Posted by: justbewhoyouare | February 25, 2011


We are all master alchemists. We are conscious bodies of divine love and compassion that know how to transmute energy in order to serve us. The best example of this is that we alchemized energy in order to create our physical world. We did this through the beliefs we chose to harbor. A belief in something actually causes it to become real within our perception of reality. For example, we all collectively agree to tell ourselves in every moment that everything we see around us is real and solid and consequently it is, even though the greater truth is that it’s all just an illusion—neutral energy that’s been transmuted, through a belief, into becoming solid.

As divine compassionate beings we chose to create the physical world through this method in order to have the incredibly invigorating experience of remembering who we are while under the illusion of being separate from the divine. This illusion of separation set the stage for the creation of duality, which allowed for expansion through the tension of opposites, but it also caused us to look outside ourselves for meaning, purpose, acceptance and approval. In essence, since we had chosen to believe in the separation, the outer world became our own reflection, which we then used to define ourselves by rather than going inside to find meaning, purpose, acceptance and approval. This is what our collective consciousness agreed to do.

At our core we are all one body of divine love and compassion. When the one divine chose to separate into duality, energy too was separated into opposites of light and dark aspects and when we experienced the dark side of this energy through the reflection of others in a way that caused suffering, we began to fear it. Divine love actually transcends both the light and the dark—it has no fear of either, but because we had chosen to believe we were separate from the divine, we lost sight of this deeper aspect of divine love. Soon we created religion, and in its attempt to explain where we came from and why we’re capable of causing harm, it concluded that we are flawed, called our dark side evil, and banned it. Thus, the dark energies of hate, anger and jealously, for example, which are actually natural opposites of the light energy of love, joy and appreciation, were banned. This means we literally banned half of our natural emotions, causing us to go out of balance emotionally. We began loathing these dark emotions when we experienced them and did everything within our power to control them because we did want to be accepted and religion had told us these emotions were not good—not allowed to be expressed.

Initially because our collective consciousness was looking outward for acceptance and approval, we decided that anything around us that appeared to be uncontrollable must be a god and we worshipped it to gain that acceptance and approval. We feared the elements of nature that reflected our dark side, such as thunder and lightning. Unlike our emotions, we had no way of controlling these elements so we felt a need to appease such uncontrollable forces by offering sacrifices, which in essence meant, voluntarily suffering. Such acts were an indication that we also felt unworthy or not good enough and hence, needed reassurance from the gods that we were protected from these dark forces we feared and we felt the sacrifices would solicit such protection. This was more illusion we had created for ourselves but it was appropriate given the experience we were having and it also worked—we did feel better. Of course, our sacrifices did not get rid of the dark energy, far from it. When you push energy away, it pushes back, so when we pushed dark energy away, it pushed back. As we continued to push against it, it grew stronger and eventually became a monster which religion called the devil. Meanwhile, because we loathed and denied these emotions within ourselves, when they occurred we began projecting them onto others, blaming them for the way we were feeling, giving birth to the idea of being a victim.

Further, because we had the experience of being hurt when those we trusted expressed their dark emotions, our perception of the light side of energy also became distorted and we even began to fear love, which limited our ability to experience joy and appreciation. So, we avoided our dark emotions at all costs and we reluctantly approached our light emotions with caution, wanting love while at the same time, fearing it. The fact that we were in denial of half of our natural emotions and were reluctant to allow ourselves to feel the other half means that we had literally managed to create a perception of ourselves that was small, extremely limited, and unworthy; victims in need of deliverance from this self-created plight. What an amazing phenomenon we master alchemists had created—the opposite of the actual truth!

However, over time we eventually tired of this perception of reality, which because of our beliefs had appeared to be so real. Our collective consciousness then chose to expand into a new belief of there being only one God and this then became our experience. And yet, since we still believed we were flawed and unworthy, within this new belief we maintained our victimhood and feared the one God. Needing this one God’s acceptance and approval, we continued the ritual of appeasing through offering sacrifices. It was our way of seeking deliverance from our predicament.

Even this eventually became old to our consciousness however, and we all collectively agreed that we wanted yet another change. Deep within, our desire to remember who we are remained and it was this desire that allowed for Jesus to appear and actually remember—he got it that he was divine. However, because the consciousness held strongly to the belief in being separate from the divine and flawed, as we know all too well, Jesus was eliminated. And yet, his presence had indeed planted a seed that we are more than what we think we are.

