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Exactly one month ago on July 16th I chose to leave Gainesville, FL and embark on a new adventure into the unknown. All I knew was that I had signed up to attend the 3-day Dreamwalker Life seminar put on by The Crimson Circle, which was to begin one week later in Estes Park, CO, and that afterwards I intended to stay in CO until their monthly gathering on August 4th held in Coal Creek Canyon*. After that I had no plans. I simply trusted that all the details would work themselves out. Thus began the most remarkable set of experiences that have been a validation for me of the amazing creator that I AM.

With my car filled with my earthly possessions, I took the southern route through Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico and almost immediately realized that my soul intended this journey to be an opportunity for me to let go and allow life to unfold without any need to control or define it. Nearly every day I found myself on a route that was not on my planned itinerary.

For example, my soul took me to a wonderful campground with a lake in MS that I had no idea even existed and I was able to camp out under the stars. I also had an opportunity to integrate some very panicky emotional aspects as I found myself in the middle of a ghetto in Fort Worth, TX for about an hour. I realized that such panic reflects a fear of death, which is a common fear we all share due to having made the choice to buy into the illusion that we are separate from the Source of all things.

Another experience I had was being able to have dinner with a friend in Taos, NM that turned into chatting together until 4 am the following morning. This was quite a surprise because I had no plan to travel that far west before beginning my ascent into the Colorado Rockies but it showed up as a potential a few days before and I decided to choose it. This is an example of how life can unfold in the now moment if we allow it. Energy is completely neutral and waits for the body of consciousness that we are to command it to serve us. As I was leaving FL I chose to have an adventure filled with joy and surprises and the energies supported that.

The Dreamwalker Life seminar was transformational for me. Not only was I able to meet several Facebook friends in person there, the quality of the energy of those attending combined with the content of the lectures transported me to a place of Quantum Allowing, which is where you go beyond trusting yourself and enter a consciousness of simply knowing that all is well and that everything is going to work out in a grand way.

As the seminar began I had no idea where I would be staying for the 10 days in between the seminar and the Crimson Circle monthly gathering (called a Shoud*) but on the second day I learned that a woman who lived in Coal Creek Canyon needed someone to dog sit while staying in her home for the exact same period of time and so I spent those days in the quiet of the mountains being loved by a dog that was a joy to be with. This is further evidence of the magnificence of life when you have a willingness to allow life to shower you with abundance and blessings. Again, you put out your intention and then allow your soul to go to work, trusting that regardless of how it all unfolds, that it will be grand.

The monthly Shoud went way beyond my expectations and the barbeque and dance that followed it blew me away. The energy of joy and acceptance was abundant and I met many new friends, enjoying myself immensely. There I also met up with Marty Cywinski who offered to let me stay at his home near Longmont, CO for awhile following the gathering.

Staying with Marty has turned out to be a profound blessing. During the day his home has provided a continuation of the quiet I had experienced in Coal Creek, and sharing with and getting to know him and his lovely wife Lara has been a wonderful treat because they are an awesome example of how two authentic people can be individually sovereign while also choosing to be a couple. Further, their two dogs, Peaches and Gwupper, have simply been a delight to be around and to go on walks with.

Marty has a band, Past Due (see their Facebook page, that he founded several years ago and a few nights ago he invited me to jamm with them at one of their practices. This experience turned out to be four hours of out-of-the-mind bliss. Each band member welcomed me with honor and respect and when the music started I had an encounter with my soul that allowed me to be a channel for music to flow through my guitar picking fingers. Since Marty’s band were already playing on a professional level, their energies melded together to create some awesome sounds and my contribution simply added more fun and enjoyment to the mix.

This experience with Marty’s band couldn’t have come at a more perfect time because before leaving FL I had already recorded 10 of 13 tracks for my new cd, Embrace Life, and during the first week I was staying with him I had recorded two more. Thus, riding on the high of that jamm, yesterday I laid down the final track. I now have 13 digitally mastered tracks that I will be making available for purchase soon (see for details).

I will be leaving Marty’s in a few days and as of yet have no idea where I’ll be headed but judging from my experience on the road so far, I know it will be a grand adventure.

At this point in my life I am choosing abundance, joy, knowingness and fulfillment, and am allowing the energies to go to work to bring me these in the form of adventurous experiences. Yes, it can be challenging at times when the old aspects pop up with all their fear, doubt and worry, but when they do I simply take a deep breath and invite them home, letting them know in no uncertain terms that I am that I am and that I choose for everything to work out with grace and ease, and then I turn my focus to whatever feels good in the now moment. In the New Energy that is now available to anyone willing to choose it, this is called Quantum Allowing.

*For more information about the Crimson Circle, their seminars and Shoud, see

Paul offers private session in which he provides a safe space that allows you to find your own power. He can show you how to be present in your life so that you can be home within, thus allowing life to flow through you abundantly and with grace and ease. For more information, see


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