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In “The Process of Remembering Who You Are, Part One,” I shared that of all the things that are going on around the globe today, the most exciting phenomenon of all that is occurring is a process of remembering who we really are. This process involves connecting to your soul by re-claiming control over your life through gently shifting it away from the mind and allowing our heart to take over, and it also includes slowly bringing home your emotional aspects.

One of the best ways to connect to your divine soul is through breathing. In fact, if there ever was a short cut for having an experience with your natural state of joy, it is breathing. Take time, 5 to 15 minutes a day—even better, twice a day, to just breathe, allowing your body to completely relax. This is going to have the effect of you feeling balanced and connected within yourself. This is a feeling of being safe. You are literally training yourself to feel safe and when life brings potentially stressful circumstances, you will find that you can begin choosing to go to your safe space, thereby avoiding the stress. You will also find that you will begin experiencing moments of joy for no particular reason.

Once you’ve had such an experience your life will completely change, or shift. First, you’ll realize that somewhere inside you’ve always known you weren’t the character you were trying to play. You probably tried hard to shape-shift yourself into something you’re not in order to fit in and be accepted. Or, you may have known you’re different and tried to keep a low profile, hoping to blend in and not be noticed. Either way, you could not really be yourself and you knew it and somewhere inside you hated this about your life.

Now that you realize there was a reason you were different, that you had chosen on a soul level to step away from the typical games most humans are caught up into, your mind will attempt to carry on with its game of business as usual but you will know that you are not your mind. This is a profound realization. However, because you didn’t know this before, you have a habit of just allowing the mind to dictate to you commands which you’ve habitually agreed with, carrying them out without giving it much thought at all—in essence, you’ve been a slave to your mind, stuck in playing various characters when the real you was the actor behind the role.

However, once you know who you are, you also see the mind for what it is. You realize how you’ve been allowing it to dictate its commands to you, which means, you’ve been avoiding taking any responsibility for having created the life you have. Easier to blame someone else or even the mind for it, which is yet another game we all get caught up into—claiming to be a victim of life’s circumstances. You begin to see how you literally gave up your freedom to be in charge of your life because you didn’t really want that role. You conveniently forgot you were the commander-in-chief so that you wouldn’t have to make any real choices. You’ve been letting your mind do all the choosing but you live in your heart. You are not your mind.

Yes, you thought that it was you doing the choosing but rarely is any choice coming from your heart. Probably about 95% of all choices humans make are just games the mind is caught up into playing and have little to do with the true desire of the heart. This is why so many people are not authentic, although if you asked them they’d tell you they were. But I know from my own experience that even when I would swear up and down that I was just being who I am, somewhere deep inside I knew it was just an act. And there’s nothing wrong with acting but when you’re not aware of it, thinking instead that this is who you are, life is no fun, which is why the mind has to compensate by manufacturing emotions that will make you feel something, anything, and then you think you’re okay because you’re feeling something, even if it’s dramatic.

You have entered the process of remembering who you really are when you start seeing the mind doing its thing, looking at a perceived problem and then searching for a solution, and you realize this is all a game. None of it is real, although as the divine creator—the master manipulator of energy—you have made it appear very real in your three-dimensional world. That’s how amazing you are as a creator!

Now, depending on how attached you are to believing you were your mind, this could be just the beginning of a very long process of remembering and forgetting but nevertheless, should you choose to go through this process all the way, it will result in the end of all suffering in your life because all suffering occurs when we agree with and respond to the manufactured emotions of the mind. The truth is, the mind has actually been asking to be relieved of its duties for a very long time. All it really wants is some peace and quiet. The reason it loves to create drama is because you agreed with this game. When it has generated fear and told you that without it you would have nothing to do and will not even know you’re alive, you’ve continually bought into this. But the mind just wants some peace and quiet because deep down, that is what you really want—to experience your natural state of being, which is joy.

The mind isn’t a very good guide in terms of guiding the bigger choices in your life but it is a wonderful tool that can serve you in doing practical tasks. What you need to do is to make friends with it. Observe the game of the mind and, since you gave it this job, allow it to carry right on commanding while at the same time, when you feel ready, you begin to gently educate it, thanking it for a fantastic job well done, and then telling it that you are the master (or actor) and that you’re going to begin deciding which roles you’re going to play and which roles you’re going to let go of because they no longer serve you. Then you gently begin to re-direct the mind towards roles that its much better suited for, such as preparing for a trip or getting all the details in order to publish a book, or whatever is appropriate for you. You do this with a great deal of compassion. If you find yourself judging the mind, feeling impatient with it, that’s okay but know that loathing an illusory game you created isn’t in your best interest. Now is the time to be fully conscious of who you really are as the creator. It is time to make a new choice to let go of who you thought you were—your identification with what’s not real, by taking responsibility as the creator of the game by honoring your creation and allowing it. As your compassion for your amazing creatorship abilities expands, so will your experiences with your natural state of being. Joy will show up more often. Again, breathing is your best bet for achieving this, and as I’ve already shared, you will also notice that you are creating a safe space inside yourself where you can go to when things get turbulent.

