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If you meet someone and you’re both attracted to each other and decide you want to get to know each other, you begin spending time together to become familiar with each other. You want to learn about each other’s personality, your likes and dislikes, all your nuances. The more you get to know each other, the more in love you become. A part of you wants to be with the other all the time. Your love eventually expands so much that you want to meld with each other completely so that you literally become one with each other, tasting every single thing without exception. This experience has traditionally been called romance.

What I’m suggesting is that melding with the divine part of you can also be like this—like two lovers falling in love with each other. As with a lover, take time to get to know your soul. Allow the relationship to develop and unfold. Find out what your soul’s personality is like. What does it like and dislike? Discover the unique ways your soul uses to communicate with you. About seven months ago after I saw the movie, “Next” starring Nicolas Cage, I knew what I wanted was to become so much more familiar with what I call my “green light” feeling. In this movie Cage’s character has the ability to see the future—but only what’s going to happen within the next few minutes—nothing beyond. This gave him a sixth sense of sorts so that when he got an impression or saw a vision in his mind, he knew it was about the very next moment. This helped him to became familiar with how to make choices that were in service to him. Well, I made it very clear after that movie that this is exactly what I choose. I wanted to become extremely familiar with the impressions my soul gives me, the green light moments when I’m feeling compelled to act in a certain way, or to not act. When I have these knowings, I know what to choose. Without them, I feel as though choices are like a shot in the dark and I was tired of living life making choices like that. I wanted to know my soul well enough to be able to make a choice because I know—I know this is the perfect choice for me right now.

And so it was that my soul began teaching me on a new level how it communicates with me. There are several ways. Lately I’ve been receiving tons of inspiration from within. It just starts bubbling up and I immediately know something. It doesn’t matter where I’m at or what I’m doing. I might be driving, I might be grocery shopping, I might even be sitting on the toilet. I’ve learned if I’m leaving home to bring a small hand-held digital recorder with me so I can record what I’m receiving rather than lose it. A lot of what you’re reading in this book came to me in this way.

Another way my soul communicates with me is through what I call animal totems. In his book, “Animal-Speak,” Ted Andrews gives a wealth of information regarding historical cultural interpretations of various animals, birds and reptiles. In the late 90s my dear friend Doni, who I met in Phoenix, gave me this book and when something crossed my path in an unusual way that really got my attention I began referring to it to see what my soul was telling me. I’ve had enough experiences with certain animals, birds and reptiles that I’ve attributed a simple understanding to them so now when they show up in an unusual way, I automatically am reminded of the simple understanding and thank my soul for again encouraging me in this unique way. It’s as if I’ve made an agreement with my soul that if it wants to remind me of something, all it has to do is bring a particular animal, bird, or reptile into my reality in a way that really gets my attention. For example, spiders have become a sign for me that it’s time to write. In short, spiders spin webs on which they are able to capture their food, and thus a writer can weave a web that is capable of capturing the imagination and heart of the reader; pulling you into my web so to speak. That’s a simple explanation but now whenever I see a spider I feel it is reminding me to get back to writing, or to continue if I’m already writing. Bees have come to represent living the impossible because in relation to their wings, their bodies are too big proportionately and thus, aero-dynamically it doesn’t make sense that they should be able to fly. Hence, they achieve the impossible every time they fly.

Other times my soul just gives me that green light feeling. I might be shopping and wondering if I’d like a particular product or brand and suddenly I’ll get a subtle warm feeling of knowing. It’s taken me awhile to trust this but now I just express a silent appreciation and choose that product rather than continue to look, and feel fantastic because I know I’m giving myself what my soul wants—which is what I really want, and that’s the point. As a human we don’t always know what we want or need but the divine within us does know and if we trust these intuitive green light moments, we’ll discover they are our ticket to a joy-filled life. In fact, the more you trust your green light moments, or however you find that your divine Self speaks to you, the more the divine trusts you with further clarity and understanding about you. When you trust and follow, you become open to more guidance. Eventually the guidance becomes constant.

Let’s say you’re with your lover on a date. You have all evening free. You’re very much in love with this person and would do anything for them. Suddenly she suggests something she’d like to do right then, spontaneously. Are you going to get mental and tell her you need to think about it? Of course, that just might be your response but is that any way to live life? Doing so takes all the fun out of life and reduces it to being lived out of your head. I lived my life like this for over 50 years and it was seldom any fun. I had a lot of experiences that I have no memory of because I wasn’t experiencing the moment, I was analyzing it within my head. Thus, my heart wasn’t really involved. I kept it at an arm’s length. But living life like this sucks!

