Posted by: justbewhoyouare | February 29, 2012


Today there are an increasing number of tragic shootings occurring by distraught individuals. Consider for example the young man who shot Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona in January 2011, or the individual who went on a shooting spree in Norway in July of the same year, or now the 17-year old kid who shot several students in Ohio a few days ago. And as we all know, there have been many other such incidents as well. None of these individuals had any idea who they really are because no one taught them. The truth is, we are all divine, loving, compassionate beings having a human experience but because these individuals didn’t know this, they were convinced their thoughts were who they are. Thus, they each acted out what their mind was telling them to do.

We are not our mind or our emotions but unfortunately our entire educational system was designed to groom the mind and consequently, it has become the almighty god in the sense that we think the mind is who we are. Meanwhile, there is little to no emphasis on developing one’s intuition or how to access genuine feelings of joy, or even how to embrace intense unwanted emotions. Therefore, when students experience such intense emotions, they don’t know what to do with them and end up listening to their mind, which will give them all sorts of crazy ideas, and because they think these thoughts are who they are, as we saw in the case of all these incidents, some will actually act out what their mind tells them to do.

There are a lot of ways society tries to catch such potential behavior ahead of time to hopefully help such individuals before their emotions take over and they do something tragic, but within the current awareness level success is going to be minimal. The only way to prevent these tragedies from occurring is to begin teaching our youth who they really are.

Becoming aware at an early age that they have a compassionate, loving part of them that is capable of embracing all challenging emotions would change the entire landscape of our educational system. Heck, it would drastically change the way life is being lived on the planet. Yet, this is the one thing society has not been willing to teach anyone because no one knows this truth. It’s not enough to be taught about a god that exists out there somewhere who supposedly loves us. To anyone who feels intense, unbearable emotions, this means nothing. It is time we discover this divine nature within us.

What most of us are not willing to admit is that we have the same capability as these three individuals. Of course we would never go on a shooting spree but oh there are times when we’re plenty angry and perhaps for just a fleeting moment, wouldn’t mind shooting someone dead. I say fleeting because usually we push such emotions away as fast as they appear because of fear, but in today’s energy, doing this is dangerous because it only makes them grow stronger. A battle begins on the inside between us and these unwanted emotions and as much as we wish they would just go away, because we’ve labeled them as the enemy, they’re buried deep inside and just waiting for an opportunity to again engage in battle. We may never get to the point of shooting a bunch of people but what about those moments when we get upset at someone and nearly bite their head off? There’s no difference at all.

This is what is going on in the world. Emotions are building within people and few know what to do with them. No one wants to be seen as having a problem, so most will just let them build. So, the battle inside grows and eventually the result is more and more of these bazaar tragedies. According to ABC News, a friend of the Ohio shooter posted a message on Facebook about his friend. The posting read, “I wanted so bad to try and help you but I could see in your eyes you didn’t care anymore. I’m sorry buddy.” People give up and don’t care any more when they are alienated from their true identity. Even if they have loving friends, this love is coming from outside themselves and is ultimately not enough to resolve bitter emotions. The love has to be found on the inside.

Such emotions can absolutely be resolved but for that to happen they need to be accepted and loved with compassion by the one experiencing them, and this cannot happen unless they know who they are. Knowing who you are makes all the difference in the world. I have felt similar emotions that it’s likely these individuals who went on a shooting spree did, but instead of acting on such emotions, I felt the agony, the desperation to be loved and understood, the hatred towards the world, whatever the emotions were, and I let these emotions know I accept and honor them—even love them, and that everything is going to be okay. Such embrace allowed them to integrate and come into balance. It ended the battle that was taking place between me and these varying emotions. This is the only solution to preventing such tragedies from occurring.

Every child has a right to be taught the truth about being divine while having a human experience. Knowing this opens the door to actually connect with the divine within, and how to do this also needs to be taught. Someone needs to show them how to access the loving, compassionate part of themselves because it’s who they really are. It’s so important to develop such a deep foundation within so you know clearly your emotions are not who you are, and then you’re capable of trusting yourself that you have the compassion and love within to allow such heavy, frightening emotions to be felt and integrated.

Imagine if children were taught at a very young age to fall in love with themselves, with their beautiful creative, compassionate, loving aspects. What a difference they would have when they enter adolescence in terms of what kids go through trying to understand relationships. If these kids were taught who they are earlier in life they would have a deep-seated confidence in themselves rooted in divine love and then they’d be so much clearer about how to deal with the relationship they have with themselves and the world, especially when they enter their teens and beyond.

Life is becoming very chaotic and intense and many are crying out within for a reprieve. The only way they’re going to find the comfort they are looking for is to go within to find it. It’s time to wake up from the illusion that we are separate from the divine. Only then will shooting sprees and other types of bazaar tragedies come to an end. In fact, war itself will cease when the battle ends on the inside. The time has come for a revolution of heart. True love is knocking at your door. Can you hear it?


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