Posted by: justbewhoyouare | September 19, 2011

Coming Face-to-Face with Myself

It has been a very interesting past couple of weeks, as I have observed my external finances dwindle down to nearly nothing. In the midst of it, I have had to come face-to-face with myself, with everything I have created. There was a time when I would’ve gotten very angry with my soul when my checkbook balance was in single digits and I had bills sitting on my desk, as this isn’t the first time I’ve faced such a situation. I’ve had to accept the fact that there must still be a reason I want to continually create lack in my life, or I wouldn’t be choosing it.

So, I’ve been taking time to just be with myself, allowing my mind to go around and around with all its analyzing and attempts to figure it all out—not attempting in any way to resist this. I’ve also been allowing myself to just be with aspects that have been popping up from time to time, such as aspects of frustration and anger, aspects that are jealous of others when I read of their “success,” aspects that crave sexual touch, that ache for love, aspects that still want to blame others for my situation, the ones that still cling strongly to a belief in being a victim, aspects that are greedy for enlightenment, wanting to put an end to what is—and many other aspects. I’ve been concentrating on breathing and acceptance, and I’m finding a joy for all these aspects because they are just part of the experience of life and they are slowly finding their way into balance and integration.

What I’ve perhaps learned more than anything else is that most of these aspects have their roots in deep-seated beliefs of not being worthy and therefore, believing an outside God is withholding abundance from me; beliefs about not being good enough to experience touch and sexual contact, and a belief that God doesn’t want me to experience this; and a belief in being a sinner and thus having to pay my dues in order to receive God’s grace. As much as I thought I’d let go of all these old out-dated beliefs, suddenly they’ve all been once again rising to the surface, and as they’ve been showing up, I’ve been choosing to simply appreciate and honor myself for being such a grand creator that at one time I chose to buy into each one of these beliefs.

Most importantly, unlike anytime in the past, I’ve been choosing to not identify with their issue, which is what has been keeping these illusory aspects alive and seemingly real within me, and which is also the reason my outer world has continued to reflect their issues as well, for indeed what we see showing up in our world is a reflection of the most deep-seated beliefs we carry, the ones we’re usually not aware of or deny we harbor. As I’ve been allowing myself to just be, what’s been happening is that a deep trust is developing within me, a trust in myself, in knowing I am the creator and that all is well, in knowing that everything is going to somehow workout.

I am not alone in choosing to give myself this experience, which is that of allowing my soul to meld with me at this time. As many of you already know, this is actually a worldwide phenomenon. In this time of the New Energy, all humans are being called by their soul to have a look within, to take an inventory, to find out who you really are, which also means who you have believed you are but in reality, was only just illusion. The world is an intense place right now. The basic pillars of society appear to be crumbling, or at least, we are beginning to realize they do not have any better solutions than anyone else. It can be quite disconcerting to wake up one day and suddenly realize that the institutions you’ve been placing all your faith in, whether that’s the government, the banks, the churches, the stock market, or anything else you’ve placed your trust in, are not actually capable of providing you the security you thought they were. But this is what is beginning to happen and it is a symptom of the Awakening, that is, it is a wake up call, a time to begin taking your focus off of these external institutions and instead, going within where the divine dwells, and finding the true source of safety and protection on the inside. Now is the time to breathe and allow whatever comes up to just be, and to accept responsibility for having created it all—everything that’s going on inside you, and everything that is showing up outside you. This is how everything eventually will come into balance and you will find a joy you never knew was possible.

To this end I have dedicated my life to learning about who I am and to understanding how to make peace with all these aspects of myself that have so often wreaked havoc, and every step of the way I’ve been sharing my experience with you. This is what my blog, products, and radio show have all been about. If you can relate to anything I’ve been sharing, and would like some support in traversing the intense waters of your day-to-day world, I invite you to research my website.

There you will find several products that offer tremendous insights about this melding with the divine process that each of us is going through. You’ll also find an opportunity to work with me as a spiritual coach. My experiences over the last 12+ years have given me lots of awareness about my own emotional aspects, and of how to bring them into balance. I can help you with integrating yours, if this is what you truly desire. Also on my website you’ll find access to my radio show with over 40 free episodes to listen to. Further, this blog has over 57 free articles, and they + my radio shows are all chocked full of my heart and wisdom.

Beyond this, if you resonate with my work and feel compelled to assist me, any amount of donation is always appreciated. Y ou can do so by clicking here: Donations

I am currently re-evaluating my work, that is to say, as I breathe and accept my current situation, I am asking my soul for clarity regarding what is the next step for me. I will keep you all posted on what decisions I make. I love and appreciate you all.

Paul Reinig


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