The melding of the divine with the human means your soul wants to begin experiencing life spontaneously like this, living it within the now moment. Can you trust yourself that much that you could act on a sudden green light impulse without any prior planning. Can you live without having to figure everything out all the time? Without needing to keep your life under control? The divine wants to move into your life for good, to experience every single thing with you 24/7. Does that feel like an invasion of privacy? If so, that’s because you don’t feel safe enough yet to let yourself be free to express in the moment and that’s because you don’t realize this divine lover is really just the real you. It’s easier to live in an illusion, whatever feels safe and comfortable for you, because doing things without the need for an agenda, which is the way the divine lives, is a threat to your need to control life and that’s okay. In fact, if it’s too much, you can talk to yourself and suggest that you need more time. Ask the divine to back off for awhile. It will absolutely oblige because your wish is its command. However, you’re going to discover that the more connection you make with your soul, the more joy you will eel, which means the more you’re going to feel compelled to just flow with your soul.

The more in love with yourself you become, the more you’re going to become so familiar and comfortable with your soul that you’re not going to be willing to settle for anything that does not give you that green light feeling. You’ll learn the art of saying no to anything that doesn’t feel good. It’s as simple as that. This doesn’t have to be complicated unless that’s what you prefer but really it’s just a matter of learning to trust yourself, making choices according to how you feel, and trusting that everything else, all those things or people you say no to, are going to be okay and that your choice is in fact, the perfect thing for them in terms of the relationship they are developing with themselves because in life, all is perfect.

The reason we don’t have such a relationship and trust with our soul now is because we were never told that the divine loves to be spontaneous, that the divine lives only in the present moment—all the time! Religion actually convinced us that God needs us to keep our lives under control so as to always avoid temptation. Worse, because of being convinced we’re flawed, we can never be sure how God feels about us. So we always feel a need to calculate our next move to make sure our choice is going to be in our best interest with regard to our relationship with God. In other words, we don’t want to do anything that just might piss God off. But let’s say you show up at the pearly gates. How would you want God to treat you? Loving? Forgiving? Compassionate? Caring? Even better, put yourself in God’s shoes. How would you treat yourself when you show up there? Would you be gentle and compassionate or judgmental and condemning towards yourself? Your answer will tell you a lot about the real relationship you have with yourself, meaning with the divine. The truth is, you are the divine so if you feel judgmental and condemning towards yourself, it’s up to you to begin forgiving yourself and having compassion for yourself when you do things you realize no longer serve you. Doing this is what loving yourself means. If you don’t love yourself with compassion and honor, no one else will either, and there certainly isn’t some god outside of you that will either. There is however, a divine entity within you and when you get to know it by identifying with all of it’s adoring, compassionate and loving characteristics, you eventually become it, which means you allow yourself to really become who you really are.

To take this a step further, what are your greatest fears? What do you worry about? Any kind of worry at all occurs only because we don’t realize we are divine. But let’s say you really get it that you are the creator. Then, wouldn’t you make sure all your needs are met? In fact, wouldn’t you give yourself every single thing you want. I mean after all, you’re God so why wouldn’t you be like the genie in the bottle and give yourself all those things you want? Well, this is precisely what can happen if we believe it. The beauty of life is that if you ask it will be given. You don’t have to do anything to prove your worthiness at all. You just have to allow it to show up in your life. Allowance means to trust. Can you trust yourself enough to know that all is well in your world? That you’ll absolutely receive everything you want? Think about it. The divine part of you adores and loves you unconditionally. Why would the divine give you a rock when you ask for diamond? It’s unthinkable. The trick is to be open to how it shows up and when it shows up because the divine operates on an entirely different timetable than the 3D world.

Picture this: Your 4 year-old granddaughter comes running up to you, jumps into your lap and with a big smile, gives you the sweetest hug in the world while telling you she loves you. Your heart is melted. Then she looks at you with that innocent look and asks for some ice cream. What do you think your response is going to be? Will you need her to earn it? Prove to you she’s worthy? No! Grandparents represent God because they’re unconditional. While they were raising their kids they were still learning how to love, placing conditions on their love but when those grandchildren come along, they’re in heaven. They are the joy of their life and it’s normal for them to want to spoil them. Well, the divine inside you is like a grandparent. It doesn’t mind spoiling you. In fact, the concept of spoiling is old energy. You can never go wrong to want to give yourself an experience—any kind of experience, it doesn’t matter. The sky is the limit when it comes to dreams. You are your own genie in the bottle and your wish is its command.

But, so often in life, even though we have dreams, we don’t believe we can have the joyful experience of having them come true. This is because we don’t know who we are. When you know, you trust and trust means having faith. Without faith, it can’t happen. Complaint and impatience will only hold what you’ve asked for at an arm’s length. This is because you receive what you focus on, for that is what you are asking for. So faith is believing in something without having the evidence of it yet.

