Posted by: justbewhoyouare | April 4, 2012


“I am that I am, and I am enlightened.” In these words can be found everything you were born to understand and experience in this life because they speak of true love. But, true love is not what you think it is. Usually when you fall in love with something, such as a particular car or home, or when you fall in love with someone, either way, you feel a wonderful emotion that you never want to let go of. Because of this, it’s natural for you to make that thing or person responsible for the way you feel, but the reason you do this is because you don’t know who you really are.

The truth is, this wonderful emotion you’re feeling is not what true love is at all. It’s actually just an emotion, manufactured by the mind. When you meet that special someone where both of you feel magnetically drawn to each other and sparks start flying, what’s actually happening is that your soul is giving you an opportunity to experience who you really are. This is because life around you is always a reflection of you. Let me explain what I’m talking about.

When someone triggers an emotion in you that you don’t like, this is your soul at work bringing you an opportunity to resolve an emotional aspect that was created either by you or a past life expression of your soul. The person who triggers you is really just a prop, put there to reflect to you something you haven’t resolved within yourself.

When this happens, your job is to find the compassion that exists within yourself and give it to this aspect. You were unable to do that when you first created the emotional aspect, and ever since, that’s all it’s ever wanted. When you’re willing to give it the love it wants, this allows it to integrate or find resolution within you. As long as you have emotional aspects that are unresolved, you’re outer world is always going to reflect them back to you so you can get to know your true Self.

This is the beauty of life itself. It’s as if as a divine being you chose to play an adventure game where you hid your true identity from yourself so you could have the adventure of re-discovering it, which of course is that you are the creator of the game itself. You designed this game so it would appear to you as if you were going on a journey through time. You planned to begin that journey upon conception in your mother’s womb as the human personality that you are. From then on, everything in your personal world that would have any kind of an effect on you, however insignificant it may seem, would be a prop placed on your journey—a reflection of you, offering you a clue to who you really are.

The ultimate reason you chose to play this game was so you could eventually decipher all the clues enough to remember the real truth—that you were actually the creator of the game, a divine being having this human experience. What this means is, you and your soul are actually one and the same, but the way you chose to design the game was so you‘d be able to have the experience of slowly discovering and eventually through a period of time, finally realizing this truth, and until then you knew it would have to appear to you as if you and your soul are separate. So, whenever I may use the term “your soul” in this video series, I’m really just referring to the real you.

So, getting back to my discussion about true love, your soul knew the best way for you to discover who you really are while playing this game was to be shown who you are not. This is the reason you chose to make this a world of duality. When you encounter opposites, you learn about both. Once you’ve had the experience of being cold you can now understand what hot is, and so forth. The opposites give you contrast and therefore, perception. The same thing applies to understanding love. When you encounter the opposite of what love is, you now have the ability to understand what it actually is.

Understanding what true love is however, was the most difficult task of all that you gave yourself while playing this game because love isn’t something you just wanted to experience, it’s who you are—a state of being. Your greatest desire when choosing to play this game was that you wanted to become an embodiment of love. This is why when you experienced a painful emotion for the first time, while it did allow you to understand its opposite, or the wonderful emotion you call love, it didn’t necessarily help you to understand what true love and compassion are. That was something you knew you’d cultivate within as you moved along your journey through time.

You knew that eventually, once you became aware that you are indeed divine, that you’d start taking responsibility for being the creator of all those challenging experiences. In fact, you knew that’s when things would start getting really exciting, because you knew you’d be able to bring back the emotions you once created but then pushed away, and because of your new awareness of who you are, you’d be able to dig deep within yourself and find the love that would help you get through those experiences, eventually arriving at a point on your journey when you’d be able to embody or maintain your true state of being divine love all the time.

Thus, true love and compassion was something you knew you would begin to cultivate naturally once you remembered who you are, and once you began cultivating it, you also knew that’s when you’d finally become an embodiment of it.