In order to spread this seed rather than let it become obscured by time, Paul appeared and when he was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus, Jesus revealed to him that he, like himself, was divine also and that in fact all humans are divine beings having a human experience. However, this was too much for him to fathom. Paul had been strictly raised to obey a Law that he despised because it forbade him to express himself in ways he felt drawn to. Later as a Temple guard, believing himself to be a victim, he projected the anger and frustration he held towards himself onto Jesus’ followers by persecuting and murdering them. He was justified and filled up by a desire for power and attention, and because of the tremendous amount of guilt and shame he harbored from carrying out such actions, he simply could not accept that he was divine.

Had Paul been willing to accept his divinity, he could’ve tapped into a level of compassion that was capable of transcending all his guilt and shame, allowing for inner healing to occur. This in fact was the potential Jesus had brought to humanity upon his arrival with his proclamation and example of being divine. But, being unable to take responsibility for his own dark emotions, Paul instead chose to continue seeking deliverance from them on the outside by projecting this responsibility onto another (Jesus) through formulating his saved by the blood theology. In effect, this meant that Paul was largely responsible for causing the potential Jesus had brought to in fact become obscure, while managing to spread the news of Jesus’ appearance, which did allow the gift he brought to be kept alive, though only as a seed, waiting for a day when humans would be ready to finally accept it fully.

What we see in his written word is his desperate desire for Jesus to heal him. We also see a belief in the need to suffer to earn God’s approval, which was his version of making sacrifices to appease his God. But, despite his newfound conviction in having a savior, his need to be justified and filled up by a desire for power and attention had not changed because he still held onto his guilt and shame and this compelled him to spread his strong belief in Jesus in a rather dogmatic way. No one could negotiate with him, so convinced he was that he was right. That’s how desperate he was and it also shows what an amazing alchemist he was that he could transmute so much energy into the creation of a new doctrine.

Later, when the Church authority spread their Christian faith, they strongly identified with Paul’s deep-seated beliefs. They too believed themselves to be a victim and, feeling justified and filled up by a desire for power and attention, used his beliefs to control the masses by forcing them to follow their idea of the faith or pay the price. In other words, they projected onto them the anger and frustration they held towards themselves because they were unwilling to take responsibility for their own guilt and shame. Meanwhile, because the masses felt unworthy at their core, harbored an addiction to suffering, and constantly looked outside themselves for acceptance and approval, they allowed themselves to be oppressed by this authority. Over time, this same perception of reality became the underlying beliefs within the consciousness of the entire Western Civilization so that nearly all humans to this day share these same beliefs. This is how far our amazing ability as master alchemists to create illusion through transmuting energy has taken us.

Within the last 70 years we have seen figures such as Adolph Hitler emerge and repeat on a massive scale what had actually been occurring all along on smaller levels by various authority figures, both political and religious. As a young adult he studied to be an artist, but because of early childhood experiences of having to succumb to the brutality of his father without any help from his mother, he had become dissatisfied with himself and life, and being an artist only deepened this self-loathing. Rather than take responsibility to resolve his emotions of anger and frustration, he identified with them, which completely alienated him from the divine loving and compassionate being that he really was. Being so alienated from his true self, he found a fascination with the military, which has at its core the need to encourage people to disassociate from their emotions in order to go against their better judgment and follow ideas based on fear and lack. By rewarding people for their brutality, the military is successful at recruiting.

Hitler became an extreme example of a victim when he developed a blind passion for projecting onto the world what he hated in himself. He put on a facade that stated he was a friend but after being trusted, he took control of people’s lives. This is actually what had happened to him in his own life. Any trust he may have had initially in his father was shattered when his father turned violent. And yet, he could not have carried out such brutality on his fellow divine humans without their cooperation. Because of their own fears, people turned against what was important to them and allowed themselves to be cut off from their emotion, especially those in the military who actually channeled their own dissatisfaction into carrying out his orders, much like Paul, as Saul, had done centuries earlier in carrying out his Roman orders to eliminate the Christians.

