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May and June were intense months for me. I had emotional aspects popping up that I thought I had resolved already, intense ones. The beauty of their return was that I got a chance to see just how far I’ve come in deepening my identification with who I really am. My observation was that though the issue of these aspects was at times intense, I always knew deep inside that I am not these aspects. I am a divine being having the experience of feeling emotions. 

Because of this knowing, they didn’t stand a chance of convincing me to get caught up in their issue for very long, which was something that was commonplace for me at one time. Having taken time to connect to the divine within over the last several years has made a huge difference in my ability to resolve emotional aspects without getting caught up in their issues. 

When you get right down to the nitty-gritty, the only thing in life that really matters is being able to identify with the divine being that you are. Why is this important? Because not knowing this makes it easy to identify with whatever issue is going on within you at any given time. Something happens, somebody says or does something that triggers an emotional aspect, and you react instantaneously as if you were a victim of the situation, but you’re not. 

Everything that occurs in your personal world that triggers you in any way is brought forth by the divine within you, which is who you really are, in order to give you an opportunity to bring the triggered emotional aspect into resolution. This is particularly true in this lifetime because the divine has designated this lifetime to be the one to bring all aspects that were created in all previous lives into resolution. 

This is why there is an Awakening occurring right now on the planet. The divine being that you really are wants to meld with the human personality that you’ve been identifying with, believing that’s who you are, that you’re separate from the divine—but separation is only an illusion. Your human personality is actually just an aspect of the greater divine being that dwells within your heart. This melding of the divine with your personality is something that has never happened before on the large global level that it is today. 

However, without any knowledge of this, and especially without the knowledge that you are divine, your melding experience is going to be filled with a lot of drama, and this is going to cause increased suffering. With every emotional aspect that comes into resolution the potential for the continuation of drama in your life decreases significantly, but if you’re not bringing them into resolution, even though the melding will continue, you will be caught up into whatever emotions that are being triggered rather than feeling safe, having a knowing that everything is going to be okay.  

These emotional aspects are actually just energy that became stuck as a particular emotion at a time when we experienced such emotion and pushed it away as opposed to having taken responsibility for being its creator. Had we taken responsibility, this would have allowed us to feel the emotion without defining it as “bad” or judging it as “wrong” and that would have kept the emotion from getting stuck and thus becoming an aspect. 

Emotions cannot become stuck when we do not define them by judging them as good or bad. They are simply felt and pass on through us without being owned. However, allowing emotions to flow without being owned requires taking responsibility for being the creator of these emotions. Failing to do so causes you to play the game of being a victim. You may not think you’re a victim but if you blame emotions you’re experiencing on what someone else said or did so that you hold them responsible for the way you feel, you are indeed choosing to play the game of being a victim. 

The thing is, this game does not serve you at all in the long run because it never allows your emotional aspects to come into resolution and yet, that is all they are truly seeking. If you have any emotional issues at all going on within it’s because once upon a time, this lifetime or another, you experienced these emotions and did not allow them to be felt and pass through you. Instead they became stuck in the energetic form of an emotion, and all energy seeks resolution just as water seeks its own level. 

Knowing who you really are—that you are a divine being having a human experience, changes the entire dynamics of your life because with such awareness you can make the choice to accept whatever is happening in your world, and that makes all the difference in terms of allowing your emotional aspects to come into resolution as opposed to identifying with them, which only gives them more energy, causing them to increase in their intensity, which again increases suffering. 

When you know you are divine, that the divine lives in your heart, which means you have in your heart all the compassion and love you need to bring all your aspects into resolution, then you are able to begin cultivating a relationship with this compassion and love. Doing so creates a safe space inside yourself where you can always go to when emotional aspects are triggered. It is in this safe space that they can be embraced and honored, and that is all they have ever wanted because again, energy seeks resolution. This allows them to naturally come into resolution and it also allows you to feel safe and to have a knowing that everything is going to be okay. 

The best way to create this safe space within is through taking time each day to do some breathing, even if for just 15 minutes, preferably twice a day. As you breathe you simply observe what’s going on inside, your thoughts and how you’re feeling. As much as possible, continually bring your focus into your body so that any thinking going on becomes minimal. See your breath traveling into your lungs, flowing down into your body, and then flowing back out again. Such breathing allows you to relax and feel peaceful and over time you will discover that in this space is where compassion can be found for your aspects.  

Because this is the designated lifetime in which the divine is asking us to bring all our emotional aspects into resolution, they are all coming up, and this is why one of the symptoms of the Awakening that is taking place is an increase in the intensity of our emotions. You are the only one who can resolve them because you are their creator.

Knowing you are divine is going to be your greatest asset during these intense and changing times we are all going through. Taking time to breathe regularly while identifying with the compassionate loving being that you are will allow you to not get caught up into the emotional issues. When they’re triggered you’re able to take a deep breath and come back to your safe space. Even when you forget and instead identify with the aspect’s issue, you’ll find that your identification won’t last very long before you remember who you really are and are able to return to the conscious breath and thus come back to the real you. 

Over time, the time period of such identification with your aspects decreases. Eventually when aspects are triggered you’ll be able to fully experience them while at the same time, remain present within yourself. For the most part, this was my experience during the past few months. 

This is the process of the divine melding with the human and it is why knowing you are divine is so important. Such knowing and awareness is your ticket to eventually becoming free of all identification with emotions and when that occurs, you are living your divinity. The divine within you is inviting you to have such experience but the choice is up to you because the divine does not force itself on the human. What is your choice? 


In my recently released book, The True Love handbook: How To End Suffering, Become Your Own Best Friend, and Begin Living Your Dreams, I have written in depth about the Awakening and its symptoms as well as about emotional aspects, offering tools for resolving them based on my own experience. It’s available on my website.

Also, I am now doing private sessions to offer support as you go through the Awakening process. Receiving someone else’s perspective can be extremely beneficial. I provide a safe space that allows you to give yourself permission to open up your heart. To kick off the second half of the year, I am taking 30% off all private sessions for the first half of July (July 1-15).



  1. Wonderful and familiar sharing! Thank you!!!

    • Thank you for your kind words Aline. 🙂

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