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In this blog post I’m going to share with you how manifesting your dreams begins on the inside, within the context of what’s been holding us back from creating the world we all would truly love to see, which has everything to do with certain illusions we’ve been historically harboring that have been perpetuated primarily by religion. 

Note: If you haven’t read these two articles yet: Five Things That Will Help You Stay Emotionally Balanced in 2012 and True Love Is Not An Emotion, It Is A State Of Being, it would be a good idea to do so before reading this because they give some background for understanding more fully some of the things I will be sharing here.

Also, this blog post is a transcript of a video I created recently. If you’d prefer to watch the video, click here: Video

So, we all have dreams but most of us have no idea how to manifest them. Actually, we began dreaming when we were kids. Do you remember imagining yourself doing certain things and the excitement you felt just thinking about those things? Had you been able to continue dreaming with that kind of excitement, those dreams would have found their way into your life because that is how things are created.

You see, you are a creator and when you command energy to serve you by imagining what you want, while at the same time feeling lots of passion about what you’re imagining, this causes energy to begin taking shape according to your choice so that what was once just a potential can now begin to manifest as a reality. This sounds easy, and it actually would be if it were not for the fact that you tend to have a lot of emotional aspects within you that are more dominate than your natural state of joy, and these aspects tend to bog down the ability of energy to go to work for you in the way you would prefer it to. Today in the New Energy, manifesting your dreams requires aspect integration first because our dreams flow in on the waves of joy.

The question then becomes, what happened? If when we were kids we had dreams, and felt the joy of having them come true when we imagined them, what happened to those dreams and where did our joy go? The answer to these questions can be found in the illusions we we’re taught when we we’re kids about being separate from the creator, being flawed at birth (what religion has calls being sinful) and about needing to be saved.

These are what I call the core illusions that have caused the perpetuation of war and suffering, and have also caused us to return back to this planet again and again—because the reason we’re here is to remember who we are, and as long as we continue to hang onto these illusions, passing them on to our children, we are indirectly contributing to the very thing that in our heart of hearts we would love to eliminate from our lives as well as this earth, namely, war and suffering—which occurs both inside ourselves and in the outer world. But from the very beginning of history we became addicted to these illusions, or I should say, to the victim mentality and suffering they caused, and we’ve been clinging onto them ever since. To truly fulfill your dreams, it’s time to let these illusions go, if you choose.

You may be wondering why, if we are a creator, we would have allowed ourselves to carry on like this for so long. That’s an excellent question and I may not be able to answer it in this short blog post in a way that will completely satisfy you, but I will at least offer some new insight you’ve probably never heard before that may help you to at least make the necessary choices to get yourself out of this predicament. 

It’s not as if we haven’t made any effort at all to wake ourselves up throughout history, because we have. It’s just that these illusions are extremely seductive so that despite certain attempts, they’ve remained ensconced within the very fabric of our being. I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about.

2000 years ago Jesus came to teach us who we are, that we are in fact divine beings, and he came to show us what we are all capable of doing. He knew he was divine and had no qualms about speaking his truth—even, as we know, at the risk of his life. But his words for the most part fell on deaf ears because of our addiction to suffering and to being victims back then.

Still, he was able to plant a seed, and thanks to the Apostle Paul, that seed was eventually spread throughout the world. However, what Paul taught was not what Jesus was about at all, and ever since, Western Civilization has been built primarily on his distorted reasoning. His writings have been used again and again as examples of what the standard should be for just about everything.

But I want to share something about Paul that no one has ever known until now that is going to help you tremendously in understanding your current predicament and how you got into it. This in turn is going to inspire you to do whatever is necessary to get yourself out of this predicament—once and for all.

When Paul was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus, as we all know, he had an encounter with Jesus. What Paul never told anyone however, was that what Jesus showed him that day was that he too was divine, but he was carrying way too much pain and anger inside to accept this. Growing up, he felt confined by the Judaic Law, which kept him from expressing himself in ways that were forbidden, and he despised this. In essence then, he despised God, so much so that as he got older, he was willing to persecute and even murder Christians because he was carrying all that emotional stuff inside him.

The truth is, since the very beginning of when we first came up with the concept of there even being a God, most of humanity has also despised God because again, we believed the creator existed outside us, and because we didn’t understand this creator, we feared it.

