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The energies in the world right now are chaotic and this is causing a lot of frustration within many. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is precisely what our collective consciousness has called for because there is a part of each of us that is very tired of the games we’ve been historically playing both within ourselves and with each other. I’m going to share with you five things that are going to provide you with an understanding of what’s actually happening so you’ll be able to deal with the chaos and frustration as it finds its way into your world this year.  

The first thing you need to know is: You Are A Divine Being Having A Human Experience

Each one of us has a soul that is divine and eternal and this is actually who we really are. Our soul is pure, whole and complete. It is an innocent creator, a being full of questions and curiosity. Within the soul there is an innocence that you see in children, and there is a grandness that you see in the greatest of kings. Our human identity is like a mask, covering up our true identity as this grand divine being called the soul.

 The second thing you need to know is: Your Soul Has Had Many Expressions

You see, this grand being called the soul chose to have this human adventure in order to answer its questions, in order to fulfill its curiosity, in order to expand its innocence, and in order to add glory to its grandness. Your soul began this adventure a long time ago, and throughout history it has been sending parts of itself into this physical world, what I call human aspects. In order to have many, many diverse and different experiences, it was necessary for your soul to create the illusion of being separate from its human expressions, so it remained in another dimension. You could call these human aspects, or other expressions that it created, past lives, but you’re not these past lives, although because they all had the same soul, you are related to them. 

The third thing you need to know is: All These Past Expressions Became Fragmented

Because none of these past expressions of your soul were aware of who they really are—because they were so immersed in the human masks they wore, they became completely caught up into their human identity. Like us, they thought this is who they were. Also like us, they had their moments when they were emotionally triggered. This lack of awareness of their grandness made it difficult for them to deal with some of their emotions. Their tendency was to push them away, not wanting to experience them, and this created what I call emotional aspects.

Even though they pushed them away, these emotional aspects remained alive, energetically tied to the human, because it was the human that created them. Then, when these human expressions died physically, even though the soul went on to create another human expression, these wandering emotional aspects remained energetically connected to the new expression, and this has continued to happen even to this very day.

The fourth thing you need to know is: This Is The Life Time Of Integration

Throughout this entire adventure of learning, growing, and expanding through a multitude of human expressions, at the core your soul has always had the intention to eventually call all these lost and wandering emotional aspects to come home—to come back from where they’ve been stuck and return to the place of innocence and grandness within the heart of your soul. It just happens that by consensus between all these different expressions, and between you and your soul, it was agreed that this would be the lifetime of integration. It takes a conscious, awakened human to go deep enough into the feeling experience of each one of these emotional aspects in order to call them all home, and that is exactly what you’ve been called to do by your soul in this lifetime. All of us have.

So what does this mean? Well, this is why the energies are so chaotic at this time. All the emotional aspects that were created by past life expressions of your soul, as well as the ones you created yourself in this life, are now returning in order to be resolved. This may sound like a huge weight to have to carry but not to worry because while those other lifetime expressions got lost deep into the human experience, this lifetime is different. You will not get lost.

It’s as if you came into this lifetime with a tether back to your soul, like having a connection back to your essence. None of the past expressions had this. Yes, it had to be buried for awhile, which is what has happened in your life up until now, but it has always been there. It’s like you jumped into the ocean where all these other parts of your soul have been lost and floundering, but you tied a rope around yourself so you could come back to the ship.

The fifth thing you need to know is: You Are The Connecting Point For All Of Your Soul’s Expressions

In a way, the ship actually comes to you. In fact, you become the ship. You become the gathering place or the connecting place for every aspect of your soul that was ever created and that has ever been emotionally lost. In fact, you become the connecting point even for your soul. In other words, you are the connecting point in which the soul is able to re-connect with all those other expressions that got lost.

What this means is that your soul, with your consensus, is at work in your life to bring to you, when you are ready, opportunities to bring these emotional aspects home. Practically speaking, this means that circumstances and situations in your life will inevitably trigger within you any of the unresolved emotions from all lifetimes past. When this occurs, your job is to embrace these emotions with compassion rather than push them away. Of course, this is not easy, but again, you have a connection with your soul that gives you access to the necessary wisdom and compassion that will give you the strength and courage to feel into these emotions without needing to push them away ever again.

As you take time to honor and accept these emotional aspects, they integrate within you. They become resolved, which means they come into balance, and this connects you to your soul. Eventually your consuming sense will become that of reunion with the greatest love that you’ve ever known. This is why you are here. It is the ultimate purpose of every experience you’ve ever had, of every question you’ve ever asked, of every emotion you’ve ever felt. Its ultimate purpose was to bring you into complete wholeness. This has never happened before in human history but this is what our lives are about at this time.

To review, the five things you need to know to stay emotionally balanced during 2012 and beyond are:

1) You Are A Divine Being Having A Human Experience

2) Your Soul Has Had Many Expressions

3) All These Past Expressions Became Fragmented

4) This Is The Life Time Of Integration

5) You Are The Connecting Point For All Of Your Soul’s Expressions

So when frustration or emotions of any kind find their way into your life this year, the most important thing to remember is that these are not your emotions! This is good news! Even the ones you created in this lifetime are not really yours. You and the divine soul are actually one and the same. You are simply the connecting point for inviting these emotions to return home. Feel them, express them if necessary, allow them to pass on through, but don’t own them. They won’t overwhelm you. I hope this helps you to stay balanced. Have a blessed year!



  1. This is a lovely post. Thank you.

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