Posted by: justbewhoyouare | March 14, 2011


We are divine beings having a human experience and at this time in human history we are going through an awakening process, remembering who we are. Some call this the “New Energy” and the ultimate outcome of this process is what some call enlightenment. Awareness of this makes all the difference in terms of how well we are able to flow with (or resist) all the chaotic events that are occurring on a daily basis around the globe.

I had a dream a few days ago in which I was so aware of myself that there was nothing left inside to run from. It was a taste of what total acceptance means. I don’t remember much of the details, just that I was totally aware of every thought and every emotion I had—there was nothing hiding in the background. This provided me a vantage point that was liberating because I knew who I was, meaning that, while I was aware of thoughts of hate or addictive desires, etc. (Like everyone else, I have within me all aspects of the dark side), it didn’t matter because I (the I am that I am) was in full acceptance—there wasn’t some aspect lurking around in the trenches waiting for a surprise attack, trying to find a reason to judge me or others, or to wreak havoc on my emotions just for the fun of it. That didn’t mean such aspects didn’t exist—they absolutely did exist inside me, but in the dream I had come into full awareness of all my aspects and had accepted and integrated them all. There were no more left in hiding.

From this dream I realized that what is going on right now inside all humans is that we are, little by little, getting clearer about what is hiding inside in terms of thoughts and emotions. As it turns out, all the external chaotic events are simply in support of this process. For some of us, once we became aware of certain unwanted thoughts and emotions (what I call aspects) and realized they no longer served us we made a conscious choice to let them go. However, that was just the first step because, depending on how strongly we identified with these aspects, some continue to cling onto the darkness of the mind where they feel safe. Of course, as fearful as it may be, like us, they too want to be resolved so they’ll pop up occasionally hoping to be “caught” or better put, seen, allowed and accepted. This is like a bank robber who, deep down, feels tons of guilt for his crimes so that one day he gets careless and winds up getting caught. This is what he really wanted deep down because he was exhausted from living a life of alienation from himself.

So this dream helped me to understand that when I “see”, meaning something is brought crystal clear into my awareness, as the I am (the divine) I can choose to simply observe it without judgment (this alone is acceptance) and if it no longer serves me, consciously choose something else that I know will serve me (making this new choice while remaining in compassion for that other aspect allows for its integration). This cannot be done when the awareness is not total because though we may choose something else, if there is some part of us that is still playing hide and seek, that part of us remains in the dark, still waiting for the moment when the light will at long last be shone on it as well. Until it is seen and accepted by the I am that we really are (the divine), it cannot be truly integrated and thus, we cannot be truly free.

So perhaps enlightenment is the moment when we are so clear about who we are, and in acceptance of that, that there is nothing left to hide from, no more aspects still hiding in the dark, being kept there by us because we’re not quite ready to have a non-judgmental look at them. In other words, no more illusions, no more part of us that feels a need to run to that old illusion when the emotions become too much to deal with. No, when we’re clear enough, all emotions are welcome in our bosom—there is nothing too much to deal with. All humans are going through this process. That doesn’t mean all of us are aware of this process, but we are all going through it nonetheless. Awareness of it and then, thanks to our new awareness, choosing consciously to honor and accept all that we are makes all the difference. It is the key to absolute freedom.


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