Posted by: justbewhoyouare | July 26, 2011


In January the nation was shocked with the news of the shooting of Representative Giffords. Six months later the world is stunned by the news of the deaths of 76 people in Norway. The truth is, hardly a week goes by that doesn’t include news of madness in one form or another taking place around the globe, humans killing humans, and there are natural disasters as well. Many are left scratching their heads in sheer wonder. Why is this happening? If it can happen in a peaceful place like Norway, or in a small town in Missouri, it appears as though no place can be considered safe.  Our lives are at risk even while we are asleep in our beds.

The killer in Norway allegedly claims he was trying to protect the nation from a perceived enemy, and this is really the crux of it. He’s not the only one. Everyone has a perceived enemy. Even if you’re the religious type, serve people and offer smiles, even you will claim you have an enemy in the dark side. Whether you call it the devil, Satan or whatever, isn’t important. We humans have been engaged historically is a battle against what we perceive as dark forces, and that battle has not only occurred within us as we fight against so-called right and wrong attitudes, it has occurred on the outside too.

Initially in the early days of humanity, one tribe felt unsafe when around another tribe and thus, saw them as an enemy to battle, and battle they did, but as the years passed and the planet populated, the enemy got bigger. Entire nations or races were considered unsafe and thus, an enemy to be battled, and battle they did. In more recent history individuals such as Kaiser Wilhelm and later, Adolph Hitler, used their political power to wage war against their perceived enemies. Their actions made the world unsafe and the allies, understandably so, saw these individuals as yet another enemy to battle, and battle they did. Today the enemy still exists, not necessarily by individuals attempting to use political power to conquer their perceived enemies, although that does still exist, but now individuals are using terrorism to attempt to destroy their own perceived enemies. And then we have individuals such as this Norwegian killer, who fear what they perceive to be terrorists. We even have governments who fear terrorists, and so the battle continues, each taking up arms in their own way. Whether its using bombs, going on a shooting spree, or fighting the so-called war on terrorism, everyone has a perceived enemy to battle, and the battle continues.

The point is, whether you’re a terrorist, western politician, disillusioned young person, or just your average Joe or Jane going about your business just trying to do right and live free, you have a perceived enemy and thus, feel the world is not safe, so you believe you have to protect yourself against your perceived enemy, and herein lies the problem. Energy exists in service to humanity. It cannot be created nor destroyed, it just is and it exists in a neutral space. It has no agenda. We are beings of consciousness and you could say we are master manipulators of energy. We manipulate it through the vibration we emit. Energy will support 100% any vibration we choose.

As a being of consciousness we are emitting waves of vibration from within us at all times. If you’re even half sensitive, you can always feel such vibrations when someone is looking at you. What hasn’t been clear until recently is that our outer world is simply a reflection of the level of vibration we are emitting. The problem is, most humans are emitting vibrations they are completely unaware of and because of this, when their outer world reflects to them situations and circumstances that appear to be unexplainable, they believe they are a victim of unseen forces. Make no mistake about it however. We are all responsible for every single thing that appears in our world. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “that which we resist, persists.” Well, the truth is, it doesn’t just persist, it gets bigger. Anything we don’t want in our world, such as the feeling of being unsafe due to a perceived enemy, we tend to point the finger at and do whatever we can to eliminate it, or push it away. What we don’t realize is that when you give something so much unwanted attention, your vibration emits fear and frustration, regardless of what your words and actions may be. Remember, energy conspires to support whatever vibration we are emitting. It has no agenda. It’s completely neutral. By default we wind up causing an issue to get bigger and bigger because we’re not aware of what we’re vibrating.

The truth is, each of us harbors these perceived enemies on the inside of us. I call them “dark” emotional aspects, such as hate, anger, jealousy, and greed, as opposed to their opposites, good or “light” aspects, such as joy, peace and love. They are both who we are. We created a world of duality and the contrast it provides because we wanted to have the experience of expanding our hearts. What better way than through the push/pull struggle between opposites. The evolution of the human race has occurred as a result of this struggle. But this contrast is ultimately an illusion. The light and dark are really one and the same. The reason the dark has become such a strong force in the world is because it caused us to feel so unsafe we pointed the finger at it, created a perceived enemy, and expressed from within the very vibration we did not want in our attempt to destroy the enemy. Fear and hatred towards a fearful, hateful enemy causes the enemy to get bigger because vibrations attract other vibrations of the same. It is a natural law. So, along with improved living conditions, our perceived enemies have continued to grow.