However, faith often gets usurped by our emotional aspects. When aspects show up you want to let them go but letting them go is not the same as pushing them away. In your own safe space, go into the emotions. Go into the rage that may be there, or the sadness or whatever it is. Now, continue breathing. Stay in your divine Self. It is as if your divine Self is the foundation and the house that is providing the safe space for these aspects to come home and some of them come stomping in the door and slamming it behind them and screaming and shouting but they will not tear down your divine house. They are simply waiting to be heard, to be felt, and to be accepted. Your aspects are looking for someone who can receive everything that they are, who is strong enough to bring their issues into balance. So if you need to express—scream, yell, cry, whatever it is, let those emotions be expressed. Allow them to come up because within those emotions that are carried by the aspects is a tremendous amount of your energy. They’re not wrong. They’re well founded. Anyone would feel these things after some of the things that have probably happened to your aspects. I say this very carefully because these experiences did not happen to you. They happened to your aspects. These terrible things, these difficult stories, whatever you went through, they happened to aspects of you, not to you, the you that you are, the I am of you. It is pure, clear, strong, balanced and whole. This is the part of you that can open up and let these emotions, these aspects of you be felt and expressed.

When you do this, make sure to keep breathing. It is vital that you breathe. And breathe feelings into your belly. This is allowing the energy to flow and move, coming back to you, re-melding, re-mixing in with all that you are. It is your creative energy. It is as if it has been stuck out in other dimensions frozen so that there has been very little to actually create with inside you, and as the aspect comes back into the house of you, you become more whole and complete. There is now more of you to cope with life, to create and to express—but you have to let them come home. You can make this choice on your own. It is not something you necessarily need facilitation for because you are very wise and very strong within yourself. When you are in your safe space, you are safe in your world and because of this, you are safe around others. You cannot hurt others nor can they hurt you.

Maybe you have aspects of you that are convinced they are worthless. If so, they too are just aspects, they are not who you really are. They aren’t as flashy and loud as other ones but they can sometimes be more insidious. In fact, they can be easier to believe. In other words, you know you would never kill anybody (like another aspect feels like doing sometimes), you know that’s not who you really are, and yet it is so easy to believe you are not so good, not so worthy, not so handsome, not so pretty, not so pleasing, whatever it may be. This is much more easier to believe which is why I say they are more insidious than these other ones that are much more fierce. When these feelings of worthlessness or even low worth come in, breathe them in. Breathe with yourself and then make a new choice. In a sense, these might be more difficult to deal with because it is easier to just fall into that melancholy, that darkness of self-loathing. It is so seductive. It calls you in and eats away at your confidence. You feel a victim to it, it takes your joy, it takes your life essence, but it’s not you. It is aspects of you, taking your joy, taking your energy, but you do not have to be a victim to it.

The solution for this comes back to loving yourself intimately, deeply, and daily. It would also serve you, though it may be difficult perhaps at first, to make the conscious choice to accept all of you. In other words, when you get up in the morning and prepare for your day, take a few minutes, three to five minutes, stand before the mirror, whether clothed or naked, or it can be different each day, but stand before the mirror and look into your eyes. Touch your face, caress yourself, smile to yourself, and speak to yourself, “I am beautiful, I am worthy. I am very smart, I am wise.” Whatever you can come up with to say that you can accept. It might seem contrived at first. It might seem rather silly if not difficult to do at first but in a sense you are reprogramming yourself.

Sometimes I create a couple of characters to play with this. I give one a high-pitched voice and call him Frank. The other is Charlie and he has a deep low voice. The two will converse with each other. “Good morning Charlie, how are things on this fine scrumptious morning?” “On gee Frank ah, things couldn’t be better. Thanks for asking.” To which Frank responds, “You know Charlie, I’ve been thinking. I choose an easy life. I choose an abundant life. I choose love. I choose adventure. What do you think about that Charlie?” Charlie gets all excited about that. “Yes Frank, that sounds fantastic. That’s exactly what I was thinking in fact. Gee how did you know Frank? I love my life too. I’ve had it with suffering. No more suffering!!! Gee thanks Frank!” “Don’t mention Charlie, that’s what friends are for. Okay, so today everything is going to be in service to me! Have a great one Charlie” “You too Frank!” Our conversation varies from day-to-day and it can happen at any time of the day. Sometimes Frank and Charlie will even use curse words. I love to do that because it always gets me laughing my ass off. So using any means to lighten up and smile is worth doing.