This is why the God of the Old Testament is portrayed as an angry, jealous God who will not tolerate anyone who breaks His laws. If you know the story of when Moses first came down from the mountain and introduced the 10 Commandments to his people, you might remember that their response was so negative he threw down the tablets in a rage. I mention this to point out that the majority has always despised authority and has maintained a victim mindset, and since God has been seen as the ultimate authority, we’ve all felt we are victims to this God, and deep down we have all been complaining about this. Even if you don’t think you complain, it’s most likely happening subconsciously without you even being aware of it.

But going back to Paul, his reaction to hearing he was divine was not that unusual considering how many unresolved emotional aspects he was harboring. In fact, his reaction was actually the perfect response, given the consciousness at that time. No one was ready or willing yet to actually embody divine love. So what happened instead is that the divine in Paul used him to keep the Christ seed alive through spreading word about Jesus, even if that word was highly distorted—which it was.

That’s because after his experience, Paul thought long and hard about what had happened that day on the road to Damascus. Given the fact that he knew the Judaic Law well, and that his encounter with Jesus had opened up some deep emotional wounds, which was causing him to feel tons of guilt and shame for having persecuted and even murdered Jesus’ followers, he eventually concluded that Jesus must be the savior that had long been promised in his own scripture.

However, this was a complete illusion. In effect, this conclusion was Paul’s way of attempting to pass the responsibility of resolving his own emotional aspects off to Jesus, and that’s not at all what Jesus taught. You see, because Paul felt so emotionally wounded, had it not been for him using his mind to hide from his pain by making Jesus his savior, he would not have been able to live with himself at all.

Jesus did not come to die for our sins but rather, to show humanity what unconditional divine love is. He embodied such love by saying yes to life, no matter what the adventure of life brought him—including death. That’s true love. True love is not sacrificing yourself for another—that was Paul’s idea and it’s also why he was loved later by the Christian authority, so much so that they’ve used his words to encourage people to deny themselves through making sacrifices, which has kept us victims and believing we’re not worthy without paying our dues. This is all illusion and it perpetuates suffering!

The example Jesus taught was not dying for someone else. His example was that he never abandoned his true authentic Self by denying he was divine. This willingness to love himself so much that he was unwilling to sacrifice his integrity even in the face of death was the seed that Jesus planted.

Paul on the other hand, compromised his integrity when he chose to use his mind (which is not who Paul was at all) to analyze a way to escape his emotional pain rather than to accept what Jesus had shown him, that he too was divine, and as a divine being, to take responsibility for loving himself, including all his emotional aspects. The idea that Jesus had died for him so that he could get a free ride to heaven gave him great inspiration at first, but it didn’t do anything to remove his emotional aspects, not in that lifetime or in any other lifetimes since, because Jesus wasn’t responsible for creating them—Paul was. That’s why for the rest of his life he continued to suffer emotionally.

Further, once he had created this story about Jesus being his savior, he became heavily addicted to it, and thus, attached to it, which caused him to have an attitude of being right in order to justify why he was not taking responsibility for himself, for all his emotional aspects. This need to be right attitude gave him great courage to face all kinds of persecution during his travels to spread his message, and it was also the reason why later Christian authorities were courageously willing to battle with and even eliminate anyone who stood in their way of spreading this same illusion that Paul had created.

I want to interject here that in no way am I judging religion. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what any religion teaches. I honor all religions and respect their right to worship in any way they choose. I have no need for anyone to change views. I’m simply standing in my own integrity by sharing the understanding I’ve received from the divine within me.

So, you may be wondering why I share all this about Jesus and Paul. It’s perhaps interesting information, but what does it have to do with you? Well, it has everything to do with you because our entire civilization continues to run on Paul’s illusions so that there is a bit of him within each of us.

You see, Paul had a victim mentality and was addicted to suffering, so when he commanded energy from his imagination, as a creator, he wound up creating more drama and suffering for himself. He had already been doing this, but his new ideas about Jesus combined with his strong character that managed to convince many others to buy into his illusions, added a new spin to the drama and suffering that humanity was creating back then, and in the name of “making a better world,” we’ve seen a continuation of this particular approach ever since.

Meanwhile, because the essence of this approach continued to teach us these same old illusions that we are separate from the divine, flawed, and in need of a savior, today we all still hold these illusions as sacred, and are thus unable to accept our own divinity. Instead, we use our minds to come up with all kinds of ways to escape taking responsibility for our emotional pain, all of them an attempt to find love (or salvation) outside us. The mind will do anything it possibly can to keep us away from accepting and loving our emotional aspects.