The reason the presence of these dark aspects causes inner conflict is because we’ve been taught they are wrong, not of God, and thus, need to be denied. So, when even the slightest sign of them appears, and they always do because they are a natural part of who we are, we fear these dark emotions and instantaneously push them away. Unfortunately, this causes us to become numb to ourselves and to each other. Because of our historical fear of the dark and consequential training (by religion) to avoid it, we have become skilled at denial. Meanwhile, we have created lifestyles (including goals) that keep us so busy all the time there’s no time to ever observe the truth about ourselves anyway. Oops, is that anger or sadness bubbling up? No time for that, got to finish my project. And so it goes in our twenty-first century lifestyles.

However, we are now living in a time in which even with our busy lifestyles and well designed beliefs that we need to avoid such emotions at all costs, it is getting harder and harder to ignore this conflict going on within. This is extremely disconcerting to say the least and most don’t have a clue what to do. So, we tend to look outside for someone or something to blame for the way we are feeling and we take it out on them, or we blame ourselves for our frustrations, chastising ourselves for not being “better” and then punishing ourselves by (without realizing it) by withholding the very love from ourselves that could actually heal these aspects.

Either way, the result is that most of us are exhausted, tired of constantly trying to shape shift ourselves into a box that is socially acceptable, and sooner or later something has to give. The very nature of energy does not allow anything to remain stagnant for very long. When dark vibrations go out, energy picks up on them and sends a reflection of them right back to us, in our face. Sooner or later an act such as the Arizona or Norwegian killings occurs. These events that we observe in the outer world are but a reflection of the vibrations that have been brewing in our inner world for a long time. And when enough of us harbor frustrated unexpressed thoughts and emotions long enough, a collective consciousness of frustrated vibrations is created that literally manifests itself energetically in a large event.

When such events occur, compassion naturally flows out of us because compassion is the very essence of who we are though we seldom experience it, let alone express it, especially not to ourselves. Usually it takes just such an event to draw it out of us. But if the truth be told, we are divine conscious beings having a human experience and as long as we remain ignorant of this reality we will continue to suffer, both individually and collectively, which means we will continue to see such tragic acts of violence occurring in our outer world because of our failure to resolve the emotional aspects we have created in our inner world.

Everyone believes only the divine could solve these problems. That’s absolutely correct. The problem is, we think we are separate from the divine so we don’t feel we could possibly solve our problems. However, I’m saying to find a solution that really works we must accept that we are the divine creator, each one of us, and we all have within us the divine unconditional love and compassion that is capable of melting even the most revengeful murderous heart. Equally important is that we must begin loving ourselves unconditionally because you can only love another to the degree you can love yourself. To do this, we need to go inside ourselves where we must come face to face with our own so-called demons—those aspects of ourselves we feel are unforgivable, and we must accept them and give them our unconditional compassion. This is true love. Doing so allows these aspects to be brought into balance so they no longer battle with each other. This also allows us to become authentic and real.

It is time to come to terms with our disdain for our own dark emotions. It’s hard to be real when there are several emotional aspects running our lives at any given time. More often than not their presence thwarts any genuine desire for expression that springs forth from within our heart. It’s as though the divine within (unconditional love—who we really are) has been historically held hostage by our dark aspects, the ones that refuse to give such love. What these emotions want is to be accepted and embraced by their creator—us! But the embrace has to be genuine. The only way to give them genuine love is to begin cultivating it within. The truth is, there is nothing more unauthentic than a bunch of humans living on a planet pretending to be victims of their own dark emotions as well as those on the outside who allow such emotions to grow so big that they become completely convinced that’s who they are. It’s time to begin teaching our youth who they really are. When you know you are divine, you also know you are capable of going inside and creating a space in there where you feel completely safe and loved. This allows you to freely go into the world and express this love without fear, because you are safe on the inside, since that is what you are emitting from within. You are literally in touch with who you really are.

If each one of us were willing to take this kind of responsibility—to love ourselves unconditionally (I mean all aspects of ourselves including our so called horrible parts) we would be free to love others unconditionally too. This would begin creating a different kind of consciousness, one of peaceful, compassionate emotions. Those with malicious intent could potentially tap into such consciousness. Suddenly such a person could begin questioning their motives and might just choose to give up their plans entirely. It’s even possible that a spontaneous feeling of peace could take them by surprise and cause them to let go of the need to act out on their own murderous emotional aspects. Such experience of inner peace would be a reflection of the collective vibration of compassion that is vibrating from us, if that’s what we choose to create. In other words, instead of hating and pushing away a perceived enemy, why not love and embrace it? It’s the one solution we never considered because we thought that’s what would make it get bigger but the opposite approach is what has actually made it get bigger.

How much suffering will it take to motivate us to go within and cultivate the kind of love necessary to melt the heavy, angry, revengeful consciousness that we have collectively created? That is entirely up to us. I invite you to consider that you have the love within that can do this. You can begin by giving it to yourself—now. That alone will cause a huge shift in the collective consciousness.


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