Posted by: justbewhoyouare | January 16, 2012


In life there are really only two choices that we have to make. Let me explain. When I was a kid the middle school I attended gave us book covers for us to put on our textbooks. I remember one of those covers well because I was completely intrigued by it. There were pictures on it that showed the steps required to get oranges growing on a tree to our refrigerator as either orange juice or whole oranges.

The book cover showed images to illustrate the process. It began with people picking oranges off the tree, boxing them and loading the boxes onto a pallet, which was then picked up by a forklift driver. Some of the pallets were loaded onto a truck. From there the oranges were transported to a wholesale outlet where they waited to be purchased by retail produce outlets.

Other pallets were taken over to a building where the boxes were unloaded, opened, and the oranges were placed on a conveyer belt, which took them to be squeezed and the juice was collected into a large vat. Another conveyer belt loaded with empty orange juice containers passed by under this vat and just the right amount of juice was dispensed into each container.

The conveyor belt then moved along to an area where the containers were sealed and then loaded into crates. When a crate was filled to capacity, it was dropped down onto a pallet where it was met by another forklift driver and loaded into a refrigerator truck, which was then driven to a wholesale outlet where they were unloaded, ready to be purchased by retail grocery stores.

Once purchased, these pallets were picked up yet again by a forklift driver, driven onto yet another refrigerator truck and taken to the grocery stores, where they were unloaded and taken to the refrigerator coolers inside the stores. A store employee then stocked the refrigerator section with these containers, where the customer could grab one, go through the checkout, and take the container of fresh squeezed orange juice home to be enjoyed by everyone in the household.

Okay, so all these details were probably not on the book cover, but as I remembered those book covers, with my imagination I realized the amazing amount of things that have to happen in order for me to enjoy a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Think about how many people are involved in the process! These are things that we tend to take for granted, and I’ve only described the process that makes orange juice available to the average consumer. Think about all the other things we have access to, from water coming out of the kitchen faucet to having a car to drive and so forth. It’s mind boggling really. What makes the world go round is nothing short of a miracle!

Now consider our bodies and how they function to allow us to enjoy all these amazing things we have access to. Now we’re really talking about a miracle—which brings me to the role we play in the process of life unfolding. All these things happen completely out of our control. Life goes on around us and within us. About the only thing we have any control over is how we see life as it unfolds from day-to-day.

We can choose to either find a reason to complain about life, even though all these amazing miracles are taking place every second, or we can choose to appreciate the gift it all is. Choosing the latter allows us to tap into our natural state of joy, and this allows life to function smoothly and efficiently without any need for drama. A choice to complain about anything is what creates drama because energy is quite literal and obeys our choices. This is because it is neutral—it has no agenda. We’re the ones who get to choose. Energy simply responds to us because we are the creator.

So when it comes down to it, life is actually extremely simple. When we accept what shows up in our world with appreciation and joy, we place into motion forces that allow for more things to show up that will naturally bring us more appreciation and joy. Or we can choose to complain, which then sets into motion forces that go to work to allow more opportunities to complain to show up in our world. Which one do you prefer? The choice is entirely up to us because again, we are the creators.


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