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There is an awakening going on in the world today that has the potential to completely change the very way we exist on the planet. This Awakening is a shift in consciousness. It is a realization that we are divine beings having a human experience. It is a remembering of who we really are. We are beings of consciousness who are master manipulators of energy. Energy just is. It is neutral, it doesn’t have any agenda and it is unconditional by its very nature. We are the masters of energy. All energy is in service to us. It serves us exactly the way we choose. If we’re not aware of this, then what’s going on in the unconscious mind—our belief systems, is going to be what is molding the energy that is around us, turning it into what we see manifested in front of us.

Awareness of this doesn’t happen over night. It is a process that could take years. But it is a process well worth undergoing if you are tired of the BS going on in your life. It is a gentle process of shifting from using your mind to control your life to allowing your heart to guide your life.

Historically, humanity has been living under the illusion that we are separate from the divine and that we are flawed at birth. The effect of the first illusion has been an inability to recognize and experience a compassionate, unconditionally loving being that dwells within each one of us—this is the divine. The practical application of this effect in our daily life is that we believe we are victims of life’s circumstances. The effect of the second illusion has been a loathing of ourselves and the maintaining of a belief that we are not good enough or worthy and thus need to suffer, which causes the continual creation of drama in our lives in order to support this belief. We have to literally create suffering so that we can prove to ourselves (and others) that we are indeed a victim.

We also do this because we have a need to reassure ourselves that we are indeed alive. As divine beings we chose to separate ourselves from any knowledge of our divinity on purpose, in order to have the experience of remembering who we are, and we created the three-dimensional world with its duality of contrast between the light and the dark in order that we all would have an even playing field for this experience. No one had an advantage over anyone else. In a way, it was a game, to see what would happen. In a world in which we have no recollection as to who we are, could we expand our hearts enough to realize that we are actually the creator? That was the question we asked ourselves.

Our natural state of being is joy and abundance. This is the natural state of the divine. Pain and suffering do not exist within the divine because the divine does not exist within duality where the contrast between light and dark has the potential for pain and suffering to be created. The divine exist within the eternal now moment whereas in duality we tend to dwell in either the past or future. What this means is that we are not in touch with our natural state of being. The consequence of this is that we cannot feel the natural joy of life. Because we were not in touch with this natural state of being, we chose to hone the mind so that it would serve as our guide. The experience of joy is natural and when cut off from it, there is only emptiness. As humans, we don’t do too well with emptiness so we decided to use the mind to manufacture an artificial way of feeling something—anything. That’s why emotion was created. All emotions, whether you’re experiencing a high or a low, exist only because we manufactured them within the mind through thought. It was our way of convincing ourselves that we’re alive; that we matter.

So, here on earth we have contrast, which spurs us to find solutions to that which we find ourselves struggling against. We live by the classic saying, “no pain, no gain” or by Darwin’s concept of “the survival of the fittest.” Civilization has advanced because of struggle and conflict. Inventions happen through this process of struggle. We experience unwanted things that frustrate us, which pushes us to find a way to feel better. Once we feel better, however, it’s still not good enough because we’re still not in touch with that natural divine state of joy that exists only in the now. Therefore, sooner or later we have to manufacture some drama in order to pull us back into a struggle, which keeps us going after a goal and also keeps us feeling alive. And we go back and forth like this, again and again. This is the way we’ve been living as humans for centuries.

But again, this is only happening because we purposely created a world where we were convinced we were separate from the divine. If we knew the truth about ourselves, we would at least be aware of the option of choosing to connect to the soul where we would discover a natural state of joy—and this is where we’re at today, but for most of our history we did not know this. Instead, we created a variety of religions to attempt to explain why we exist and to guide us so we could feel safe and have hope for the future. Religions provided a belief system that in turn gave us rules, and some religions told us about a God and a devil that exist outside us that are locked in a battle for the soul of humanity. Other religions had different belief systems, but still had a need to explain why we struggle. Even indigenous cultures have belief systems to explain why they battle with each other. Belief Systems became a necessary aspect of living in duality where we were not in touch with our natural state of being. The idea has always been that if we follow the rules, one day we’ll finally experience that natural state—called heaven by many of Christianity, enlightenment by many of the eastern religions.

The religious faithful have a belief that the devil tempts them and if they pass the test and remain true to their faith, they feel great. They feel their God smiling down upon them. So, there’s the struggle with aspects of themselves that they feel are not of God, and when they overcome, they feel they’ve earned a spot in heaven. And this sort of game is played out year after year, lifetime after lifetime. It is part of the game of duality, and of having convinced ourselves that we are separate from the divine.

