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Humanity is facing a dilemma of major proportions today and it’s probably not what you think it is. What’s happening on a global level right now is that the divine is calling humanity to wake up from an illusion we’ve been living with historically, that we are separate from it. We are in the midst of “The Awakening” and the waking up process is one where the divine within us is asking us if it can come home to our heart and (big surprise) move in—to stay! The question is, are we ready to have the divine (unconditional love) move into our lives? Before you answer, consider this: We are incredibly magnificent divine beings of consciousness who are capable of working magic in our lives if we could only completely accept this about ourselves. This means unconditional love is our natural state of being!

Now, when I say we are divine, I’m talking about at our core. Of course, the human personality that we are is not THE infinite divine. However, a divine consciousness, called the soul, lives deep within each of us, and this is who we really are. We just haven’t known this or believed this and that is why we haven’t been able to live like divine beings. As it turns out, all of us have already given permission at the soul level for the divine to begin moving into our personal lives, and once that permission was given a new energy was birthed in which energy no longer works the way it used to. The push/pull model of duality that catapulted us into the modern age no longer works.

What the Awakening process involves is that all the illusions we’ve all built up within us (and now stubbornly cling onto), particularly the ones that keep us convinced we’re separate from the divine and therefore incapable of loving as the divine (unconditionally), which also serve as justification for remaining conditional in our love, are slowly being challenged at a core level within each of us. These and other illusions are in fact beginning to crumble. Our perception of finances, government, business, and even religion—everything we ever thought about these institutions, is now being questioned within us on a soul level. That part of us is asking some serious questions like, “Who am I any way? and What is happening to me?”

The answer to these questions can be found in the Awakening process itself and here is how the process works. Each of us has built up an enormous amount of “emotional aspects” that we’ve pushed away but are energetically tied to because we are their creator. Maybe when you were a kid you were picked on a lot, so you felt isolated and lonely. Or maybe when you wanted to express yourself at home your parents told you to shut up. Regardless of how they were triggered, you experienced emotions that were too painful to deal with in the moment.

At that time you didn’t know you had access to a compassionate and loving divine being that was (and still is) dwelling right inside you. Had you known you had such love inside you, in that very moment you could have embraced the pain and then released it by allowing it to flow through you without holding onto it, judging it, or needing to change it. In this way, such pain would not have gotten stuck within your psyche, but because you didn’t know your true identity (the compassionate loving being that you are), you instead created these emotional aspects and then pushed them away as unwanted.

Again, your emotional aspects are energetically attached to you and because energy always seeks resolution, your aspects are always seeking resolution. This means they will always find their way back into your face because you are their parent, so to speak. Once in awhile when circumstances similar to the moment when you created an aspect occurs in your now moment, an emotional aspect makes itself known. Somebody might say something that causes you to fly off the hook and you might wonder where the hell that came from. What’s happening is that these aspects are seeking your acceptance and love—something you didn’t, even couldn’t give them at the time you created them.

However, most people’s typical reaction to anything that triggers them emotionally is to either confront the person or situation, or resign to accept it, feeling there’s nothing they can do about it anyway. Either way, these responses are that of a victim. Even if you choose to confront the other and manage to convince them to back off, or to admit they were “wrong,” if you haven’t honored and accepted your own emotions and acknowledged that you are their creator, they will stay with you. They simply become dormant until another opportunity arises in which they can again come out of hiding. This means whatever it is outside you that triggers them is not the real reason you are being triggered. You are the reason.

Some of us carry such heavy emotional aspects with us that we feel the divine hates us because no matter what we do, situations and circumstances continue to show up that trigger our pain, and thus follow us around like a shadow. But what such feelings of anger towards the divine actually represent are the way we feel about ourselves because when we choose not to love and accept all experiences as the creator of them, in effect we abandon ourselves, that is, our unconditionally loving nature, as well as that of being a creator.

The fact that we each have emotional aspects that want to be resolved is the cause of our dilemma. The return of our aspects is escalating within each of us on a global level, so that life is getting more intense for all of us. It’s getting harder to be in our own skin because the aspects want to come home but when they show up at our door, we’re not really home to allow them in like the master did in the story of the Prodigal Son (when he killed the fatted calf and celebrated his son’s return). Instead, there is an imposter at home—another aspect that believes it’s a victim, and it doesn’t take too kindly to seeing another aspect at its door. Thus, aspects seldom come home, causing their issue to only grow bigger. This is because the divine being that we are isn’t being allowed by us (or I should say, by our aspects) to greet them at the door.

Each time you create another emotional aspect you identify with it, as if that’s who you are. In other words, your perception becomes your reality. A new belief is then born. Then, you begin to mold your identity around these beliefs and your story becomes that you are a victim. Gradually this has caused you to feel less capable of allowing the fullness of who you really are—infinite love and compassion—to be expressed, and that is the dilemma!

Meanwhile, as part of the Awakening process, the divine in us will allow us a glimpse from time to time of our real nature of unconditional love and compassion, which feels fantastic. However, while this may feel good, because of our illusion of being separate from the divine (and therefore flawed by the way—another illusion we cling onto), we may express appreciation in the moment, but our tendency is to then slip right back into the illusion of separation, and therefore of being a victim, because any belief we hold that says we’re separate from the divine guarantees that we also hold another belief in being a victim of life’s circumstances. In other words, just when we we’re beginning to experience a reunion with our soul, our aspects basically mutiny and take over the house.