Emotions will fly, guaranteed, for this is the habitual experience you have created that has become your life—and that’s okay. Again, honor yourself for that, for a job well done. And as you return again and again to your safe space where you know who you are, you will be able to remain in a compassionate state long enough to allow your emotional aspects to begin coming home. They will integrate within you.

I’m getting a visual of a mother hen who has many chicks to care for. At first the mother is lost, caught up into the same frantically running around life style the chicks are lost in. When those chicks see their mother, they think she’s just one of them because she looks and acts the same. Ah, but one day the mother has an experience in which she remembers that she is the mother. She is then able to re-identify with all the love and compassion a mother feels towards her children and suddenly she realizes that all she wants is to bring her chicks home where they will feel safe and comforted. So she puts out a call to all her chicks to come home. When they hear this call they’re surprised at first because they thought they knew this one, but when they look again they realize they really didn’t know her at all. And so they slowly come back to the mother.

You are the mother hen so to speak of all your emotional aspects you’ve created over the centuries. Once you feel safe within your own inner space, you put out the sounding call to all your aspects. You let them know that you are the creator, parent, God, lover—whatever role they long for, you are it. Your aspects may be scattered all over the inter-dimensional universe, but each one will hear that call, however far away they may be or however faint the call may be, and they’re curiosity will perk up. They will want to know where that call is coming from and what it is about. And as each one ventures back to the source of that call, which is you, just to see what this is all about, each eventually will feel into your energy.

The aspects that are not so stuck will be the first ones to come home. They don’t need much. Even a small safe space is good enough for them. They will recognize you as their creator and will gladly come home and you will be able to welcome them with open arms. As they come home, integrating within you, you expand in your ability to remain focused on who you are, which means your safe space expands. You literally become larger, stronger, clearer, more connected to the divine within you. This means you are now more capable of remaining steadfast in your divine presence even if a stronger, more lost, more skeptical, angry, or obnoxious aspect shows up at your door to check you out, ultimately wanting to come home too.

Make no mistake about it, each one of your aspects really do want to come home, for this is what they’ve been waiting for since the day you created them. However, they want to know if you really are their creator and if you really do want them to come home. They will check you out to see if you are real or if you are an imposter and they will know whether you are or not because they are energetically tied to you. If they feel into your energy and sense it is accepting of them and compassionate, then they will trust you enough to return, and they’re going to bring all their issues with them. This means you’re going to experience all their issues, be it anger, hate, revenge, jealousy, sexually seductive, or whatever.

As these core aspects show up and you feel their issue, it is important that you remain connected to who you really are and that you are aware and know that you are not their issue—that is not who you are. That is just a role that you have been playing but you are the actor—not that character. In such awareness and knowing, such safe energy, you can put your compassionate, energetic arms around them and welcome them home, heavy issues and all. That is what is going to allow these core aspects to integrate, which of course means you will expand all the more. You’re now even more grounded or balanced, more firmly planted in your safe space, and more able to handle even stronger issues should they show up. Eventually, this is how the core of the core aspects that you’ve most identified with, most believed in, been most stuck in, and most enslaved to, will be able to come home. This integration will eventually happen with the mind as well, for it too is an aspect of you that wants to come home. It will one day naturally recognize that all it really wants is some peace and quiet, that you are the master, and with your allowance, it too will surrender to you, turning its commander-in-chief role back over to you—to your heart.

This is the process of the expansion of you—the real you—into a safe space big enough to embrace your entire universe, the one your mind has been perceiving with all its problems and all its attempts to solve those problems. This is the universe you created and when you can embrace every single aspect of it bar none, when all your aspects have come home including your mind, that will be the day of true freedom and joy because you will have returned once and for all to your natural state of joy. This is called choosing your sovereignty. There will be no more emotional aspects remaining to pull you out of balance. Why? Because you’ve made a conscious choice to allow them all to come home without resisting or denying any aspect of yourself, and once they’re home they are safe. They no longer have any need to act out their issue again. You are the sovereign commander of them all.

