Posted by: justbewhoyouare | January 12, 2011


When I read the news of the shooting of Representative Giffords I was shocked and immediately felt a tremendous compassion for her and all those involved in the shooting. There’s something about a tragedy like this that captures the heart of the nation and elicits a great deal of compassion.

The mind wants to make sense of such a senseless act. We wonder how anyone could ever want to take the life of another—that is until we are honest enough to take a look into our own heart where we will discover murderous emotions that have indeed arisen from time to time. Each of us has such a dark side to us but most of us would never consider acting on such desires. When someone actually does we are shocked regardless of how many times it seems to happen.

We wouldn’t be however if we had a clearer understanding of the nature of the human condition and of how energy works. Make no mistake about it, each of us harbors these dark emotional aspects and their presence causes inner conflict because each aspect’s issue often conflicts with other aspects and we feel this conflict within. It actually manifests first as opposing thoughts in our minds that then turn into opposing emotions and before long we are emotionally distressed. Sadly, most humans are actually unaware of this dynamic taking place within them because we have created lifestyles (including goals) that keep us so busy all the time that there’s no time to ever observe the truth about ourselves. Such emotions are instantaneously pushed away when even the slightest sign of them appear and this causes us to become numb to ourselves and to each other.

However, we are now living in a time in which even with our busy lifestyles and built in programs designed to avoid such emotions at all costs (god forbid we should let our emotions stop us from achieving our goals), it is getting harder and harder to ignore this conflict going on within. This is extremely disconcerting to say the least and most don’t have a clue what to do. So, we tend to look outside for someone or something to blame for the way we are feeling and we take it out on them, or we blame ourselves for our frustrations, chastising ourselves for not being “better” and then punishing ourselves by (without realizing it) withholding the very love from ourselves that could actually heal these aspects. Either way, the result is suffering and this suffering is now seeping out and practically spilling all over the floor of our inner and outer worlds. Consequently, most of us are exhausted; tired of constantly trying to shape shift ourselves into a box that is socially acceptable, and sooner or later something has to give. The very nature of energy does not allow anything to remain stagnant for very long. Sooner or later an act such as the Arizona killings occurs. These events that we observe in the outer world are but a reflection of the events that have been brewing in our inner world for a long time. And when enough of us harbor frustrated unexpressed thoughts and emotions long enough, a consciousness is created that literally manifests itself energetically.

Those of us who are emotionally affected by this particular event (as opposed to the hundreds of other killings that are reported in the news all the time) feel a compassion for all those affected in the shooting that otherwise may not have been felt. Such compassion is the very essence of who we are though we seldom experience it, let alone express it, especially not to ourselves. Usually it takes just such an event to draw it out of us at all. But if the truth be told, we are divine beings having a human experience and as long as we remain ignorant of this reality we will continue to suffer, both individually and collectively, which means we will continue to see such tragic acts of violence occurring in our outer world because of our failure to resolve the emotional aspects we have created in our inner world.

To find a solution for such events that really works we must accept that we are indeed a divine creator and have within us an unconditional love and compassion that is capable of melting even the most revengeful murderous heart. Equally important is that we must begin loving ourselves unconditionally because you can only love another to the degree that you can love yourself. To do this, we need to go inside ourselves where we must come face to face with our own demons—those aspects of ourselves that we feel are unforgivable, and we must accept them and give them our unconditional compassion. Doing so allows these aspects to be integrated so that they no longer battle with each other. This also allows us to become authentic and real.

Historically we have kept our emotional aspects separated from each other and this has kept us in a continual state of denial as to who we really are. Feeling separated within has convinced us that we are also separated from each other, and from the Source of the universe. But this is only an illusion and if there was ever a time to let go of this illusion it is now. It’s hard to be real when there are several emotional aspects running our lives at any given time. More often than not their presence continually thwarts any genuine desire for expression that springs forth from within our heart. It’s as though the divine within (unconditional love and creativity—who we really are) has been historically held hostage by aspects of ourselves that refuse to give such love (or to be creative). But we are the ones who created these aspects in the first place. It happened during those traumatic times when we couldn’t deal with the way we were feeling. So we pushed them away—but they didn’t go away. What they wanted then, and still want, is to be accepted and embraced by their creator—us! But the embrace has to be genuine. Otherwise, they recognize us as the phony that we are and then wreak even more havoc on our emotions. The only way to give them genuine love is to begin cultivating it within. The divine has been kept at arms length for so long that it’s going to take some time for it to reveal itself from within our heart where it has been patiently waiting all along. But upon our invitation we begin a gentle process of taking the risk of opening our hearts towards these obnoxious aspects. This process requires patience and absolute trust in ourselves but gradually we will discover that our aspects will start coming home to our heart, causing us to set the divine within free to express itself in more compassionate and creative ways without our aspects there to censor it.

If each one of us were willing to take this kind of responsibility—to love ourselves unconditionally (I mean all aspects of ourselves including our so called horrible parts) we would be free to love others unconditionally too. This would begin creating a different kind of consciousness, one that could potentially be tapped into by those with malicious intent so that they begin questioning their motives and might just choose to give up their plans entirely. In other words, a spontaneous feeling of peace could take them by surprise and cause them to let go of the need to act out on their own murderous emotional aspects. Such experience of inner peace is what the world is aching for at this time. Traditionally we have believed that only a God that exists outside us could possibly be capable of bringing such peace on a worldwide scale. But when we finally accept that this divine being dwells inside us, not outside, we will also finally realize that we are the only ones who can actually create this peace. We can do this if we choose. How much suffering will it take to motivate us to go within and cultivate the kind of love necessary to melt the heavy, angry, revengeful consciousness that we have collectively created? That is entirely up to us. I invite you to consider that you have the love within that can do this. You can begin by giving it to yourself—now. That alone will cause a huge shift in the collective consciousness. Are you willing?


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