I share all this in order to help you understand the difference between true love and the emotion of love because they aren’t the same at all. Those wonderful feelings you get when you fall in love are really just the other person reflecting to you what you have always had within yourself. The reason you didn’t feel them until you met this person was because you hadn’t taken the time to find them within yourself first—neither one of you had.

Your tendency though, is to make the other person responsible for the way you’re feeling, which then causes you to want that person to repeat whatever it was they did to make you feel that way, because you liked those feelings and thus, want more of them. This is why initially lovers want to be together all the time. These are emotions they’ve never felt before and naturally, never want to end either. But when you make the other person responsible for the way you’re feeling and expect them to continue taking that responsibility (which is what the contract of marriage usually does) that isn’t love, that’s called control, and you’re also setting yourself up for eventual disappointment.

Again, when someone triggers in you all those wonderful feelings of love and romance, they’re really just a prop you’ve placed along your journey to give you a taste of the beautiful loving person who you really are. If you should choose to be in a relationship with this special someone, they are providing you a wonderful gift because their presence not only allows you to expand your awareness of who you really are, through having a taste of the emotion of love, but they’re also giving you an opportunity to choose to be who you really are by cultivating all those same wonderful feelings for yourself.

Doing so lets them off the hook so they no longer have to be responsible for the way you feel, and this also grants you freedom because you no longer have to be dependent on another person for your own happiness. You are no longer just in love, you are love and thus, you have let go of all the controls you placed on them and yourself. You no longer need that person to repeat whatever it is they did to make you feel good, and you no longer need to continue trying to be something they needed you to be in order to maintain their good feelings. This means they can do whatever they want and you’re still able to stay in your state of being love because you’ve made a conscious choice to do so.

Now, this applies to your relationship with all your emotional aspects as well. Either you or an expression of your soul may have created them once upon a time, but they are not who you are. You are divine love. They are an emotion that your mind manufactured because at the time, you were unaware of your true nature of divine love. This means when they return through being triggered by an outside prop, you’re not responsible for making these aspects happy any more than you’re responsible for making your lover happy.

What I mean is, when you choose to do something that causes your mind to question the wisdom of your choice, it’s going to search its memory banks until it finds a story about a time, whether in this life or another, when you made a similar choice and paid a terrible price for making it. It will then warn you that you’re making a terrible mistake. When these thoughts first show up, this also wakes up the emotional aspects that were created at that same time, and suddenly you feel the same as you did then—very much like you really are making a mistake.

The mistake however, isn’t the choice you were making that caused them to be triggered. The mistake comes when you identify with these aspects, believing them to be who you are. This causes your mind to become a spokesperson for your emotional aspects, bringing up all their demands within your thoughts, telling you in no uncertain terms that you are indeed making a mistake, and as you know, they can be very needy and demanding.

When you find yourself in this kind of emotional situation, it’s not a good idea to try to make these aspects happy by giving into their demands because if you do, now you’ve become their slave. The wisest choice you can make is to offer them compassion and embrace while maintaining your state of being as divine love. This is the only thing that will allow them to integrate.

If you agree with them and give into their demands, now they know you’re not being who you really are, and they’re going to wreak emotional havoc. You might call it mutiny onboard the ship of you. They rebel because what they really want is a strong captain who is a leader, capable of giving them direction by showing them who you really are. Without direction, they feel lost and confused, and thus can easily amplify whatever the emotion is they represent. As their creator, choose to invite them home and if they don’t want to come, that’s okay but don’t pamper them by giving into their demands. As you’re feeling their emotions, remain standing in your state of being divine love. This is what will get them to calm down and feel safe.

Of course, within compassion there is room for being gentle with yourself until you’re ready to choose true love. You may have a strong habit of identifying with their issue, causing you to continually justify caving into their demands and thus remaining a slave to them. That’s okay. I understand this very well because I carried on like that for a long time.

