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The following is an excerpt from “The True Love Handbook: How To End Suffering, Become Your Own Best Friend, and Begin Living Your Dreams.*

“The term karma has become a household word but few have a clear understanding as to what it really means. Most who believe in it have an idea that it has something to do with punishment for past live transgressions. However, that’s not the case at all. When we chose to believe we were separate from the unconditionally loving divine, our love became conditional, causing us to become out of balance. We created illusory emotional aspects that allowed us to justify using and abusing others by at times carrying out horrendous actions.

“Whether you can accept this or not, we all have had past life expressions of our soul that played in the dark or negative energies, in some cases, heavily. Such abuse occurred because of such emotions as hate, envy, and jealousy, and the abusive actions resulted in more emotions—of guilt and shame, and again, all these emotions remain energetically attached to their creator, even after death. Our soul wants us to remember who we are so we can at long last integrate these past life aspects that were created in ignorance, and this is the reason we carry what has been referred to as karma with us into the next life. This means it is not about punishment, it’s actually about love.

“You might be thinking, “What does love have to do with being stuck with lots of emotional aspects that I have to somehow integrate because some past life expressions of my soul were either unable or unwilling to do it?” and my answer would be that it has everything to do with it. Something to remember is that you are not your mind, which means you are not your emotions, since all emotions are manufactured by the mind. It’s irrelevant whether these aspects were created in this life or in a past life because it was a mind that created them, and no one is their mind.

“Further, every emotion is connected to a story. They wouldn’t exist without that story. When you’re triggered and choose to push the emotions away because you can’t deal with them, in essence you tell yourself a story about those emotions, justifying why you created them and why you chose to push them away. The emotional aspects literally become this story. It’s all an illusion—a story made up in your mind, perhaps unconsciously but made up nevertheless in the mind. None of the aspects or their story is who you are.

“Your mind though, when you get triggered with an emotion, wants to run the emotion you’re feeling through its memory banks so it can recall that story. Once you allow this to happen, the mind immediately begins to manufacture new emotions that have nothing to do with the initial feeling. The new emotions are now describing what your mind thinks about your initial emotion, only now you’re having an entirely different experience. You are experiencing a new made up story, and you’re also creating new aspects.

“So what does all this have to do with love? Well, the real you is love and compassion. Karma provides an opportunity to expand your ability to love. By becoming aware of and developing a relationship with the compassion you have within, when emotions get triggered you can literally stop the buck so to speak by allowing them to be felt without identifying with their story. When you can allow yourself to feel an emotion as just an emotion without any story attached to it, the emotion can integrate. It passes right on through you and gets resolved in the process. But when a story gets attached to it, it is like a drug that gets into your body and ravages the emotions.

“You always have a choice to expand your heart by simply feeling an emotion, letting go of any meaning it may have once had for you. This releases all karma associated with it. You can also choose to change the story, replacing it with one that appreciates the emotion and is happy to have the opportunity to allow it to integrate.

“Aspects that were created in a past life can be resolved without knowing anything about the past life details or story. When you know you are not your aspects and are willing to accept that there’s a reason you’re getting triggered with unwanted emotions, you can choose to have compassion for them and invite them home. Your soul may give you some understanding as to how or why you created your aspects but if this doesn’t happen it means you don’t need to know. Remembering who you are and bringing home your aspects is the only thing your soul is inviting you to do in this life.

“We are experiencing a lot of chaotic emotions at this time because all the emotional aspects that were created by past life expressions of your soul, as well as the ones you created yourself in this life, are now returning in order to be resolved. If this feels like a huge weight to have to carry, bring your compassion to that feeling because that’s just another aspect.

“Also, those other lifetime expressions got lost deep in the human experience but this lifetime is different. You will not get lost. It’s as if you came into this lifetime with a tether back to your soul, like having a connection back to your essence. None of the past expressions had this. Yes, it had to be buried for awhile, which is what has happened in your life up until now, but it has always been there. It’s like you jumped into the ocean where all these other parts of your soul have been lost and floundering, but you tied a rope around yourself so you could come back to the ship.

“In a way, the ship actually comes to you. In fact, you become the ship. You become the gathering place or the connecting place for every aspect of your soul that was ever created and that has ever been emotionally lost. In fact, you become the connecting point even for your soul. In other words, you are the connecting point in which the soul is able to re-connect with all those other expressions that got lost.

“This is the reason why your soul, with your consensus, is at work in your life to bring to you, when you are ready, opportunities to bring these emotional aspects home. Practically speaking, this means that many of your emotional challenges are unresolved emotions from all lifetimes past. It is also why your job is to embrace these emotions with compassion rather than push them away like all those past life expressions did. Of course, this is not easy, but again, you have a connection with your soul that gives you access to the necessary wisdom and compassion that will give you the strength and courage to feel into these emotions without needing to push them away ever again.

“Honoring and accepting these emotional aspects allows them to integrate within you, becoming resolved, which means they come into balance, and this connects you to your soul…

“Eventually your consuming sense will become that of a reunion with the greatest love you’ve ever known. This is why you are here. It is the ultimate purpose of every experience you’ve ever had, of every question you’ve ever asked, of every emotion you’ve ever felt. Its ultimate purpose was to bring you into complete wholeness. This has never happened before in human history but this is what our lives are about at this time…”

 *The True Love Handbook is available autographed directly from the author or on in the US and UK,, and in AU. For details see


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