Posted by: justbewhoyouare | October 1, 2011

Surrendering Into the Unknown

One month ago at the outset of September, I celebrated the anniversary of one year on the radio. During that time I had several amazing guests on my show and received an enormous amount of wisdom flowing through my handwriting and speaking. In March I began condensing it down into what has become my next book: “Heaven Is Now: Handbook for Emotionally Challenging Times.”

On September 1st I was beginning what I considered then to be the 3rd and final edit of the book before publishing it, and then a funny thing happened. The wisdom I was receiving each week that became the contents of the following week’s radio show stopped, and my finances seemed to stop flowing as well. At that time I received very clearly from my soul that it was time to take a break from doing the show. Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last several years, it’s to listen to such inner guidance. However, I resisted this bit of information, and yet, because I had nothing new to share, I chose to do an anniversary review for my first radio show in September. Fine. It was a wonderful review and I enjoyed it. However, two weeks ago I still had nothing new to say, so I then chose to re-play a recent show I considered to be landmark.

Well, about a week ago it became even more clear to me that I needed to take a break from the show for an unknown period of time, so that is exactly what I am now choosing to do. And regarding the book, I also received quite clearly that it’s not finished yet, even though my mind thought it was. A few days ago my soul pointed out that there’s still more to add to it. The book is divided into Four Sections:

I) Who We Are, Why We Are Here, Where We Have Been, and Where We Are Going

II) Tools For Releasing the Illusion

III) Personal Experience with Releasing the Illusion

IV) Becoming a Master of Life

My soul made it very clear that the first three Sections are terrific stuff, capable of helping anyone who is becoming aware of the Awakening that is taking place at this time around the globe. However, I learned that Section IV will be for the advanced student and that the contents have not even been written yet because I still need to experience them. Therefore, the book is also on hold until I have the life’s experience that will then become the contents of this last Section. How do you like them apples? Hahaha. Such is life in the New Energy!

So, this update is to let you know that basically everything I’ve been about for the last several years has come to a grinding halt, and the time has come for me to surrender to my soul on an entirely new level, which I am now choosing to do. This means until further notice, there will be no radio show, blog posts, or new book. That having been said, this doesn’t negate the fact that there are still 40+ shows and 57 blog posts here, both available for free that you can go to at any time for guidance.

One thing about me is that I don’t channel another entity, so if you have friends who are beginning to ask you about the Awakening (not necessarily asked like that, but they are indicating an interest in knowing more about you—how you came to be who you are), I highly recommend sending them to my website. This is especially true if you feel they would not be open to the idea of “channeled material.” On the home page of my website I have links posted to several YouTube videos that are great for introducing the Awakening and how to deal with emotional challenges: Website

In addition, on the radio show page of my website, I have links to several shows I consider to be some of my best material for navigating through the waters of this seemingly chaotic world. So if you have such a friend or family, send them here: Radio Show

Meanwhile, donations of any amount will always be appreciated: Donations

I don’t really know what’s in store for me in the coming months ahead, but I’m excited and will definitely keep all of you posted about what is developing in my life. I truly appreciate your continual support, whether it is financial, energetic, or simply sending me you’re compassion and understanding.

Have a fantastic October.

Love and Blessings, Paul Reinig



  1. Hi Paul, Time for even more experiential fun for us! Yes, indeed. Thank you for sharing! Wonderful. Letting these creations go so they can expand & morph into an ever evolving & new way of sharing our experiences. Much Love as you expand.

    • Hi Kirsten. Thank you for your warm encouragement and support. It is truly an expansional time and yes, letting go and allowing for the new. Blessings and much love to you my friend as well…:)

  2. All of these articles listed below are tremendous opportunities for awakening to true love and life everlasting. It’s true, the media Government power elite aren’t God, all of us are! Therefore we don’t need to be controlled by the authorities and the popular TV culture. Just pray around them, it’s amazing how they will release their hold on you when the God in you is stronger than the (evil) God in them.
    It is likely true that there is more evil in the world all around us, yet Good is still stronger. Collectively, the sum of spiritually must outweigh the wealthy evil power elite. They want us to believe they can destroy God’s creation on earth in the ominious 2012. They will certainly try. We must be alert an Pray.

    • Thank you for your words Christy. And I just wanted to clarify one thing. Remember, there is no “evil” out there in the truest sense. What we perceive in the world is what is within us. So, when we embrace and accept these aspects of ourselves, they integrate. Then, the outer world naturally begins to shift as well. There’s nothing we have to do to change the world because it doesn’t need changing, and because there is no enemy. The idea of evil and enemy and all that was made up in the mind and is based on judgment. The new energy is about letting go of all judgment. In fact, all definitions period. Our job is to love every single thing about ourselves bar none, and everything else takes care of itself. Blessings dear friend…:)

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