The emotions of your aspects can indeed be extremely intense at times, but you know what, so are the intense emotions of being in love. The only difference is that you want more of the intense emotions of love so you accept them, but because you don’t want the intense emotions of your aspects, you push them away. This is why it’s so much easier to fall in love with someone else than it is to fall in love with yourself. But whether you’re feeling love or pain, both are still just emotions manufactured by the mind, and for any that you push away, you will eventually have to bring them home in order to finally become an embodiment of true love.

So I invite you to say to them, “I understand all your fears, doubts and worries (or whatever it is you’re feeling) but you know what, I am that I am, and I am enlightened and in my enlightenment I am choosing to remain in the state of true divine love. That means I choose to live in the New Energy consciousness where I no longer need to control anything or have any agenda. I’m willing to choose absolute trust in myself as the divine being that I am, and step into the unknown.” Once you’ve made this statement, breathe with these aspects until they integrate and then carry right on with the choice you were making that caused them to show up in the first place.

Thank yourself for this wonderful game you chose to play and for bringing to yourself all kinds of props that have allowed you to come this far on your journey, both wonderfully loving ones as well as intensely fearful, angry or even hateful ones. The entire experience has been allowing you to remember the divine love that you are, and has been giving you an opportunity to expand that love to levels you’ve never known before.

And after all, what more could you ask for than to be able to master true love? So, when you say, “I am that I am, and I am enlightened,” these words say everything you were born to understand and experience, and they’re an indication you’ve arrived at the end of your journey and the game is over—if you choose.



  1. I am speechless. I was meant to read this article. Why am I even writing it this here, I’ve known this for a long time.
    Thank you

    • I know this is a delayed response from a comment you made back in May but no matter…my thanks to you for your clarity as to what you’ve always known, for the vey fact that you get it tells me you are indeed the master…many blessings…:)

  2. Such clarity! Thanks a ton for this.

    • You are very welcome and for further clarification…the very fact that such words resonate within you tells me that it is you who are clear…many blessings…:)

  3. Thank you. I was looking for answers for my feelings and thoughts. Your words are a recap to my life and I truly understand it now.

    • You’re welcome Debbie. Many blessings.

  4. Since I’ve read articles on this website I’ve felt a true weight lifted from me. I’ve never felt so much better in my life. In fact, over the course of a year my perspective on life has done a 360, and to be honest, I’m glad I’ve changed so much. I learned a very important lesson here. One day as I was lounging about in my room after school, I was thinking about why there is duality in this world. Why do people continue to confuse themselves by seeing everything in black and white? I thought of “good” and “bad” as two sides of one coin, and then I realized that they are all a part of one thing: divine love. I decided to research “love is the only emotion” on the internet. I then stumbled across your website, and was overjoyed to see that someone could explain thoroughly what I just realized, but better. I’ve felt genuinely free after realizing this and I hope to learn so much more, and share my knowledge with people. Thank you 🙂

    • Little Tiger, I sense that inside you is a “BIG Tiger”. That is to say, you are extremely wise and clear and that is a gift you have come in with. However, remember that few others will get this, as your wisdom may go over their heads without them getting it at all. No worries…you are not here to change them, you are here to be who you are and to allow the rest of the world to be who they are. Simply choose to enjoy life without any expectations.

      I’m also feeling drawn to share that choosing to be a part of those things you feel drawn to in this world is what a master does. So what if others think of it as “not spiritual”. That’s bullshit! There’s no such thing as spiritual. The only truth is whatever you choose, as you are the creator and therefore, the master of your world.

      Lastly, thank you for your very inspiring sharing, as it was truly uplifting. You are indeed a master and will go far…Many blessings… 🙂

      • Wisdom going over people’s heads, yeah. I used to feel like everyone needed to hear about what amazing things I had found out, but It’s something I reconsidered. I realized I can’t force people into things, as you mentioned, but there’s beauty in that really. Blessings to you as well :). Gotta love life.

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