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Of all the things that are going on around the globe today, the most exciting phenomenon of all that is occurring is that thousands of individuals are remembering who we are, that we are divine beings who purposely chose to have the experience of being humans who have no memory of our divine roots.

The natural state of being of the divine is joy, and as divine beings we have the ability to manipulate energy in order to serve us. We chose to manipulate energy in a way that manifested in a body that we could dwell in to have the experience of acting, discovering, and experiencing life, and within this body we created a mind so we’d have something to support us within that experience. Since we chose to not remember who we are, we also chose to close ourselves off from our natural state of joy and instead allowed the mind to manufacture emotions in order to give us some sense of being alive. Basically, we decided to play a game in which, rather than to experience a consistent natural joy, we honed the mind to manufacture a wide range of emotions, from extreme highs to extreme lows, resulting in the creation of drama. This not only gives us a sense of being alive, it gives us purpose because drama provides an illusory sense of there being problems, which then gives us incentive to solve these problems, and this dynamic has been the means by which we have used to evolve as a specie. This is how life has expanded in the world of duality.

However, since we are living without feeling our natural state of joy and thus, unaware that we are the creator, we also gave the mind complete control to do what it needed to do to guide our lives. You could say we gave up our sovereignty to the mind. So, without the awareness of how to take charge of our life, we have a very difficult time dealing with some of the emotions our minds manufactures, the ones that tend to throw us out of balance. We have historically pushed such unwanted emotions away. If they’re very intense emotions or some rule, such as a religious decree tells us, “Oh, you shouldn’t be feeling that!” then we push them away. This has been our historical way of dealing with such emotions. However, in the process we’ve creating emotional aspects of ourselves that literally take on a life of their own. In other words, we manipulated energy in a way that created emotions, but then we separated ourselves from those emotions we didn’t like. And yet, since we are the creator of these emotions, they are literally part of us energetically so they never really go away. Instead, these aspects of us tend to get stuck in whatever the issue was that caused us to push them away in the first place. Since they harbor emotions that are unwanted, they literally become unwanted “children” so to speak that we abandoned, in the sense that we are their creator and yet we want nothing to do with them. You could say then that these emotional aspects are like orphans who have been abandoned by their parents, perhaps not even knowing who their parents are. In essence, they get lost in their issue and wander aimlessly in other dimensions, and from time to time we find ourselves experiencing them energetically, often wondering where the hell that came from.

Meanwhile, since we chose to forget we are divine, we have no awareness of our role in the creation of these aspects so when they show up energetically in the form of these unwanted emotions, we can easily identify with them. In other words, since we don’t know who we really are, we tend to believe we are these emotions. Like the aspects, we can then get lost in their issue and we too will wander aimlessly through life.

This is precisely what has been taking place historically. While we have been evolving through the day-to-day experience of problem solving as a result of drama, we have also been accumulating an enormous amount of emotional aspects and have been identifying with them, and thus, we have become extremely alienated from any awareness of who we really are, so much so that even though we have created an amazing world of technological and scientific advancement, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to understanding the complexities of our emotional makeup. In the field of psychology, there is no real understanding of what to do with the individuals that are so distraught that they end up in institutions. They have no idea how to solve these people’s issues because they have no idea who they are. The professionals don’t know who they are either so it’s like the blind leading the blind. Consequently, there is no shortage of individuals who will suddenly display bazaar and frightening emotions that result in tragic actions, and we have no idea why or worse, how to prevent others from suddenly exhibiting the same irrational behavior.

The solution lies in knowing who we are and the good news is that with the potential we have right now to remember who we are we also have the potential to put an end to such drama within ourselves and literally return to our natural state of joy. This can happen by going through the process of remembering who we really are, which includes slowly bringing home all our emotional aspects. Part of this process also involves re-claiming control over our lives, learning how to feel into our heart space, where the divine dwells, and to listen to it rather than to allow ourselves to be guided by the mind, which never really knows for sure what is best for us. You could say that when we gave authority over our lives to the mind, we placed our heart, or the divine, in a box, put a lid on it, and forgot it was even there.

As we go through this process, understanding what is going on can be extremely helpful. For example, since we are divine at our core, this means that whoever we think we are is actually just a role we are playing out on the stage of life. Our personality and how we perceive life contributes to the type of choices we make but it’s not a reflection of who you really are. It is a reflection of the viewpoint of the particular role we have chosen to act out. Every good movie or play has a well-written script that includes all the necessary ingredients to inspire or touch the lives of the audience in some way so that they take away from the performance something that will stay with them. Well, our lives are really just us acting out a script we have written so that our actions are a grand performance being acted out moment to moment, much like a reality TV show. And like a good movie, we have influence on the audience that shows up in our script so that others around us take away something from our performance.

When you truly understand this, you realize then that you are the actor and what you are choosing each day is just a role you’re playing but you are not the role, you are the actor. And yet, because you’ve identified so strongly with whatever thoughts and emotions your mind has manufactured, you got caught up into believing you’re the character you’re playing rather than the actor who has learned the role so well that he performs as if he was it. If an actor carried on playing the part long after the filming was finished, they would be considered strange, perhaps even mentally off. And yet, this is precisely what we do. We choose roles but then when life changes and we move on to other experiences, we tend to carry right on acting out the same old part, even though it no longer serves us at all. We are amazing actors and we can change the script anytime we want, but we usually don’t because we’re not aware of what’s going on, and this causes us to get lost in our roles, stuck in acting out the commands of the mind so that we are literally alienated from who we really are. But with knowledge of this, you can now begin the process of remembering who you are so that you can begin letting go of those old roles, which allows your emotional aspects to come home.

