Posted by: justbewhoyouare | January 23, 2011


Several years ago a small handful of individuals began disconnecting from the hypnotic overlay of mass consciousness. By pulling their energy away from that particular consciousness they began collectively contributing to the creation of a new energy consciousness that was in its infancy at the time. Their contribution was to take responsibility for having created emotional aspects within themselves that were wreaking havoc. By honoring, accepting and having compassion for these aspects, they integrated them so that these aspects no longer had a need to act out. This had the effect of expanding the heart of these individuals. They literally became more whole because when you stop battling your aspects (emotions), you now have that much more energy available to invest into all of life. You become more authentic or real (whole).

When these few individuals disconnected from mass consciousness and began creating a new consciousness, this also began a snowball effect that at first was very slow in moving and was taking place outside of the awareness level of most humans. However, when one of these individuals managed to expand their level of awareness and compassion enough to integrate a particular emotional aspect, at the same time this added a new potential into the new consciousness that allowed for other aware and compassionate individuals to integrate that particular aspect just a bit more easily within themselves. When someone else was ready, they became aware of that easier potential. When they chose to tap into it and integrated that aspect, this actually expanded that potential in the new consciousness even more, so that it became even easier for anyone else to integrate that aspect. Consequently, the snowball was now moving a bit faster.

Lately I’ve been feeling very connected to the divine being that I am, and this has allowed me to integrate some core aspects, and I realize that it feels easy to do because of all the work that others have done before me. It’s not that I’m feeding on them, it’s that they literally created a potential that I’m just now becoming aware of. That potential happens to make it easier for me now to integrate these aspects than it would have been at an earlier time. It occurred to me that this is happening because the snowball effect has picked up so much steam over the years that today there are an enormous amount of potentials available for us to be able to integrate even our most core aspects, thanks to these few individuals having already done so along the way. By them having made the choice to become more authentic, they created the potential for it to be easier for everyone else to tap into and choose if we so desire. Meanwhile, on some level, however small, we have all been contributing in our own unique ways to the expansion of available potentials in this new consciousness.

I feel very appreciative to these few individuals for their inner work and I want to encourage everyone to know that the more we choose compassion for self, integration of our aspects and thus, authenticity, the more the potential exists for all of us to choose this more easily. This snowball effect is now being felt by all of humanity to one degree or another. A consciousness has literally been created that is clear enough now for everyone else to begin tapping into as the energies get more intense during these next few years. It is in fact what will allow those who choose to make it through these times, to take responsibility for being the creator of your world, which will allow you to become authentic more easily than it even was for those who pioneered the way. What a precious gift they have given us, and what a precious gift we too can give ourselves and everyone else, if we choose.

So I invite you to become aware of the potentials that are available at this time, for everyone to let go of the hypnotic overlay of mass consciousness, the need to keep everything under control, which perpetuates the constant battling with your emotions, and instead to give yourself the gift of letting go and choosing compassion for yourself. This will allow for the integration of all your emotional aspects, which will in turn allow you to become more whole, more authentic. This is what the soul of humanity is crying out for at this time. Can you feel it?



  1. Absolutely. Being authentic is part of my brief for this year… After approximately nine years of inner turmoil and change – it’s time for some peace and persepective. This year I shall b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

    • Thanks Karyn, aka, “kloppermum”. For some reason I didn’t get notified of this post until now. I truly appreciate your comments. Have an aswesome year!

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