Posted by: justbewhoyouare | January 13, 2011


Today the challenge facing humanity is to let go of the historic ways in which we have been controlling our lives through giving ourselves all kinds of agendas to accomplish without having our heart connected to what we’ve been doing. It’s as though we’ve used our minds to keep the divine (which lives in our heart) hostage all these centuries as we’ve been creating what we now see in the world today. The planet is not so much a reflection of what we’ve really desired within our hearts, not in the truest sense, but rather it is a reflection of the evolution of the mind’s agenda. And the mind does not know how to love. It only knows how to analyze, surmise theories, make plans, and it can give pretty inspiring pep talks to convince us humans to carry out its agenda. More often than not the mind has been a successful snake oil salesman. Yes, we have created lots of amazing things, some that truly inspire the soul, but we have also fallen far short when it comes to loving and honoring one another. That can only be achieved from the heart. But usually creating things and playing with them is far more seductively attractive to the mind than is following the heart.

However, an awakening is now occurring in people’s lives. We are beginning to remember who we really are. Historically we’ve been looking for God in all the wrong places. We are divine beings having a human experience and the place where we experience the divine is in our heart, not the mind. The divine has been inside us all along but for the most part we’ve not had a clue about this. Instead, we’ve been listening to the mind, which again has been historically seeking to gain something from the actions it has been motivating us to carry out. But actions done with an agenda have never been a source of joy nor have they been a means of being real. In the new energy that we are now living in, the divine, that is to say, who we really are, wants to be real while living inside our body.

What does being real mean? Whatever turns you on—not for profit, not for approval, not to feed on someone else’s energy, not to gain anything or for any reason at all, but just because it feels good and brings joy—this is what being real means because such expression is coming straight from the heart. The outcome of joyful expression is irrelevant. It’s likely to be something wonderful but acting out of joyful expression alone is enough because you are experiencing the divine. What you gain from it doesn’t really matter. Getting into such an inner space requires getting out of the mind and into the present moment where you come in contact with your heart.

If we could give a voice to what the divine is saying inside our hearts right now, it would sound something like this: “I’ve been patiently waiting while the mind has been in charge all these centuries but it’s now clear to me that the mind has taken you as far as it can. If I allow it to continue, you will destroy yourselves. So the time has come for a shift to occur. I’m going to move into your lives now in a very real way by taking over the controls from the mind. Get ready for the ride of your life! It may be scary at first because it’s unfamiliar but if you allow it, it can be fun and joyful. But for life to be joyful, you have to let go of what the mind thinks is best.”

Meanwhile, when the mind gets a whiff of this inner voice coming from your heart it doesn’t like it at all. So it steps up its dialogue with you because the last thing it wants is for you to actually pay attention to your heart. The mind will say, “No way Jose! I’ve been in charge all these years and there’s no way I’m going to step aside and let some imaginary divine schmuck run the show!”* And then it will motivate you to redouble your effort to maintain its agenda. Using lots of exciting and inspiring language, it will encourage you to set more goals and work harder to achieve them. It doesn’t mind if you become spiritual as long as you continue to listen to it. You can do affirmations, chant, and meditate. You can even become healthy by eating better. Actually, the mind will go along with any agenda you set for yourself as long as you maintain your allegiance with it. But the divine doesn’t really care about any agenda you have. It doesn’t care whether you are spiritual or eat healthy, or whatever. That is to say, the divine doesn’t mind anything you choose to do so long as it can experience joy through you. God doesn’t care about fame, pleasure, approval, comfort, security, or anything else. The divine is seeking joy for the sake of joy, and it can only find it through joyful expression.

So the best thing anyone can do right now in these challenging times is to begin living life from the heart. Joy is inside us already and can come out through creative expression. Getting out of the mind and allowing for joyful expression doesn’t have to be difficult but it does require letting go of all agenda and following the inspiration that comes from your heart. Listening to the heart requires absolute trust in yourself. This may sound challenging but that’s the mind talking. When you get out of the mind, everything is easy. It’s the mind that wants to turn everything into drama because that’s its game. But that’s also why it’s seldom joyful when we do act, because usually it’s not that real. It’s just the human listening to the mind.

Trust in yourself can be developed through simple breathing, accepting life just the way it is, and being willing to follow the quiet, gentle guidance of the heart when it bubbles up from within. This is how you can participate in the awakening that is occurring on the planet. Doing so will allow you to be real. It will also help you remember who you really are.

*The idea of God is only theory to the mind. It can’t really grasp that the divine is actually real because it has no experience with it. Such knowing that the divine is real can only be experienced in the heart.



  1. Phenomenal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

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