Historically we have used our amazing ability as a divine being to transmute energy to maintain a belief that the source of life is to be found outside ourselves and this has kept us extremely limited and unworthy. However, today the way in which we transmute energy is beginning to shift. The seed planted by Jesus over 2000 years ago, that we all truly are divine, is indeed now beginning to blossom. To be divine is to be free. It is to know that you are the source of everything in your life. There is nothing on the outside that could ever possibly fulfill or satisfy you the way being your true authentic divine self could. There is a movement worldwide of individuals who are awakening to this truth and their awareness is contributing to the collective consciousness so that there is a desire being felt within all humans to one degree or another for freedom to be who we are. Today, people no longer want to be oppressed by dictators who do not have their best interests in mind. We have experienced enough of this throughout history.

And so an outcry for freedom has begun that is beginning to sweep across the planet. While those in oppressed countries appear to be seeking political freedom, what we see happening around the globe to one degree or another goes much deeper. The cry for external freedom is a reflection of our inner cry to be free from the oppression of the mind which, from the very beginning has been the chief means by which we have developed and maintained beliefs that have made all illusions appear to be real. We can feel that the illusions we have historically created no longer serve us. We’re tired of deceiving ourselves within the mind and of being lied to by government, culture, family, and religion, which are the means by which we all collectively agreed so long ago to allow the lies to be passed on.

So the question arises, what can we do to create this inner freedom we so strongly desire? Freedom is a condition that begins within. On your own microcosmic level, are you making choices that will benefit the entire you? In other words, are you personally working towards the good of the whole in your own life? Are you playing down the stories told by your mind and instead allowing yourself to be guided by intuition, which is the beautiful voice of compassion within you? Are you feeling all of your feelings? What brings you joy? What excites you? Ask yourself these questions on every single level of your being. By doing so you’ll be less inclined to lie to yourself and operate out of fear which will help you to begin bypassing any need for anything or anyone outside of you to tell you what to do—not even your mind. Only your heart knows who you really are and therefore, what your really want. Government, culture, family, or religion will only confuse you and because your mind is the voice for these, it will too.

It’s easier to control people if they don’t have emotion and this is how government and religion has historically controlled the masses—by feeding you with beliefs that tell you not to feel your feelings, which leads to apathy or hopelessness and isolation, and then you allow yourself to buy into the lies you’re being told. Even your family trained you to do this. Your parents showed you how to not get angry by advising you to tell yourself a lie that you need to control your emotions and they also showed you how to take those emotions out on someone else, believing them to be their source. So you said to yourself, “I’m not mad” or “It’s not good to be mad,” but then blamed someone else when you couldn’t hold your feelings in any longer, just like your parents had shown you. Your family did not mean any harm of course, which is why when some of us became juvenile delinquents our parents scratched their heads, perplexed as to what went wrong. But when so many more of us later in life needed counseling to deal with our pent up frustrations, we blamed our parents for how we turned out. Like them, we too believed we were victims.

Further, we have lived in a culture that has made us addicted to money. Our entire lives are spent focused on making money. We are trained to work hard, often in a job we don’t like, in order to have money to live our dreams. This is the American way—work hard and you will be rewarded. But this illusion limits us by keeping us stuck in the belief that we have to work hard for our livelihood when in fact, natural abundance is our birth right. Manifesting the things we desire comes from within. Such beliefs in working hard no longer serve us in our quest to be truly free because these beliefs keep us limited and thus, far from being free.

Meanwhile, the culture has also emphasized the importance of education. We are told that without education we won’t advance very far. There’s nothing wrong with college and post-graduate studies but it is not for everyone. There are other ways of living rather than the prescribed system of getting educated, finding a good job, having a family, setting goals, and making lots of money. While it has been drilled into us that having money is the source of safety and protection, i.e. freedom, this is simply not the case. Money is wonderful to have but it is not the source of freedom. The source of freedom is within you. And yet, how much are you telling yourself that you must be persecuted, poor or victimized in order to be worthy of your abundance? It’s likely that a belief in working hard as a necessary ingredient to being successful is hidden deep inside your mind simply because such lies have been reinforced by being told over and over again, generation after generation.

The driving force of the mind with all its stories that are determined to define everything, thereby keeping you limited, is a tyrant within you. Most humans are now realizing that we’ve been living thinking that the outside world is our source, that our government, job, church, or money is the source, but we are now realizing that none of these are the source. Rather, we are the source. It begins within us and our ability to change our inner world has never been more possible. All it takes is a simple shift.

