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There are two beliefs that the vast majority of humanity has harbored since the early days of our existence that has had dire consequences on our ability to love and accept ourselves. Those two beliefs are: 1) That we are separate from the Source of all things, and 2) That we are flawed from birth. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Such beliefs just simply do not serve us any longer and the time has come for us to let them go.

It was part of our plan to create duality, consisting of both light and dark energies, so that the contrast between the two would allow us to expand ourselves in every way, and it was both necessary and important that we take human form without remembering anything about who we really are for such expansion to occur. And we have indeed expanded, beyond anything we could have ever imagined. However, there is one area that we have historically failed miserably at, and that is the area of true love. Rare has been the individual who has grasped that the most important and profound relationship you can possibly ever have is the relationship with yourself, where honor, acceptance, respect, love and compassion govern that relationship, and that loving ourselves unconditionally is in fact what true love really is. You can only love another to the degree that you’re capable of loving yourself. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and you can then love everyone else unconditionally.

Make no mistake about it; it is entirely possible to love unconditionally, although there are some who would tell you otherwise. But the reason true love is possible is because we are none other than an extension of infinite Source energy in a finite physical body. We have built enormous monuments such as churches or mosques, made out of the finest materials, in order to express our awe and adoration of the creator. And yet, we have failed to express this same awe and admiration towards ourselves and this has resulted in a history of war and suffering. But the fact that we managed to pull off the greatest game of hide and seek ever played, convincing ourselves that we couldn’t possibly be Source (and thus, incapable of loving unconditionally), makes us remarkable beings.

As remarkable beings, having forgotten who we are, when we experienced emotional pain for the first time, we didn’t know that we had access to tremendous love and compassion right inside ourselves. Had we tapped into such love in that very moment, we would have been able to embrace that pain, allowing it to flow through us and then be released. Such pain would not have gotten stuck and then harbored within our psyche. But because we didn’t know, we instead created an emotional aspect of ourselves that we pushed away as unwanted. Such unwanted aspects began accumulating over time and on occasion when they revealed themselves, we identified with them so fully that we committed deplorable acts against ourselves and others that caused suffering for all involved. When enough individuals displayed such acts, religion was born in order to deal with it. We convinced ourselves that there was a higher power outside ourselves and worse, that this entity created us flawed. This instilled deep inside our psyche a belief in being unworthy. Over time such beliefs manifested in a mentality that only allows us to just barely get by. Regardless of one’s plight in life, for most we just barely get by and accept this as normal, even noble to some, for living so-called “humble” lives is what we believe the Source expects of us.

To this day we humans refuse to take responsibility for being the creator of our external reality, claiming to be victims instead, and more importantly, since we don’t remember ever creating our emotional aspects, when they’re triggered we usually cannot take responsibility for them either. Blaming something or someone outside us is the norm. And, we certainly don’t want anyone else to know about our aspects because we’re downright afraid of this “dark” side of ourselves, which we all know we have. But being afraid of our aspects happens mainly because of these two beliefs, that we are separate from Source and that we are flawed. With such beliefs in place within us, we’ve never taken the time to identify with the loving, compassionate Source energy being that we really are because we don’t believe we are that. This means we don’t really know who we are.

Believing we’re flawed, we get caught up in our aspect’s issues, accepting and identifying with them, believing them to be our own, and thus, there’s nobody truly home inside our heart to greet them with love and compassion when they get triggered. What happens instead is that another aspect pops up and judges that one, which begins a battle going on inside us, and we think this is who and what we are. Then that battle manifests outside of us in conflict, beginning on the individual level but, of course, spreading to the world level in the form of war. And we have no idea that because we harbor all the same emotions that caused the war in the first place, that on some level we’re personally responsible for that war.

Somewhere inside, if we’re aware enough, there may be part of us that feels tremendously guilty or even ashamed for having such emotions, thinking if someone actually found out, we’d be seen as an outcast. This is because of the image we’ve been given, and bought into, by the media and culture in general, including our religions. I call this mass consciousness. Feeling flawed deep inside, we want to be accepted and we believe to be accepted we need to live up to the image that everyone else is expecting of us. “Everyone” in this case means the deep ingrained voices of our culture, as dictated by our parents, teachers, the mass media, our religious figures, and so forth—mass consciousness. With all these beliefs in place, acceptance of who we really are is not possible. And not only that, but we cannot accept who we are not either. In other words, since we believe we’re our aspects, we have no ability to give these aspects what they really want, which is unconditional acceptance.

Having a belief that we are flawed also means we’re convinced we need something outside ourselves to save us—a savior. This simple idea, when accepted and ingrained into our psyche, affects every single other area of our existence. We cannot get away from it. And so, whether we are at school, work, home, or out and about, we walk around with a part of us feeling flawed; judged because of it and thus, guilty as charged, which gives birth to another part of us that needs a way out of this flaw, and we believe we do not personally have within us what it takes to find that way out and so we’re forever looking for it on the outside.

