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I hadn’t watched a football game in four years but last Sunday I was inspired to watch the Super Bowl and was amazed when I felt into the energy of this American championship football game. From the perspective of art, watching how plays unfold and the amazing skill of some of the players can be beautiful and inspiring. On the other hand, it also carries the masculine energy of battle big time. There is a front line that literally smashes into each other on every play with brute force. This grueling aspect of the game usually gets completely overlooked and for good reason—the game itself is a huge source of energy feeding. Let me explain.

All of us have within us both masculine and feminine characteristics but if you’re male, your masculine nature is usually dominant and if you’re female, the feminine is usually dominant, although this isn’t necessarily true because in terms of creating, it has been the masculine energy that has been dominant. In other words, even though women have come a long way in the last 50+ years in terms of freedom of expression and equality, they gained this status through using the masculine way of creating—struggle.

In terms of our ability to create, the masculine energy is actually a supportive energy. The feminine energy actually does the creating, and she gives birth to her creations by simply allowing them to manifest through trust and grace. Before taking physical form our energy was primarily feminine and it was this energy that created this world through the use of our imagination. However, for various reasons the feminine surrendered her creator role (creating through trust and allowing) to the masculine, even though he didn’t really want it, but out of compassion he accepted that role.

The masculine though, did not understand how the feminine energy worked and all he could do was what he knew how to do, which was to support through taking action rather than just allowing. This is why duality became the place for creation to occur through struggle, or the push/pull of energy, which allowed for evolution. It’s also how the mind became the dominant force in our lives, because it represents the masculine energy.

Once the masculine energy had taken over and used the creator position to bring forth new creations through struggle and literally battling, it became addicted to the energy and power that battling holds. This is why God was seen even in early Biblical times as a male warrior who was in battle with the devil. Because males (and some females) have always resonated with this, there’s never been a shortage of fighters when it comes to going to war. The feeling of honor and nobility far outweighs the risk of being attacked or killed.

Meanwhile, historically some males have carried a more dominant feminine energy. These individuals have been prone to give birth to new creations through expressions that were typically associated with the feminine, such as dance, but such individuals have always been a threat to the masculine dominated power of authority because they needed strong men who they could control and who were willing to battle, not act like women, which made them of no use to their male-oriented lifestyle of power and control. For this reason, there has always been an attempt to snuff these individuals out, dating back to early Biblical times, led primarily by religious authorities.

In the New Energy available today, we are beginning to shift away from duality, which means the male dominated masculine energy of battling no longer serves this world. It has its place, just not as the dominant force. The feminine energy represents grace. There is nothing that needs to be proven because all are worthy. Nor is there a need to battle. That way of creating is actually not very effective in the long run. Yes, we have evolved historically in amazing ways thanks to the masculine energy of struggle, but since the masculine is mind dominated, it lives in the past or future, so whenever a new creation is birthed in order to solve a problem, it’s never good enough. Because the process of creation involves pushing on energy, it pushes back and when it does it brings with it a new set of problems, causing the need for more struggle to solve these new problems, and this is how we’ve always been creating from the beginning.

This pushing back can be seen in the game of football. One side is attempting to get to the man with the ball and the other side is doing everything they can to stop these attackers from succeeding. Meanwhile, the quarterback (who has the ball) attempts to move that ball the length of a 100-yard grass field, whether by running it or passing it to someone else. When on occasion should either side succeed at their job, this excites all the spectators who are rooting for them because it shows strength, agility and athleticism—but mostly because it represents the energy of battle that all involved in the game, whether playing it or not, absolutely love and feed on. Never mind that during the game players get hurt all the time, and some of the injuries can be bad enough to end their career as a football player.

The irony is that this is a sport that involves lots of contact between males. Grown men touch, grope at, wrap their arms around and even tackle other men, and this is totally acceptable because it’s all in the name of battle and energy feeding. If at anytime one of these men expressed a sexual intent towards another, they would instantly become an outcast. The game itself then is a clear example of the masculine, mind-dominated energy, where certain behavior is allowed and used to feel safe and accepted, but anything outside of the rules is feared and even scorned.

