Posted by: justbewhoyouare | February 7, 2012


Recently I had an encounter with an alien…well, not exactly. Actually, I had an encounter with the movie, “Paul,” which is about an Alien named Paul who has escaped from being detained by the U.S. government and wants to return home where he came from. Meanwhile, two vacationing, unabashedly nerdy Brits have an encounter with him when on a desert highway, a car comes careening past them, crashes, and Paul stumbles out. The next thing you know he’s talked them into taking him somewhere important (which turns out to be the place where he’s able to rendezvous with his spaceship).

To begin with, we are all aliens in the truest sense because once upon a time long ago, we left our Angelic families and chose to participate in the process of expansion we’ve all been going through ever since we took human form. So as I watched this funny (and warm) movie about an alien, especially since it had my name, I resonated with the characters.

Beyond that though, I found this movie to be full of metaphors about the current condition of humanity. For example, Paul represents the longing within all of us to return back from where we came (our desire to find heaven). He also represents our tendency to look outside ourselves for the answer as to how to get back there. Almost no one knows that home is actually inside us—a safe and sacred place that is our own personal source of heaven.

In another example, Paul helps the government by telling it all he knows, but that’s not enough for the government. They want to take his brain out and study it. This represents our historic belief that the mind is the most important part of a human. However, Paul shows us we have abilities that go way beyond the mind when on one occasion he brings a bird back to life, and on another he literally raises one of the British tourists from the dead. We all have such ability but because we don’t know who we really are (as divine beings) we’ve never believed we do.

Everyone Paul has an encounter with becomes more aware of who they are and as they do, they let go of old beliefs that no longer serve them. An example of this occurs when on their way to take Paul where he wants to go, they meet a Bible-thumping, gun-toting trailer-park nut and his equally religious one-eyed daughter, and end up kidnapping the daughter. When Paul heals her eye, she lets go of her religious beliefs and allows a part of herself to be seen that had hitherto been unexpressed. Later her dad too changes when he sees Paul heal the British tourist.

There is so much more to this movie and all in all, it is not only funny and warm, but brings a little bit of home to the viewer, and for that reason I highly recommend it. 

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