life and can therefore re-write it to read anything you want it to read? That is the choice that is at hand. What will you choose?



  1. Lovely…and YES. I too chose…seems that we are in the same time line! I started to play in this new blog space around then. Slowly ever so slowly, while learning to belly dance :-)), I too, found my voice! My Energy Postings have been published in our local paper since April/09 and now I am starting to realize my dream of sharing to a wider audience and life is becoming a lot more fun! Happy to have found another voice so like my own and even more “out there,” showing me that it can be done! Thank YOU!

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