Take a look at the recent accusations seen in the media by former players towards one of their coaches. Not that such behavior is appropriate—not at all. What I’m addressing here is the attitude that certain sexual preferences are okay while others are forbidden, and why? Because they threaten the entire identity the masculine dominated energy has created for itself, where anyone who is seen as different is feared and therefore ridiculed, and in a game such as football, the entire consciousness supports this, leaving no room whatsoever for anything that threatens it. In fact, in this consciousness sex is seen as quite healthy, even promoted, as long as it involves a man and a woman—just don’t dare to cross the line.

This continual need to battle, not just in order to create a solution to a problem, but also to eliminate anything seen as an enemy, no longer serves us. There is a much more efficient way to create and there are no enemies, only aspects of ourselves that we fear and thus deny. In the New Energy, when such fear shows up, the only solution that works is to embrace and allow it, because this allows it to come into balance. This is the masculine energy—the energy of compassion. It is an energy that provides a safe space for the feminine to be free to laugh, sing and be herself, letting go of all worries, fears, and doubts.

Likewise, New Energy creation involves allowing for grace through absolute trust in the now moment. This is the feminine energy. When she feels safe (thanks to the compassionate energy of the masculine), she can then begin to trust herself that it’s okay to express herself in whatever way she feels. Such trust of the feminine, combined with the safe space of the masculine, brings a person into wholeness. When they are radiating this energy of being complete from within, this creates the energy of the magician that lives within all of us that is capable of bringing to us everything we need without having to work hard to earn it.

The magician is actually the divine, because the divine is the combination of the masculine and feminine. When they become balanced within, you are literally allowing yourself to become a manifestation of the divine energy. In the New Energy, this is called the melding of the divine with the human and it is a process that is now taking place within humanity on one level or another across the board.

Of course, within the current mass consciousness we have no belief in creating without hard work, and we certainly don’t believe that embracing something we don’t want is the solution to getting rid of it, but both of these are viable solutions to so many of the challenges humanity faces at this time. In other words, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us is the solution we’ve been seeking.

As you can imagine, this idea doesn’t sit too well with those who are heavily masculine dominant because it threatens the image they have of themselves, which is what they’ve been relying on to be accepted and feel safe. But, if we are to release the backlash that always comes from pushing on energy, where just when we thought we were getting one problem under control another one shows us, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us is the only solution.

By the way, this need for balance also applies to some gays and lesbians who tend to defend their image as being homosexual through battling, which means that within them the masculine and feminine is still out of balance. The energies of battle and struggle themselves are no longer necessary when compassion and trust come together within.

It may be several years before the majority of us reach a point in which we are capable of creating through grace and allowing, and willing to bring painful emotions into balance through acceptance, but this is where we are headed in the New Energy.

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  1. Dear Paul: This made for an interesting read for me. This notion of being a masculine force though battling on the football field is one I remember very well, as I was an outsider on the football field. I tried to make the team in 10th grade and got cut, so I became an outcast in high school. In small town Nebraska, you were nothing if you weren’t on the football team, and so in 10th and 11th grade, I was not in the in crowd, but it worked out as I found an alternate identity in the drama club and playing guitar. I really related to your comments about what you call the “new energy” and I guess my artistic pursuits let me tap into an alternative to the “jock mentality” so many relate to. I also watched the superbowl with my family, and it was, as you say, quite energetic. I still like a concert show better than football, but I don’t think that makes me a “girly man” as Arnold Schwatzenegger used the term. I have found concert by rock bands to be every bit as energetic as that football game was, and if that makes me a “girly man” so be it.

    • Thanks for your comments Jeff. I agree with you, it was an exciting game, especially since it went down to the last minute. That’s why I was amazed by the insights I started receiving, which as this week went by I realized I just had to write them all down and this blog post is what came out of my handwriting. You and I can watch and enjoy but be unattached to that consciousness that so many others ate addicted to, and that’s the difference. Any way, no judgment about it, just an observation. Thanks again for sharing.

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