For example, we blame others for what we’re feeling and use others to feel better, whether through sexuality or some other form of energetically feeding off of them, so we don’t have to deal with our own painful emotional aspects, or we’ll use drugs to cover up the pain. We might even hide behind religious or spiritual truth, and like Paul, use this as a way of avoiding responsibility for accepting and loving ourselves. 

This is also why the mind created busy, got-to-get-it-done lifestyles that are focused on accomplishing a future determined goal. The goal drives you to work hard, but the busier you are, the less likely you’ll deal with any emotions. The mind will tell you there’s no time for that; that staying focused on the goal is far more important. This is actually mass hypnosis. Because of our addiction to being victims and to suffering, we allowed ourselves to be put under a spell. But, none of these attempts that I have mentioned so far to feel better about ourselves have ever worked to free us from being a slave to our emotions, and thus, from the continuous cycles of birth and death, as well as the perpetuation of war and suffering—inside ourselves and in the outer world.

For the most part, this is why we haven’t been able to manifest our dreams. As we grew older, we fell out of touch with them, largely because we got caught up into the mind, which is a spokesman for the limitations we placed on ourselves when we chose to believe we are separate from the divine, flawed, and in need of a savior.

Even those of us who now know we are divine and are choosing to take responsibility for our emotional aspects, carry these aspects of needing to be saved within us and when the going gets rough in our external world and our emotional aspects are being triggered, out of habit we will continually try to go back to this old story of needing and wanting an outside savior to take care of us. Again, this is because we’ve carried these illusions within us from lifetime to lifetime. The most difficult thing any of us will ever have to do is to accept responsibility for being the creator of our entire world.

Since this idea of needing to be saved is just an illusion, what has continually happened is that we’ve lived many lifetimes choosing to be loyal to it, but have never found our way to the heaven, which was the ultimate reason we’ve been willing to deny and sacrifice ourselves for so long in the first place (in order to please God of course).

Consequently, on some level we feel lied to and even betrayed—and we are angry because of this. As I shared earlier, we have a lot of emotional aspects within us that are more dominate than our natural state of joy, and these emotions bog down the ability of energy, once we’ve commanded it to serve us, to go to work for us in the way we wish it would. The anger towards God that I speak of here is at the core of these emotional aspects I’m referring to.

Think about it, if someone promises you they will take responsibility for you, how does that make you feel? It may sound good initially, but actually this is failing to stand in your own integrity as a creator, so in the long run it doesn’t feel good at all, especially when you eventually discover they aren’t responsible for taking care of you—you are! When this happens, you may feel deceived, and even betrayed or abandoned.

I worked for a company once that got into financial trouble. It got to a point where they were promising a paycheck, but when payday arrived, they couldn’t deliver and you can be sure there were a lot of angry employees. This is what I’m talking about. In a way, this is what has been happening to all of us, and as a result, deep down we carry wounded emotional aspects that cause us to continually look outside ourselves for love.

It’s also the reason we keep coming back to the planet. When you cross over to the world of spirit upon death of the physical body, you take all your emotional aspects with you—as well as all you’re illusions. There, you come face-to-face with yourself. However you felt about yourself here is exactly how you’re going to feel there.

For example, if you spent all your life looking for someone outside you to take responsibility for you, or for love, approval, or acceptance, which are all offshoots of expecting to be saved, it means you believed you weren’t good enough or capable to give all these things to yourself, which is an illusion. It means you we’re never able to truly love yourself and that is what we are here to learn. As it turns out, since you’re still looking for love over there, you start thinking that perhaps if you come back here you’ll find it—and the next thing you know, you’re heading down that birth canal on your way back! So in a way, this mass hypnosis has doomed us to keep returning back here again and again—until now.

The solution is to choose to remember that you are the divine, that you don’t need anyone else, and to choose to take responsibility for whatever has shown up in both your inner and outer world. To do this, it’s important to remember that you are not your mind. You originally designed your mind to distract you from discovering the real truth as to who you really are so that you could have the experience of remembering, but now it is time to remember and thus, continual distractions no longer serve you. Your soul, which is who you really are, exists beyond your mind, so now it is time to learn how to go beyond your mind.