Today each individual is being asked to wake up to the enormous amount of love that exists in oneself. Tap into the divine compassionate you—which is the real you, and tell yourself, “I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to create a life for myself where I am getting paid for what I love to do and some how the resources I need to get my needs met will come to me.” And then consciously observe what happens next. Remember, a belief in something actually causes it to become real within our perception of reality. So if you follow this intent by bombarding yourself with thoughts that you can’t accomplish this because you can’t see how it’s going to happen, then you’re still holding the belief that you’ll probably always be stuck in your unwanted predicament and this belief is what is going to influence your ability to manifest anything else. This is a long-standing pattern that is not easy to release but this is the challenge that humans now face. Finding new ways to be inspired and tapping into the courage to follow your intuitive voice even when you receive opposition from the voices of your mind, government, culture, family, and/or religion.

Now is the time to take a deep look at your beliefs and acknowledge that you are the creator of them all and therefore can change them by releasing the old belief that the source is found on the outside of you. This belief no longer serves you. Somewhere inside, you are harboring powerlessness, frustration, anger, and loss of hope and these pure emotions want to move through you but they are being mixed up with all the voices coming from your mind and the outer world (thanks to our historical denial of half our emotions and reluctance to experience the other half), and the result is that you remain stuck in your inner prison. These patterns of self-talk cause you to control your emotions rather than letting them flow through you without needing to understand them, where they come from, or why they are there. You can tell yourself, “I don’t need to analyze why I feel bad. I just need to feel it and allow it to move through my body and be released.”

How many of you have voices in your head that tell you you’re not supposed to be mad or that the other person is to blame, or that you’re not worthy or don’t deserve anything better? Learn to honor yourself by articulating what is good for the whole being of you. To do this, it is necessary to change your beliefs on the level of the mind so they honor you. When you don’t have the mind telling you stories of why you are angry and blaming it on someone else, then you can channel your anger (and other emotions as well) in healthy ways. You will not become a danger to yourself or others because you are taking responsibility for your feelings by allowing them to be felt without defining or categorizing them. Actions that wind up harming others occur when you have identified so strongly with the voices of the mind that you become convinced that this is who you are. In fact, this is the danger of us having bought into the belief that our source is on the outside, because this belief also causes us to blame the outside when things go wrong so we don’t take any responsibility for our own emotions because we’ve never been taught that we are the creator of our entire world, including the things that trigger such emotion.

Find out what it is going to take to make you happy. Finding out begins within by saying, “I am not a victim of the outside world. I have come here to find new solutions to age-old problems. How can I develop courage to feel all my feelings and create new thought processes that are going to allow me to make new choices that produce a new relationship with my energy and my life?” Let this kind of proactive question be your guide. Use the feelings of powerlessness, frustration, anger, and loss of hope to fuel your intention to create the life you want even though you don’t know how you’re going create it. This takes courage and independence but you have these things within you. You just need to cultivate them.

What will also help when choosing to take responsibility for being the creator of your life is to remember that, while physical reality may be an illusion, you chose to maintain a belief that makes it appear so real for a reason. So accept the duality and learn how to live within it while at the same time, honoring the fact that there is indeed a non-physical world that is real and is fueling duality based on your beliefs. Harmony within duality occurs when you honor the separate parts as one piece of the whole. Embrace duality and use it to learn how you are actually one. All aspects of yourself make up the one you and all that exists outside you is actually one with you as well. We have chosen beliefs to make it all appear to be separate so we could expand and in this respect, the illusion of separation serves us. Nevertheless, it doesn’t negate the fact that the greater truth is that we are all one—and that we are all divine.

What used to work throughout history is no longer working. The truth is that it never did work very well because our beliefs have kept us trapped in a prison, willingly buying into the lies of authority, which we gave permission to control us. All are being challenged at this time to go within and discover who we really are, to find out what we need to be joyful, and how to create that for ourselves from within. This is a process of becoming an embodiment of the divine (which is who you really are) through releasing our fears of both the light and dark energies by bringing our emotions into balance, which will create a far more exhilarating experience of freedom than anything we could ever possibly hope to gain from a government. When we are aligned to our truth, living in happiness and joy, we’ll also discover that we are affecting the collective consciousness without necessarily even placing our focus there. Deep inside we’ll know that we are indeed master alchemists and that we can collectively choose to transmute the world into one where freedom is no longer sought after but is actually experienced. When we’ve attained this level of inner unity with our divine consciousness, we’ll begin seeing this world appear before our very eyes.


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