The only way the divine is going to be allowed to move in to stay is if we make a conscious choice to open our hearts up and allow it’s unconditional love to be expressed through us, beginning with expressing it towards ourselves. This is a tall order and no easy task given the fact that we are extremely attached to our aspects. They’ve actually become our friends so that we don’t mind identifying with their issues, whatever they may be, whenever they show up. In this way, most of us actually need a certain amount of drama in our lives to feel normal so we can tell everyone we know about our struggles. It solicits the compassion of others, reinforcing our story. This is quite normal as part of life on planet earth, but it doesn’t allow anything unconditional to stay. Such an idea is just too scary for the victim aspects.

However, the only thing that is going to get us through the challenges we’re facing, both currently and what’s coming, will be if we choose to make a conscious choice to surrender to love, and by that I mean, to open up our hearts and accept, as the creator, all those unwanted things, people, circumstances, and situations that show up. Acceptance of our creatorship stops the resistance, which then frees up the energy to find its own natural resolution. In fact, the reason life is intensifying is precisely because of our resistance to it. Pushing it away, trying to change it, only causes it to get stronger. As I said, the push/pull dynamic no longer works. Now, when you push against it, energy pushes back, and it’s force can be fierce.

The unconditional love I’m speaking about is not what you probably think it is either. All those thoughts you harbor that insist you’re a victim in need of being saved, they are not coming from your heart. This is your mind speaking and you are not your mind. The divine doesn’t dwell in your mind. It dwells in your heart, which is also the place where creativity is birthed. So when I say loving yourself unconditionally, I’m referring to letting go of the controls you have on your life, including all the self-judgments, the ones that, because you’re listening to the mind, have you unwilling to express things that bubble up from the heart.

For example, you may have a creative potential within to express music, song, art, poetry, dance, or any number of other ways we humans are capable of expressing, but if you have locked yourself into a rigid lifestyle that dictates you be and act in only specific ways, it’s very unlikely such creative impulses will see the light of day when you feel them calling to you from within. Yet, these impulses are the voice of your soul. Being unconditional means no longer choosing to listen to the mind but instead, choosing to honor your heart. To anyone who has always listened to “the voice of reason” as dictated by the mind, such an idea is incredibly scary because it represents the need to literally let go of that which you have been identifying with. And yet, this is precisely what the Awakening process is all about.

If we truly want to see solutions to our most pressing current issues in our outer world, sooner or later we are going to have to choose to be unconditional in our love towards ourselves, allowing all the creative parts of ourselves to be expressed as well as honoring and accepting the creatorship of all our emotions, and only then can we truly love others unconditionally. In other words, we need to choose to identify with the divine being that we are until we become so close to it that the illusion of separation between our soul and us fades away. This is something we need to be gentle and patient with ourselves doing because it’s a completely new concept and will definitely take some time to get used to.

This is the solution to the global challenges we face—being willing to step away from the mass consciousness and into a “Self-love” consciousness. Until this occurs, the world problems will only get bigger and more intense. Creating such a consciousness will make it easier for others to make the same choice. There’s really good news though, because such a consciousness has already been created and is rapidly expanding. Many around the globe have already made the choice to love themselves unconditionally. Thus, for the rest of us it’s easier to make the same choice now than it was even 2-3 years ago.

It’s a lot easier to let something go when you become aware of your illusions and recognize how your clinging onto them is keeping you from being authentic, which is also prolonging your suffering, and such awareness is what is occurring during the Awakening process. As we let go of our personal illusions, the outer world will take care of itself because it is a reflection of what’s going on within us.

The unconditional loving, divine part of each one of us is sitting at our door step patiently inviting us to wake up to its presence and allow it in. This divine part of us understands our pain and suffering, and why we resist its compassion. Yet it also understands that it cannot force itself on us because, well, that wouldn’t be unconditional, would it? We have to want it. The choice has to be on a personal level because experiencing the divine has to be a personal experience. This is why it can appear as though the divine turns a deaf ear to our prayers and pleas for intervention in our world. And yet, suffering has a way of eliciting a desire for improvement, and ultimately the only improvement we really want is to be in love—with the divine, which means, with ourselves, for the divine is us. We just have to choose to identify with it by choosing compassion over hatred, towards ourselves, others, and even the divine. Love is knocking. Will you let it in?

If you relate to what I’ve shared in this article, I invite you to please re-post it on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media you may use. Add a link to it on your blog—anything to spread the word that we are so much more than we’ve ever known ourselves to be. Doing so will actually contribute to the expansion of the new love consciousness, which will help escalate the willingness of all to allow the divine to be expressed through us.

I am a musician, dancer, author, and speaker and yet, what I’ve written here about emotional aspects is very close to my heart because everything I shared in this article about aspects has been my experience. And, this is just the tip of the ice burg. Because I’ve had so many of my own aspects to accept and bring home, I now offer support to others who have a desire to feel a greater love for themselves and others but tend to be dominated by their aspects. If you’d like more information, see



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