Posted by: justbewhoyouare | February 14, 2011


The recent outcry for freedom in Egypt and now Algeria is a trend that I believe we’re going to see a lot more of within the next few years. This is because there is an outcry going on within the hearts of humanity as a whole, of which the individuals in these particular countries are simply reflecting by bringing it to the surface for all to see at this time. The soul of humanity, or the I am presence, desires freedom of expression without limitations, restrictions, or any need to energetically feed off of another. It is bored and impatient with our need to control our lives by presenting an image to the outside world, and even more importantly, to God, of being whatever it takes to be “okay” and “acceptable.” It’s had enough of being restrained by outdated religious rules that attempt to keep humans “free of sin” by banning everything humans feel God doesn’t like. This is a reflection of the fact that in the very beginning we bought into two illusions, that we are separate from the divine and that we are flawed. These illusions automatically caused a need for an outside source to save us and this need soon began to manifest in the form of energetic feeding off of each other.

This is reflected in the fact that we have historically allowed such man-made rules to exist at all, not to mention that we have allowed other humans to enforce such rules upon us through oppression and war. It is a reflection of a humanity that does not know that we are self-sufficient divine beings simply having a human experience, and so we have been all too willing to surrender to such oppression rather than take responsibility for being the divine being that we are. But this historic state of affairs cannot, will not continue because its consequences, a life devoid of true joy, true love, and most importantly, true freedom, has taken its toll, and we are seeing the truth of this bubbling up not just in outcries for freedom in other countries, but within ourselves as well.

In the Western world of democracy, we believe we have freedom but this is not really the case because while we may be free to go after a dream, usually that dream is confined to the limitations that our beliefs have placed upon us, and when such beliefs keep us looking outside for fulfillment, true freedom cannot be experienced. We are seeing public figures such as celebrities, politicians, clergymen, sports figures, and businessmen, being disgraced at an unprecedented rate as news of their having mistresses or of being involved in some sort of sexual abuse hits the news on practically a daily basis. One picture on Facebook, which then spreads around the world within minutes, is all it takes. Think of how many others there must be who also cannot live up to the expectations placed upon them that haven’t even been caught yet—and then let’s expand that. What about the rest of us who think or feel we’d never allow ourselves to fall prey to such scandals? Some are outraged by what they see happening but he who is the most outraged has the most potential to be the next prey. This is because we’ve been in denial for so long of not only who we really are, but of who we are not as well, and thus we simply do not understand ourselves let alone how to keep ourselves under control indefinitely. Sooner or later, in this lifetime or another, our true colors are going to be revealed.

The reason we came up with deep-seated beliefs in being separate from the divine and flawed in the first place was because we could not accept the aspects of ourselves that have the ability to hurt us and thus, cause suffering. Not knowing that this so-called “dark” side of ourselves is just the opposite polarity from the “light” side in a world of duality, we instead entered a state of fear where we chose to deny this “dark” side, defined it as evil, made up stories of a devil who caused us to fall from grace (and thus, become flawed), and then banned it through establishing religious rules and regulations. By doing this we were attempting to control something that is every bit a natural part of ourselves as the loving side is.

As psychology figured out a long time ago, anything about ourselves we deny will always sooner or later find its way to the surface. When a government oppresses its citizens eventually the people will no longer tolerate this. At the same time, when people are oppressed by their own beliefs so that they do not feel free to express or live in a way in which their heart compels them to, they too will eventually no longer tolerate this. But what usually happens is, since most humans continue to hold onto a need to live up to the expectations of the outer world in which they feed off of for acceptance and approval, which causes them to keep everything under control, something inside eventually snaps and the result is deviant behavior, deviant that is, to beliefs that say it is unacceptable.

Deviant behavior itself isn’t a bad thing but it becomes scandalous because of the definitions that have been placed on this behavior by religious and societal rules and regulations and herein is where the problem lies. When under such need to control ourselves so as to not be seen as an outcast, every attempt is made to follow the rules at the expense of being free to express without any restrictions. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting people should freely break the rules in the name of being free. What I’m saying is that because we have never accepted that we are sovereign divine beings, we have always needed the approval of others and have thus, fed on others to maintain a sense of aliveness.

Anytime we find ourselves in some sort of defined addiction, be it to food, sex, shopping, TV, gambling, or whatever it may be—there are many that we have defined, it always reflects that there is an aspect of ourselves we’re not truly accepting and honoring. And this is always the case because we believe we have to live a certain way or risk loss of approval or even loss of our very livelihood (such as a paycheck). Then, because we’ve defined such addictions as not being acceptable, we attempt to free ourselves from them without addressing their cause, which of course does not work in the long run. Acceptance of your divinity opens the door for acceptance of your potential for deviant behavior and it is this very honoring and acceptance that releases the need for it to control you. So, it’s not a question of rejecting your dark side, it’s a matter of accepting it fully without fear.

As long as humans continue to fear their dark side and go outside themselves for a source of meaning, purpose, approval or acceptance, in other words, to feed energetically, they will never know true freedom. True freedom is a natural state of being and can only be experienced by a sovereign being because they alone know who they are and thus, have no need to feed on anything outside themselves in order to maintain their existence. Such a state of being is only possible when all aspects of themselves are accepted and honored.

However, accepting that we are divine and thus, claiming our true freedom is not something that can be done overnight, at least, not initially. This is because we have been locked into oppressive beliefs for a long time and in the meantime, we’ve created tons of emotional aspects that we’ve considered unacceptable because of our beliefs and thus, we have been pushing these aspects away. These aspects are created because of our fear of the dark side of ourselves we banned so long ago. We all have too many aspects for them to show up all at once. Such an experience would be too much for any of us to handle. So instead, you begin taking responsibility for being the creator of them and choose to identify with the compassionate, loving being that you truly are deep within whenever any of them show up. This allows them to be integrated and thus, no longer needing to act out. Every time an aspect feels accepted and honored, its energetic tie with you gets released. Resistance of it is the reason it grows in its ability to take control over you and thus, manifests against your will. Gradually all your aspects are going to come to the surface and once they have all been honored and accepted, true freedom can then be claimed.

And so it is time to begin considering the possibility that you really are divine. However, realization of this truth will change your entire identity, which of course means your life will completely change. Given how we tend to have an aversion to change, we sense this and resist the process. The divine understands this and yet, today will no longer stand by waiting for us to choose. Either we choose consciously or the process will occur by default, which usually tends to mean we attract suffering into our world. But we don’t have to do this. Simply making a conscious choice to honor and accept all aspects will reduce drama in our life significantly. And, as more of us make such conscious choices, the outer world will reflect this. Then, it’s only a matter of time before we will indeed experience true freedom.

This is in fact, the real revolution that is at hand. While more oppressed countries may continue to defy authority in search for freedom, on a deeper level all humanity is now being shown what, in our own lives, is real and what is illusion, and the desire to be truly free, which means to be truly authentic, will eventually cause humans to give up their outdated religious beliefs in being separate from the divine and flawed. That day is actually at hand. Humanity is aching to return to its natural state of being. Are you ready to choose this?


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