This doesn’t mean they disappear, not at all. It means that it doesn’t matter to them any more. They don’t care. It’s not important to them that they have someone there to sympathize with them, or someone to vent to, or whatever they used to feel a need to act out—all these games your aspects had been playing in order to feed on others, which kept them alive and continued to give them strength or energy, identified with their issue. When you have taken the time to hear them out, to sit with their issue without judgment or a desire to get rid of them, while at the same time, not identified with them or having allowed them to feed off of you, then they surrender to you as their creator and master and give up the need to play the game. This is why they no longer need or even want to act out. They don’t care about their issue any longer because they feel safe and accepted and thus, healed. They no longer identify with their issue. They let go of their particular definition, which means you are no longer identifying with being them. You know who you are and are safe and okay with being the divine. You no longer need to look outside yourself at anything or anyone to feed upon, or to gain some kind of acceptance or approval or comfort or sympathy or whatever it is that you used to find yourself compelled to do—only because you didn’t know who you were. You didn’t realize that you had everything you needed inside yourself. You were not aware of that.

This is the beauty of the divine. It adores everything about you because it knows that you purposely chose to separate yourself from it, to forget who you were, in order to have the experience of acting, discovering, and experiencing life. It knows that such a choice automatically meant you were going to experience a lot of new things—emotions you weren’t used to. The divine knew the potential was very high that you were going to freak out and push these emotions away. It knew this meant that you were going to become emotionally distraught, alienated from yourself, lost and stuck, and would find yourself wandering aimlessly through life, perhaps through several lifetimes. But the divine has loved you through it all. It has adored every single thing about you, every choice you have ever made. It was excited to see what you would choose and it honored each choice without any judgment. It did not have any rules and regulations for you to follow. Humans made all that up—more game playing of the mind.

The melding of the divine with the human is the process of you slowly identifying with the divine, returning to these same compassionate, adoring qualities that have been inside you all along but you just didn’t remember. This process is the end of suffering because you are consciously choosing to release any need to identify with the aspect of the mind that loves to perceive a problem and then attempt to figure out a solution. This mental manufacturing of drama and your identification with it, believing this is just the way it is, that this is who you are; this is the reason you suffered. But the process of awakening to who you really are, of remembering that you are the creator, that you are the compassionate, unconditionally loving being who underneath all the drama and suffering was adoring you and cheering for you, this is what is going to allow you to ultimately experience true freedom, which means freedom from being enslaved to some aspect of you.

When you’ve reached this level of sovereignty in your life, you are free to be in charge at all times and all aspects of you have no problem with this at all. In fact, they are as happy as can be because they never wanted to be stuck in the first place. They never wanted to be separated from you, energetically distant. They’re you so all they ever wanted was to be re-united with you. You have a conscious awareness of every aspect, of why you created them in the first place and you are free to choose to play the role of whatever aspect you feel like playing, perhaps several at one time, without having the experience of them competing or battling with each other.

The process of remembering who you really are is like awakening from a dream where game playing and feeding energetically was the order of the day—slavery and entrapment—being lost in this game of illusion. You spent lifetimes locked into a particular identity of who your mind thought you were. However, today, which is a time some call the New Energy, an awakening from this dream has begun. Many are having the experience of remembering their natural state of joy, which gives them a knowing as to who they really are, and that they’re not their mind or emotions. Once you’ve had this experience, you can’t go back to business as usual. This is what your mind will attempt to do, playing whatever games you’ve felt safe playing, but somewhere inside you will know that none of it is real because that is not who you really are.

Everyone’s process is different and all go at their own pace because each of us have been historically playing our own unique games. Others have intermingled with your game but yours is a unique set of games in which you have created a unique set of emotional aspects that only you can bring home. No one else can possibly do this for you, nor is anyone else responsible for this because you alone are a sovereign creator. What you create is what you create, it’s your creation, no one else’s. They can’t bring your aspects home any more than you can bring their aspects home. How long this process takes doesn’t matter because it is unique to you and it will be your level of willingness to surrender to the divine through trusting yourself enough to step away from identifying with your aspects that will determine how long it takes.

In conclusion, of all the things that are going on around the globe today, the most exciting phenomenon of all that is occurring is that there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who know about this awakening, about this process of remembering who they really are, and for them the melding process with the divine is in full swing. They are consciously choosing to step out of the dream by identifying with the divine. Are you one of them?

*This article is also the second part of a two-part transcript of a radio show I did on May 18, 2011. To listen to the show, go to:


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