Translated into day-to-day reality, this means we’ve constantly got our eye on what’s popular, on who and what is “in”, on who in our personal life matters to us, that is to say, whose approval we absolutely must have to feel accepted and loved, and we are continuously attempting to shape shift ourselves into whatever is necessary to create an image that looks like our perception of all these things we deem important. All this goes on all the time within our psyche, regardless of what our conscious mind is thinking or what we are actually doing from moment to moment. Psychologically we’re constantly evaluating ourselves, using the outside as our standard of reference according to our perception of what it is we’ve been told we need to look and act like. If we find it relatively easy to shape ourselves into that picture, which results in acceptance, life carries on relatively comfortably. However, those who don’t find it easy to mold themselves into that picture of approval end up in great internal struggle and in most cases don’t have any idea what’s actually going on inside. This is the common experience of most all humans to one degree or another, which is why there is no shortage of psychologists and psychiatrists. And for those who really struggle with living up to an image, and totally identify with their struggles, believing that to be who they are, the potential for them to act in tragic ways that we see occurring on a daily basis increases.

All this is occurring because we don’t know who we really are and that is why it is imperative that we begin letting go of these two false beliefs we hold about ourselves. What’s more, to one degree or another, deep inside, all of us have come to the conclusion that we’ve had enough of living in a world full of both inner and outer turmoil and struggle. And so, we have all agreed, not consciously but on the level of our souls, that we want change to occur no matter what it takes. Our prayers have been off the charts and our soul has been listening. The soul has decided that living inauthentic lives can simply no longer be tolerated.

Well, in order for change to occur, it is necessary for the external circumstances of our lives to shift in a way that pulls us out of our comfort zones. This is true because another by-product of having bought into being flawed and thus, convinced we need to look outside for acceptance and approval, is that we also think we need to keep our lives completely under control. And why is this? Well of course, it’s because not appearing to have everything under control would not fit into our perceived mold of what we have to look like and be doing in order to gain acceptance and approval, which by the way, we hope will make up for our flaws. And it is this illusion that causes havoc to be wreaked when we’re thrown out of our comfort zones because every single shred of our identity has been built around the image that we are capable of keeping ourselves under control when the truth of it is, we are not capable of keeping everything under control. We’ve never been good at it and never will be because life is a mystery and we are meant to flow with it, in complete acceptance of what the now moment brings to us, however chaotic it may appear to look. Chaos is simply a term we use to describe circumstances we do not understand and thus have no control over. Yet, the ebb and flow of life, like the waves of the ocean that flow into shore and then are pulled back out into the deep waters, is a natural state of being.

We are now in the midst of a new spiritual renaissance of sorts, a time in which we are being asked by our soul to let go of the controls, to surrender to the current of the stream of life even if we have no idea where that stream seems to be going. We are being called into authenticity; into allowing ourselves to be expressed in ways that our soul has always wanted to be expressed but we’ve never allowed it. When the mind is trained to censor ourselves, to keep ourselves expressed only according to the image we believe will earn approval or acceptance, then when the soul offers an alternative expression we’ll have nothing to do with it, and the heavy mass consciousness overlay of needing to keep life under control clamps down on that idea and instantaneously dismisses it. In other words, we deny our soul any opportunity to be expressed. Under such circumstances you can imagine that eventually, after millions of years of living under such control, the soul is going to rebel, because the soul of a human can only be denied for so long. Eventually it will have its way.

Well, the time has come for the soul of all humans. The divine in us is rebelling, that is to say, the divine is pulling us out of our comfort zones, hoping this will encourage us to go inside and discover or remember who we really are, because playing hide and seek is no longer working. One look at our daily news headlines easily confirms this. And its only going to continue to build so we may as well get used to it because the soul of each one of us is commanding the ship now. It knows where it wants to go even if we do not so it would behoove us to surrender to what is, that is, cultivating acceptance of what is, starting with ourselves, because otherwise we will be prone to suffer—big time!

Today the divine is melding with the human and if we’re willing to release the two most crucial beliefs that have caused us to keep the divine at an arm’s length, that we are separate from the divine, and that we are flawed, we will make it through the chaotic times ahead knowing that everything is going to be okay and in fact, flourishing. But we have to believe that we are indeed divine in order to let go of the illusion of separation. Are you ready or willing to do that?



  1. This is all so true. Thank you for sharing your clarity on the reality of things. A very beautifully written and powerful piece.

  2. Your very welcome Francesca. I appreciate your kind words. This stuff just comes from my soul. The time is now for a shift in consciousness.

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