On the core level of your being you are divine, which means you have the ability to create anything you want, but your mind and your emotional aspects convince you otherwise and most of the time, you accept their arguments. This is why it is so important to cultivate a relationship with the divine within you. Connecting with your soul will deepen your identification with the compassionate you so that when your aspects get triggered, you’ll be able to embrace them with compassion and bring them home to your heart. All they want is to feel safe and accepted.

Actually, the reason we do all those things to avoid our true feelings that I mentioned above , from blaming others or feeding off of them, to using drugs, and even creating our got-to-do lifestyles, is so we will feel safe and accepted, but this is looking for love in all the wrong places. There is nothing external that is capable of giving you a permanent feeling of safety or a sense of well-being.

Only creating a safe space inside yourself where you can invite your emotional aspects to come into will accomplish this. In your safe space they’re able to calm down and relax so they can integrate, which means surrender to you, as the head of your inner household. This causes their emotional issue to no longer matter, and thus allows your heart to expand to become more capable of loving as the divine being that you are, free from attachment to their emotional story.

Remember, you are the creator and when you command energy to serve you by imagining what you want while at the same time feeling lots of passion for what you’re imagining, this causes energy to begin taking shape according to your choice so that what was once just a potential can now begin to manifest as a reality. In other words, in order to be able to command energy to manifest what you really want, you need to return to the joy you once felt as a kid when you imagined your dreams. Joy needs to become your dominant feeling.

This means that sooner or later you’re going to have to come to terms with your buried aspects that are looking for a savior and are angry with God, or even hate God because you believe He lied to you—which means of course that there’s an aspect of you that is angry with you and even hates you for deceiving yourself into believing you are less than the creator—not worthy of having what you really want. All such aspects need to be brought home to your heart, which will allow your natural state of joy to return.

In fact, even your mind needs to eventually surrender to your heart. Doing this requires a tremendous amount of Self-trust because you have to reach a point in which you’re willing to naturally choose joy over anger and complaint. I’m talking about having a willingness to accept with joy whatever your experience is, knowing that it was perfectly designed by your soul, even if it is something that seems unjust. Your outer world is never anything other than an outward reflection of who you are on the inside. Until you become a sovereign being, there are no exceptions to this.

Until now, most of us have believed that if we could just change our external circumstances, we’d feel better about ourselves and about our life, but this way of attempting to manifest our dreams is completely backwards. It’s chasing after joy on the outside when joy has to first be found on the inside.

Once you know who you are, you can begin creating a safe space within and again, this will allow you to connect to your natural joy. Upon this foundation, you will be able to command energy to serve you in ways you prefer. What you manifest in your outer world will simply be a reflection of what you have already become on the inside. In the New Energy, this is the way of creation.

Now you can understand more clearly why it’s been such a challenge to create what you want. Releasing all these illusions you’ve carried historically is going to take some time. During this awakening process things can sometimes get pretty challenging. When that happens, remind yourself that in this lifetime you have the opportunity to put an end to this search for who you are through all these continuous cycles of birth and death—and I know you are capable of achieving this.

Be patient with yourself. When you find that your emotions are controlling you, don’t beat yourself up. Lighten up, laugh, get silly. Savor each moment. Look at what an amazing creator you are, coming up with all this emotional stuff. You are awesome!

 Of course, it’s always nice to have clarity and understanding, and even sometimes, support. That’s why I offer my services as an Aspect Integration Coach, or what I prefer to call a True Love Coach. My insights and wisdom, when applied to your personal situation, can make all the difference in the world for you.

Also, if you were wondering how I know what really happened when Apostle Paul was knocked off his horse on the way to Damascus, let’s just say I dived into his energy for several years to learn about him and a few years ago published what I found out in Apostle Paul: The Untold Story, which is available on my web site.

So I invite you explore my web site, which I’ve just completely re-designed. You can learn more about my background and all my products, and about my coaching—and a lot of other things as well. You can also sign up for a free downloadable report on how to master the art of true love. And if nothing else, you’ll also find a link on the tool bar where you can make a donation that will help me continue sharing my wisdom with you.

Finally, everything I shared in these three blog posts (this one and the two I mentioned above) has only been the tip of the iceburg compared to the information you’re going to find in my newest book, which has just been released, The True Love Handbook: How To End Suffering, Become Your Own Best Friend, And Begin Living Your Dreams.

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So with that, I send you my love and hope you have an awesome month.



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