In a sense, you are creating new aspects, but aspects now that serve you, that can remain integrated. You are choosing to create an aspect that loves your body and that thinks it’s pretty darn good. You can create an aspect that is confident. This aspect doesn’t have to get stuck. It doesn’t have to get all cocky and haughty and mean to others. It is an aspect that can serve you. When you are feeling low or unworthy, you can call forth the aspect that you created who feels confident, who knows his worth, and you breathe that in. You see aspects themselves are not good or bad. They are just expressions of a creator. These aspects of you that had all these difficult experiences, you created it that way. It keeps your soul pure and clear, while all those parts of you go off and have their experience. But very often if there is a traumatic experience, they get stuck out there, away from you, in their trauma and sometimes it takes a long time to come back.

However, a true creator can create aspects at any time he wishes that go out to serve you and don’t get stuck. As an example, let’s say you create a confident aspect. He stands up straight, breathes deeply, smiles at everyone—very confident. And let’s say in that confidence he walks up to someone and says something that puts his foot in his mouth. Well, in the past that confident aspect may have gotten stuck, saying, “Well, I’m never going to get such a big head again. I’m never going to believe in myself that much again because I made a fool of myself.” But you see, when you consciously create an aspect and that aspect goes out and makes a fool of himself, then you breathe it back in. You say, “That’s okay, that was an interesting experience but this confident aspect still serves me. It doesn’t need to get stuck. It can come and go as I need it.” Then you take a deep breath and you allow that confident aspect to keep serving you, to keep flowing through you when you need it, when you choose it.

So you can begin creating these parts of you that love you, that respect you, that accept you, that are confident. Start every day in the morning. Choose to create, or choose to nurture the confident aspect, the worthy aspect. Play with this. Go beyond what I’m suggesting here. Play with this in ways that will serve you. A true creator allows all energy to serve them. A true creator creates aspects that are fully integrated that he can call forth at anytime to serve him. They do not get stuck because he breathes them back in with full acceptance. Do you see the incredible potentials available to you as you integrate all these parts of you that have been stuck? There is more of you now, more of your consciousness and energy to create new parts of you that truly are in service and love and honor that do not get stuck.

Even your mind is just an aspect of you. It is a part of you but it’s not who you really are. Oh, it can get very stuck in its mind loops but rather than fighting this, you can create a new mind aspect that thinks useful and productive thoughts, thoughts that you like instead of those mind loop thoughts you don’t like. You are the creator and you can create any part or expression of you that serves you in the moment. You do not need to be a victim even to your mind or a victim to your thoughts because you are the creator. When you feel you are a victim or stuck in negative emotions, remember who you are. “I am the creator. I created these thoughts. I created these emotions. I accept them. I breathe them in, and I choose to create something new.” It is not about denying what you feel but it is about understanding that you are the creator of it and therefore it does not own you. You can even invite your mind to come with you into the new consciousness. “Dear mind, if you want to continue playing in your mind-loops that’s fine but I’m not going there with you any longer. I have no more need to control my life or to have an agenda. I invite you join me in this adventure. Everything is going to work out because I am that I am. This is what I choose dear mind.”

Consider the young man who shot Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona in January 2011. He did not have any idea who he really is. He believed the thoughts that were running around in his mind-loop so much he was convinced this is who he was. Thus, he actually acted out what his mind was telling him to do. There are others out there who harbor the same kind of emotion he had, who have no idea who they really are and who are thus listening to and following what their minds are telling them to do.

There are a lot of ways that society tries to catch such potential behavior ahead of time and hopefully stop it from turning into tragedy. The only way someone can know what to do with such emotions when they’re experiencing them is when they know who they are. And this is the one thing the society has not been teaching anyone—who they really are. That is why I created my radio show. We are divine beings having a human experience and every child has a right to be taught the truth about this. Knowing this opens the door to actually connect with the I am within, which is the next necessary step that kids need to be taught. Someone needs to show them how to access the deep loving, compassionate part of them because it is who they really are. This is what I learned by trial and error, on my own, with little help. It’s so important to develop such a deep foundation within that you know clearly that your aspects are not who you are. And then it’s a matter of cultivating trust in yourself—the real you. Truly trusting yourself that you have the compassion and love within to allow such heavy, frightening emotions to be felt and to come home.

Imagine if children were taught to fall in love with themselves, with their beautiful creative, compassionate, loving aspects. What a difference they would have when they enter adolescence in terms of what kids go through trying to understand what relationships are. So often because kids don’t know who they are they feel compelled to look for themselves through others and often this means through romantic relationships. Such relationships at early ages such as 12-18, can easily be very confusing. If these kids were taught who they are so that they have a deep-seated confidence in themselves, rooted in a love of the divine, these growing years would be so much easier.

So again, take time to get to know your soul. Allow the relationship to develop and unfold. Find out what your soul’s personality is like. What does it like and dislike? Discover the unique ways your soul uses to communicate with you.


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