This world of duality however, is actually just a dream. It is an experience we created for ourselves to play this game of remembering who we really are, but ultimately there’s nothing real about it. We manufactured it in order to support our desire to have such an experience. So, again, we separated ourselves from our true nature and created this world of duality with its contrasts, and we honed the mind, with its ability to analyze, and then set ourselves loose to have the experience of a dream-like state. We also agreed to experience life and death over and over again. We did this so we could have a variety of experiences much like an actor who takes on a variety of roles throughout his acting career. The more diverse the roles, the more he learns about the human condition within these different types of social classes. This allows him to develop empathy for these various types of people. Likewise, we chose to continue coming back to the planet to walk in the shoes of a variety of social roles. The illusion of time gives us a sense that we are expanding our hearts as we do so. Through contrast we push our way into solutions and expand, and this feels good—until again, we need more drama to remind us we are alive within the game.

However, we have played this game one too many times and have collectively determined that enough is enough and this is why we are now undergoing this Awakening. We no longer want to continue the dream. When it comes to having a dream that we aspire to, if it always remains just a dream it’s no fun. Sooner or later we want to experience the dream. Well, when we are asleep having a dream, the opposite is true. As fun as it can be at times, sooner or later we want to wake up and experience real life, in the flesh. This is what is going on now. As long as we are disconnected from who we really are, we do not know what the natural state of joy actually feels like so we continue to manufacture false emotions to make up for the lack of a true, genuine feeling of joy that’s real. But humans no longer want to manufacture emotion. We want the real thing. Deep down we know there is no need for drama; no need for suffering.

When you step out of the illusion of needing to re-experience the push/pull of light and dark energies and consciously choose to re-connect with who you really are, you return to the natural state of being. This is a feeling of being connected to all life and it feels fantastic. You are no longer stuck in the mind. You no longer have a need to battle in order to grow. You realize that you just are—you exist, period. There never was an opponent out there to battle. That was an illusion.

However, perhaps 99.999% of humans on some level feel trapped in an endless cycle of birth and death, what some call karma, the continual playing out, lifetime after lifetime of this game of duality. Our minds are constantly at work, trying to figure out how to get out of the game, how to end it. But because the mind knows that the end of the game is actually the end of its control (being in the position of guide), the mind refuses to allow a solution to come forward—in fact, it doesn’t have a solution. It has no idea how to end the game and it doesn’t care. All it wants is to maintain control so it will always be able to continue manufacturing more thoughts and emotions that keep the human stuck in the game. It was a brilliant idea to play this game, with all kinds of complex details and tangents to get caught into—sometimes for 1000s of years, all with the intent to keep the game going. The one thing the mind definitely does not want to happen is for the game to come to an end.

Religion is one of the tools the mind uses to keep us caught up into the game. For example, Christianity actually teaches that you need to follow the truth (what is written in Scripture—which was manufactured by the mind), because it believes your heart will always deceive you. How ironic—the very thing it exists for—to guide you back to God, tells you to avoid listening to the one thing that is capable of revealing to you what the divine in you actually wants. Well, within the framework of duality with its artificially manufactured emotions, there is some truth to this statement, which is why the mind chose to issue the warning. That is to say, your emotions are capable of deceiving you, because they are not real to begin with. But the mind was using fear here when it came up with this idea to avoid listening to your emotions. It is a ploy because the emotions are created by the mind. If you hadn’t been thinking such thoughts, you wouldn’t have experienced emotions that deceive you. So when the mind tells you to beware of the heart, it is using fear to motivate you to stay away from the precious gem that is buried inside each one of us, underneath all our emotions. This gem is the real you, the part of you that does not know pain and suffering. It only knows joy because it’s not part of duality. It just is—always living in the eternal now moment. This isn’t some God that exists outside you, that wants you to behave a certain way in order to be worthy of heaven. This is you, the real you that you buried inside a box deep inside your heart, then put a lock on it and threw away the key. As a reminder, you did this on purpose so you could have the experience of finding it—like a treasure hunt. All it wants is to be free to come out and play. It knows everything but hasn’t been able to experience anything because the mind has refused to allow it out of its cage.

However, even before we created the mind we were aware that a potential existed that we could get so caught up in the game that we’d get lost in it. We knew the mind had this capacity because of the extreme emotions, going from highs to lows, that it was capable of manufacturing. We knew we could easily throw away the key to the box we had placed the divine in. And this is pretty much what happened.

Since we saw this potential, we knew before we started playing the game that we needed to plant seeds of consciousness into the game, tools if you will, that we would be able to call upon and use to find our way out of the game when we were ready—I mean truly ready to finally bring it to an end—when we had played the game long enough that we had become exhausted, so tired of continually repeating the same things over and over again, getting the same old result. If you’ve ever played a lengthy game such as monopoly, you know that eventually you get tired of playing. Well, eventually the divine within us gets tired of being locked in a box, unable to be expressed. Actually, you could say that since the only thing that is real about us is that we are divine, deep down we know on that divine level that the game isn’t real. Knowing this has a sort of pressure cooker effect. Eventually the steam has to be released. Likewise, eventually the divine has to be released out of its box. You cannot continue being inauthentic forever.