Since the mind is where we are playing the game of manufacturing extreme emotions, resulting in the creation of drama, which provides an illusory sense of there being problems, which then gives us incentive to solve these problems, then when the mind perceives a problem and then challenges itself to find a solution, this is still the mind’s way of maintaining control because this entire game is being played within the mind. The mind is too afraid of turning the entire game over to the heart because, well, as its creator we asked the mind to provide protection from what we considered to be an unstable heart so it’s little wonder that even the mind doesn’t trust the heart too easily.

So when it comes down to it, we’re responsible for this entire game playing experience we’re having as a human. When we chose to have no awareness of our divine nature and thus turned over control of our lives to the mind, which then began manufacturing emotions so we could feel alive, and this action then caused extreme emotions so that some were too painful to deal with, which then caused us to push them away, creating emotional aspects, we then gave the mind the task of trying to figure out a solution to having found ourselves in the dilemma of having unwanted, stuck emotions, when we were the ones who allowed ourselves to get caught up into this mess in the first place. The entire process began when we turned control of our lives over to the mind. This is why the mind came up with the idea of self-help. It sensed the soul longing to be allowed to come out of the box we placed it in, and it sensed the human becoming restless because of this, so it quickly manufactured a way to appease the human while maintaining its position as guide and commander.

What we’ve managed to create is the perception of a world that is full of problems that we feel responsible to come up with solutions to, and this has become our way of life on planet Earth. We are caught up into a game of doing. Every human perceives some form of problem in their life, whether extremely simple or vastly dramatic, and thus has some kind of reaction, be it action to solve the problem or inaction resulting in a certain degree of guilt in some cases for not doing anything about the problem. And what I am saying is that this entire game of human life as we know it is being played out in every moment within the mind. We are acting out a role. The mind sees a problem and then goes into “saving” mode when in reality this is all an illusion. Energy is being manipulated by the perceiver to appear in the form of a problem, which is really just a reflection of the perceiver’s current belief system of what life means and who they are. For example, if the perceiver is experiencing chaos, questioning why certain things are happening in their life, their outer world is going to reflect this by appearing to be in chaos as well.

The mind first creates the belief system, then questions itself, which causes emotional struggles, and this then gives the mind the opportunity to point the finger at a perceived problem that it is actually responsible for having created (although it tricks itself into thinking that something else is responsible for it), thereby allowing it to launch into another game called solution finding mode, and this is a sort of continuous loop of drama that it loves to play in because this is its way of assuring its continual existence as well as its dominance as our guide.

What is fascinating is that this continual loop can be broken by a simple shift in your perception. For example, after creating emotional aspects and then pushing them away, these aspects are going to eventually want to come back home. Like I said, they are like orphaned children and would like nothing better than to be embraced by their long lost parent, which happens to be you. This is precisely why the divine part of you writes into your script opportunities for your aspects to be experienced. Circumstances that will trigger the very emotional aspects you have created are arranged to appear right before your eyes. In this way, the divine is constantly at work to cause your outer world to reflect back to you who you have become, which includes all your emotional aspects. This is because the real you—the divine, knows what you really want even when you don’t. It knows that your greatest desire is to return to your natural state of joy (because that is who you are) and to do that, you’re going to have to come to terms with all these aspects you’ve created but have not given the time of day. So, it will bring them forth to be experienced in your face, hoping that you will accept and honor them.

When emotions show up, this is your chance to embrace and honor them and bring them home. It’s only been because we didn’t understand this that we’ve been continually pushing them away, causing the continual drama loop. When you remember that you are the creator, now you know that triggered emotions are opportunity knocking. You know that you are not these emotions. You are the divine parent who loves and adores these aspects or children. This is your moment to shine as an unconditionally loving parent and welcome your children home.

Again, it’s been lack of awareness and understanding as to who we really are and for that matter, who we are not, that has caused us to play out these mind games for so many lifetimes. As the human, we believe we are whatever our mind tells us we are (whatever it feeds us) and we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the mind into placing our focus on that so that we get completely caught up into all kinds of causes, motivated by perceived problems that are illusory, and this is precisely how we as the divine creator have manipulated energy to serve us in this world of duality. This game has been like a wild roller coaster ride, and oh what a ride it’s been. There is something about the drama of it that is so seductive that it keeps us continually coming back for more, lifetime after lifetime. It is similar to when we see an accident on the road where there are several ambulances. A part of us wants to see the gory details. This is also the reason we tend to be drawn to the negative news of the media.

However, we have played this game for so long and analyzed it along the way so much that we are now beginning to understand the nature of this game, and that it is just that—only a game! Now, we can certainly choose to continue playing the game, acting out the same old script that we’re exhausted from performing so many times, or we can choose to do something else, such as to begin identifying with who we really are as the creator. This is the first step in allowing the divine to meld with the human, which is the greatest potential of all potentials that is available to us at this time. If you choose to begin identifying with the divine as the actor rather than with your mind as the role, chances are you will have an encounter with your soul (the divine within you) that will allow you to momentarily re-experience or remember your natural state of being—joy. This in turn will bring you tremendous clarity and knowing that you really are the creator. You will just know. No one has to tell you and no one can dissuade you of what you’ve experienced. You just know.

*This article is also the first part of a two-part transcript of a radio show I did on May 18, 2011. To listen to the show, go to:


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