For me, my Awakening began in 1989, although I wasn’t consciously aware of it. At the time I was involved in the Unification Church, founded by Sun Myung Moon, who I believed was the second coming of Christ. Since 1975 I had been a dedicated follower and had attempted to carry out every direction I received from Moon to the best of my ability. But by 1989 there was a subtle questioning going on within me as to the truth of Moon’s messianic claim. It was a nagging doubt that would pop up every so often and I would dismiss it as quickly as it appeared.

This wasn’t just a doubt in myself, which was something I had always harbored to a certain degree. This was a doubt in everything I lived for. I allowed Moon’s theology to influence every choice I made. There was nothing I could do without running it through the filter of his belief system, which was a theory I was using to hide behind within my mind. This kept me from having to make any genuine choices from my heart. The truth is, this is what I wanted. My heart was like a Pandora’s box and I didn’t want to go there at all. Playing with Moon’s truth within my mind felt much more safe to me. But, this meant that if my heart wanted to experience something that Moon’s teaching would not have allowed, I would dismiss such a notion as quickly as I was dismissing the doubt. The result was that I was not truly honoring myself, what my heart truly desired. I was not living authentically. I was quite literally giving my power to make a choice away to Moon.

Obviously, this didn’t feel very good and hence, the eventual doubts. Between 1991-1993 I had the opportunity to attend the Unification Theological Seminary that Moon founded. The Seminary provided an incredible amount of freedom because there was no one who I had to directly report to. This was the first time that had ever happened. Much like the Catholic Church’s chain of command from the Pope to Cardinals, bishops and down to the baptized faithful, Moon had an elaborate hierarchy of what he called “central figures” which started with him and was by followed by 36 elder Korean couples. Beyond these elders there could be several others, depending on what your particular mission (or responsibility as his disciple) was. I believed this chain was a direct lifeline to God. Even if you’re on the bottom of the chain, if you’re connected to it, you had a connection to God. But at the seminary, there was no direct central figure that I was responsible to report to. There were team leaders of sorts but we did not feel responsible to report to them, certainly not about the condition of our spiritual life. We didn’t see them as part of the lifeline. Such external freedom opened something up within me. As I was studying Christianity in great detail, I was beginning to allow myself to question some things about Moon’s theology that I would never have allowed myself to do before. This wasn’t happening so much consciously but it definitely was happening within my heart.

The impact of this questioning was profound because after graduating from Seminary, Moon sent the entire class to Russia where as far as I knew, would become my permanent mission. I loved the Russian people very much but there was a part of me that wanted to do something for Moon that was more connected to my heart and when I was a kid I was very interested in broadcasting. So, after three months I had the courage to make the choice of returning to my hometown of Lincoln, NE to earn the equivalent of a BA in Broadcast Journalism in 1996. This was a choice that went entirely against Moon’s direction.

Making that choice had a huge effect on me emotionally for, according to my belief system (BS), I had literally severed my lifeline to God. I stopped reporting to the central figure Moon had appointed to be responsible for the missionary activities in Russia. Even though I still considered Moon my messiah, I experienced tremendous fear and doubt about myself and worried heavily about my relationship with God. “Had I jumped on a fast train that was headed straight to hell?” I quite literally wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. Nevertheless, something inside kept encouraging me to follow my heart. I was fortunate to learn about a woman who happened to be a fringe church member, who did spiritual cleansing of one’s aura over the phone. I had sessions with her on a regular basis while attending school and always felt so much better afterwards. It was as if she had lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Of course, as stated, since I was addicted to the need to suffer, feeling better didn’t last very long before I needed to create more drama and suffering, which then gave me a reason to call her again in order to get another clearing. What a game we play!

Meanwhile, there were things happening within Moon’s own family that caused me to begin consciously questioning his messianic claim. For example, his eldest son was arrested for drunk driving and this particular son’s wife had decided to abandon ship by smuggling their four young kids out of the mansion they lived in. She wrote a book and was doing a media tour, telling horror stories of how she was treated by her husband in Moon’s mansion and expressing her loss of faith in Moon. There were other stories as well and they all helped me to begin developing the courage that eventually in 1998 allowed me to make a firm declaration that I was no longer a member of his church and more importantly, that he was no longer my Messiah. That was huge for me and it was only after this that I became consciously aware of the Awakening and that I was in the midst of experiencing it happening in my own personal life.

*This blog entry is a transcript of the first half of a radio show I did on the same topic. If you would like to listen to the show, go to:


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